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Friday, November 13, 2015

Closed for Remodulation

"So, CHR.... just where have you been for the past month?"

Let me tell you. I've been right here, computerless. The server that hosts the broadcast has had recurring problems with the hard drive that contains the music. Last month, it went belly-up for good. Followed immediately by the other hard drive, the boot drive. The music and playlists were backed up on an external hard drive, but everything else was lost.

The laptop that I use to manage the music and the playlists, well, that had been having problems too. The wi-fi card had failed, and I was tired of trailing a long ethernet cable behind me wherever I went. Both computers went to the shop.

I finally have them both back. The laptop had to go to an Apple-certified technician, who for reasons as yet unexplained, reformatted the hard drive. So, the only data that survived this experience was what I kept on that external hard drive - all the important stuff, but nothing else. I'm... a trifle peeved, let's put it that way. Compounding the peevishness is the fact that the shop failed to call and let me know the computers were ready - I could have had them back late last month.

But no matter. What's done is done. I can now rebuild, and I am rebuilding. As I write this, there is a  brand new, pristine, empty hard drive being filled up with music. I had them upgrade the RAM while they were at it, so the listening experience should be smoother and less prone to the occasional jitters some of you may have experienced in the past. Soon, the real broadcast will resume. The ads will cease, and all will be right with the world. Soon.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - September 25, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
OhGr Water Welt 4:27
God Module Sky Shut Down False Face 4:48
Venetian Snares 10th Circle of Winnipeg My Love Is a Bulldozer 7:00
Sabotage Wild Child Acoustic Costumes 3:59
Motorjesus Rust Electric Revelation 4:56
Comaduster Unfound Hollow Worlds 3:05
Black December The Division of Hate Vol. 1 4:42
Leæther Strip I Am Him - He Is Me Untold Stories - The Melancholic Sessions 5:08
Beauty Queen Autopsy Pumps Lotharia 3:24
Otto Von Schirach March of the Dead Instrumental Magic Triangle 4:24
Nine Inch Nails Last Broken 4:44
Wumpscut Tod Essen Leben Auf (Reactor7X Remix) DJ Dwarf 13 4:29
Hysteresis Shikha There Is No Self 3:29
Black Nail Cabaret Dance for You Harry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Me 4:56
And One Everybody Dies Tonight / The End of Your Life S.T.O.P. 7:44
Näo Imago Näo 5:26
Liquid Divine Comagirl Autophobia 4:50
Crystal Stilts Worlds Gone Weird Nature Noir 2:48
Anklebiter Werewolf of Portland Weight of a Pronoun 5:38
Ministry Smothered Hope (Live) Box 4:57
Client Authority Authority 3:48
The Legendary Pink Dots When Lenny Meets Lorca A Perfect Mystery 4:31
Enduser Retribution Even Weight 5:06
Front Line Assembly Headcase Fargone Convergence 4:28
Angelspit Fight Dirty The Product 4:20
Thee Maldoror Kollektive Evangelis 6 (Nightmarescape Mix) 23 Miles Back on the Clockwork Highway 8:33
The Birthday Massacre Beyond Superstition 3:51
Czar Priestess No One Is Alone if No One Is Alive 4:43
Hecq Relay Horror Vacui 4:34
Kloq Begin Again Begin Again 4:16
Interpol All the Rage Back Home El Pintor 4:21
Hansel Und Gretyl Hexenkraft Black Forest Metal 3:59
Lilenthal Hero Anthem Masonic 4:29
Mindless Faith Next to Last Just Defy 5:52
Death in June Disappear in Every Way (Live in Wien. 27.X.11) Live in Wien 2:00
Coil Circles of Mania Horse Rotorvator 5:01
Der Blutharsch Hold On! (Remix) The Cosmic Trigger 3:29
Δaimon Emptiness (Textbeak Remix) Flatliner 4:22
Diaphane Metastable Lifeforms 4:51
Joy Division Twenty Four Hours Closer 4:26
Cabaret Voltaire Mao Musak Intro / Crackdown (Live at the Toronto Concert Hall, 5.05.85) Archive #828585 Live 7:36
Front Runner Freedom (Burial Strategy Mix) Digital:6::Focus:A 4:52
Atiq & Enk Slow Clouds Fear of the Unknown 4:17
Skinny Puppy Candle The Process 4:58
Ayria The Box Under My Bed Plastic Makes Perfect 3:54
Foundation Hope The Kind Tomb of Empires 4:36
Decoded Feedback Resilience Electronic Saviors 2 - Recurrence 4:56
Seeming Convincing Madness & Extinction 3:45
Aphex Twin Diskhat2 / Piano Un10 It Happened / Hat5c 0001 Rec-4 Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2 7:12
Inkubus Sukkubus Reptile Wild 4:29
Absurd Minds Stop the Fall Noumenon 3:53
Stoneburner Secher Nbiw Songs in the Key of Arrakis 5:59
AlterRed Emily AlterRed and the Electro Creep Show 3:41
Orphx Tensile Radiotherapy 7:19
The Cure This Morning The End of the World 7:15
Mimetic Scaffolding Where We Will Never Go 5:26
Killing Joke Tomorrow's World (Urban Primitive Dub) In Dub 7:08
Lindemann Yukon Skills in Pills 4:45
Dubcon UFO pon di Gullyside (Destination Dub) UFO pon di Gullyside 5:16
Front 242 Masterhit (Live) Moments 1 3:42
In Strict Confidence Engelsstaub (Extended ISC Version) Engelsstaub 6:20
Bourbonese Qualk To Hell with the Consequences 1983-1987 3:16
Reformed Faction Stueck 4 The World Awake / 11 Stueck 2:16
Your Bunny Rot Error Injection Error Injection 4:08
Control Constructive Destruction Transgression 6:20
Poupée Fabrikk Death Is Natural The Dirt 5:28
Detritus It's Nice to See the Sky Everyday Explanations 7:43
Psyclon Nine The Saint and the Valentine (A Reclamation) Disorder - The Shadow Sessions 5:02
Einstürzende Neubauten Die Befindlichkeit des Landes (Klavierversion) Klaviermusik 6:22
Acumen Nation Mister Sandman I Am Territory = Universe 3:44
KMFDM No Meat No Man Don't Blow Your Top 3:53
Juno Reactor Guillotine (Bliss Remix) The Golden Sun Remixed 8:29
This Morn' Omina Asa [ccf] Maschinenfest 2011 5:34
Mirabilis Le Sorbier de l'Oural Here and the Hereafter 1:45
Tyler Newman Slomo Zonekiller - Original Soundtrack 1:18
Blutengel Kinder Dieser Stadt (Symphonic Version) Black Symphonies 3:29
Calva Y Nada Rascheln Dias Felizes 4:24
Pigface Alles Ist Mine (Fookness Interruptus) Crackhead 4:33
Nurse With Wound Psychedelic Underground (Live in an Army Bunker, Wiltshire, 1984) Bar Maldoror 4:38
Bauhaus Exquisite Corpse The Sky's Gone Out 6:39

