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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - May 1, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Nine Inch Nails Pinion / Wish Broken 4:46
Battery Cage Forever Never Ends (2013 Version) Electronic Saviors 3 - Remission 4:39
Synapscape Hit and Run Maschinenfest 2013 4:22
GoFight Give the People What They Want Music for Military Torture 4:50
Mindless Faith No Saints Allowed Just Defy 4:57
This Morn' Omina Uraeus Le Serpent Blanc / Le Serpent Rouge 9:24
Front Line Assembly Mech Killer AirMech 7:08
Slave Unit Lower Through with You 2:34
Incite/ Urban Being Dare to Dance 4:43
Killing Joke Song and Dance (Live 2005) XXV Gathering - Let Us Prey 5:23
Rome Hate Us and See if We Mind (Single Version) Hate Us and See if We Mind 3:59
Covenant Stalker Sequencer 5:27
Pigface The Bushmaster Gub 5:21
Stromkern Perfect Sunrise (MTV Party-to-Go Mix) The Resurrection... 5:20
Klingons First Question CTR+ALT+DEL #1 - Modern Wave Monologues 1978-1983 3:19
Normotone Primer Inward Structures 5:12
Crystal Stilts Electrons Noir Nature Noir 3:02
Die Krupps Eiskalter Engel The Machinists of Joy 4:36
Karsten Pflum Imun Card No Noia My Love 7:13
Dead When I Found Her Stainless Rag Doll Blues 8:45
Front 242 Happiness (Dub Mix) Mut@ge.Mix@ge 6:10
Diverje All the Fakes Hate Stimulation 4:00
Dryft These Walls The Blur Vent 4:46
The Legendary Pink Dots Hotel Z (Live in France, 1994) The French Collection 6:51
System Syn Daydream from a Deathbed No Sky to Fall 3:42
Lab Report Signal to Signal Unhealthy 4:28
KMFDM Potz Blitz (Live 2013) We Are KMFDM 4:28
Mirabilis Beneath the Continuum Here and the Hereafter 2:57
100Blumen (Still) Unbreakable Distrust Authority 3:58
Deine Lakaien The Walk to the Moon Forest Enter Exit 4:23
Ministry Same Old Madness Twelve Inch Singles 5:58
Bile Sex Reflex Sex Reflex 3:18
Nurse With Wound Thrill of Romance (Burgo Partridge Mix) Terms and Conditions Apply 7:20
Krystal System World Is Calling Nuclear 3:50
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand Zero (Remixed by Geoffroy D.) The Cosmic Trigger 3:54
Maldoror Cherry Blossom Inferno She 1:30
Skinny Puppy Survivalisto Weapon 4:50
Dive Ghostrider (Live) Dive 4:11
Wormskull Do It! Sound of Hell 4:58
Android Lust Sin Stripped & Stitched 4:22
Coil The Last Amethyst Deceiver The Ape of Naples 10:11
Haujobb Lost (Somatic Responses Remix) New World March 5:41
Leæther Strip with Rummelsnuff Vollnarkose Untold Stories - The Melancholic Sessions 4:55
Einstürzende Neubauten Scampi alla Carlina Strategies Against Architecture III 2:44
State Of The Union Dancing in the Dark My Time Away 4:39
Oureboros Dissolving in Light Dreaming in Earth, Dissolving in Light 6:11
God Module Through the Nose False Face 5:00
Laibach Resistance Is Futile Spectre 6:54
Khost Amoral Apathy Suppression Treatment of the Dead - A Cold Spring Sampler 6:55
Cranes Lilies (Flood Mix) Loved 3:53
Download Lingam Lingam 4:43
Last Days Of S.E.X. Support to the Conscientious Objectors (Antimilitaristic Mix) Forms of Hands 10 4:50
And One H.A.T.E. S.T.O.P. 4:18
HIV+ vs. Empusae La Fin du Monde Armageddon's Report 4:00
Cult Of Youth God's Garden Final Days 2:51
Stoneburner Eyes of Ibad Songs in the Key of Arrakis 4:00
Atrium Carceri Comfort of the Night Mother The Untold 2:42
Chrysalide Freak Out Don't Be Scared, It's About Life 3:31 Pulsating Cranium Divine Legions Beyond Psyche 6:23
The Cure Pictures of You (Live at the Tempodrom, Berlin, November 2002) Trilogy 7:34
Bunnydrums Win PKD / Simulacra 3:31
Mr. Kitty Hollow Time 4:12
Gnome & Spybey The Ballad of Bernardine Dohrm Reflective 6:06
Surgyn Insidious Envy 4:21
Mika Goedrijk Nowhere Naked 4:51
Damon Edge Angel Fire Alliance & The Wind Is Talking 4:33
Raoul Sinier Flat Street Guilty Cloaks 3:07
Psyclon Nine Afferte Mihi Mortem (Nix Down the Rabbit Hole) Disorder - The Shadow Sessions 4:44
Hafler Trio Six Hours Seven Hours Sleep 6:23
Ego Likeness I Live on What's Left Dragonfly 4:02
Plastic Noise Experience Moving Hands (Live at Caergwydydn) Dead or Alive / Transmission Completed 6:15
Suicide Inside Snake H Homicide 4:35
Hecq Bête Noire Avenger 5:08
Lord Of The Lost Six Feet Underground Amphi Festival 2014 4:38
Muslimgauze Analog Zikr 6 Martyr Shrapnel 3:01
Robotiko Rejekto High Fidelity (Alex Metzger EBM Tears Cut) Corporate Power 6:00
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross A Reflection Gone Girl - Soundtrack from the Motion Picture 1:46
Lycia Dead Leaves Fall Quiet Moments 5:17
Kattoo Place11 Places 7:44
The Tear Garden You and Me and Rainbows (Parts One to Six) Tired Eyes Slowly Burning 16:46

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