Technical Difficulties Radio Live Playlist - September 18, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Front 242 Religion (Pussy Whipped Mix) 06:21:03:11 Up Evil 6:05
Ministry Filth Pig Filth Pig 6:19
Raoul Sinier Too Late Guilty Cloaks 3:51
The Causticles Spacebugs Eric Gottesman 4:06
Pankow Kein Entkommen And Shun the Cure They Most Desire 4:48
Rational Youth Holiday in Bangkok (1983 Demo Mix) Magic Box 5:36
Wumpscut Vienna Bulwark Bazooka 5:31
Deviant UK Wreckhead (Method Cell Orchestral Version) Very Bad Things 2:48
Edgey Chaosbane Misfire 4:26
Nine Inch Nails Sanctified Pretty Hate Machine 5:54
Pop. 1280 Lights Out Imps of Perversion 2:45
Virgins O.R Pigeons Done with You Gotta Get Mad 4:39
Aphex Twin 4 Bit 9D API+E+6 Syro 4:28
Psyclon Nine Heartworm We the Fallen 5:10
Ohgr Feelin' Chicken Devils in My Details 3:48
Ostara Story of Lament Paradise Down South 5:06
Blutengel Der Regen Fällt... Omen 4:22
Membranes If You Enter the Arena You've Got to Be Prepared to Deal with the Lions Dark Matter/Dark Energy 3:35
100Blumen A Poem / I Gonna Stay Young Surveillance 9:56
Mastermind Mute Power 5:17
Einstürzende Neubauten Yü-Gung (Fütter Mein Ego) Halber Mensch 7:13
Killing Joke Drug The Singles Collection 1979-2012 4:32
Cabaret Voltaire Theme from Earthshaker (Sheffield Mix) Earthshaker 3:01
Config.sys Club der Freunde Disco Loud 3:07
Controlled Bleeding Now Is the Time Penetration 3:43
Displacer Firebug Foundation 3:46
iVardensphere Jigsaw (Speak Mix) Cycle of the Sun - Remixes Vol. 1 8:33
Amen 3:46
444Capsule Residual Ash Japanese Electro Punk Brutality 4:10
Pigface Empathy (Edit) The Best of Pigface - Preaching to the Perverted 3:55
Antidote For Annie Beneath All of This Time 5:36
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand Cool Down The End of the Beginning 3:05
Klangstabil Pay with Friendship Shadowboy 4:01
Cygnets Modern Youth Isolator 4:06
Apoptygma Berzerk Major Tom (Coming Home - Alon Cohen Remix) Major Tom EP 4:33
SKM-ETR Spreading the Disease New World Order 4:46
Death In June The Maverick Chamber The Snow Bunker Tapes 4:15
Seabound Nothing but Love Speak in Storms 5:31
Coil Dismal Orb How to Destroy Angels 7:32
The Cure At Night Seventeen Seconds 5:53
David Bowie The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Alt. Mix) The Hearts Filthy Lesson 5:22
Crisk. Meine Stadt (Jens Schipper Mix) Das Erste Mal 5:27
Igorrr Tartine de Contrebass Poisson Soluble / Moisissure 4:24
Whore Supercollider The Pale Blue Dot 4:16
Peter Murphy Silent Hedges (Live at the Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, July 27th, 2013) Lion 3:26
Disharmony Reactor Room 78 2:59
The Exploding Boy Shadows Four 4:20
Noir The Satin Box Darkly Near 4:28
Twilight Circus meets Edward Ka-Spel No Secrets 800 Saints in a Day 4:41
Front Line Assembly Circuitry (Alien Mix) Explosion 6:13
Current 93 The Invisible Church I Am the Last of All the Field That Fell 6:31
Deutsche Wertarbeit Deutscher Wald Deutsche Wertarbeit 4:05
Hilt Down on Mommy's Farm Call the Ambulance Before I Hurt Myself 3:19
God Module A Minute to Midnight The Magic in My Heart Is Dead 4:48
Nightmare Noise Machine Freaky Bitch K.I.T.F.H. 4:09
Geistform General Electric Transistor Music 5:10
Amduscia Check Mate (Love Game) Filofobia 4:27
Bella Morte A Quiet Place to Die Exorcisms 3:48
Negativland Wildlife Tonight It's All in Your Head 8:45
Diverje Mesmer Existence / Program Remix 3:29
KMFDM Stray Bullet Symbols 5:29
Delerium Heaven's Earth (Album Version Edit) Heaven's Earth 3:54
Damon Edge I'm a Gentleman Alliance & The Wind Is Talking 3:57
Perturbator Humans Are Such Easy Prey Dangerous Days 4:22
Junksista All You Can Eat Bad Case of Fabulous 3:22
Totakeke Digital Exorcism II (Death with a Face) Digital Exorcism 5:47
Paulina Cassidy The Trance Pool Sugar Wingsilver 2:20
Tweaker Wasted Time (Rob King / Adrian Terrazas-Gonzalez Mix) And Then There's Nothing 5:14
Reformed Faction Qtre Mikrocomposer Series 1 3:30
Funker Vogt Nothing to Include Maschine Zeit 6:28
Modern Cubism Spleen (Je Suis Comme le Roi...) Ravivé 4:21
Pro-Tech Thread Four Orbiting Cathedrals 8:45
Contagious Orgasm & Dirk Geiger Black Heart Fallen Empires 6:13
Opium Dissolving into You Twilight 6:27
Inertia Emeralds Existential 6:31
Karsten Pflum Bare Demon Sleepwald 4:24
Skinny Puppy Riverz End Last Rights 6:40
Wordclock And Then the Dawn Endless 2:58
The Legendary Pink Dots We Bring the Day Malachai - Shadow Weaver Part 2 18:59
VNV Nation Teleconnect 2 Transnational 8:12

Friday, September 4, 2015

A Severe Case of Spatial Displacement

Due to circumstances outside of our control... actually, due to circumstances completely within our control, there will be no live broadcast tonight or next Friday. We are suffering a severe case of spatial displacement, which is just a high-flown way of saying I'm on vacation. I will return to the live intertube-waves on Friday, September 18. Until then, for better or worse, the machines will be in charge...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - August 28, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Einstürzende Neubauten Was Ist Ist Ende Neu 3:30
Mechanical Cabaret See Her Smile Selective Hearing - Best of 2002-2012 5:53
Displacer Dark Star Foundation 5:01
L'Âme Immortelle Behind the Light (Beautiful Light Remix) Durch Fremde Hand 4:10
A.E.C. The Strength of Steel Sex.Drug.Sequence 5:51
Pig vs. Primitive Race Long Live Death Long in the Tooth 3:39
Aesthetic Perfection The Dark Half 'Til Death 4:33
Hocico El Último Minuto El Último Minuto Antes de Que Tu Mundo Caiga 6:54
ABS6 The Kitsch Sin Maschinenfest 2010 3:51
Skinny Puppy Rash Reflection Too Dark Park 3:28
Lard The Power of Lard Power of Lard 7:29
Ghost & Writer Hurricane Red Flags 3:21
Roger Rotor Antidote Sightseeing Bizarre 5:19
The Dreamside Collide Absolute Grrrls Manifesto 5:01
Trakktor Blitzkrieg Galaxy (The Blister Exists Remix) Halo of Lies 6:11
Typhoid Vena Bassa Simulazione di Divinitá 5:01
Nine Inch Nails The Great Destroyer Year Zero 3:17
Obomatic Check the Plan Holy Uncontrollio!!! 3:05
Dryft Slow Jimmy The Blur Vent 4:27
Godflesh If I Could Only Be What You Want (2012 Remaster) Hymns 5:04
Ministry All Day (12" Version) Twelve Inch Singles 5:50
Mobthrow Be Water / Rainwolf Mobthrow 7:56
Pig vs. MC Lord Of The Flies The Doll Compound Eye Sessions 3:50
Kid606 D Minor Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1 - Bored of Excitement 4:19
Mr. Kitty Serenity Time 4:05
Nymphomatriarch Amaurophilia Nymphomatriarch 5:50
People Like Us vs. Ergo Phizmiz Soggy Style Perpetuum Mobile 2:58
Prude Sniper (at the Gates of Dawn) The Dark Age of Consent 4:57
Dead Voices On Air Last Night in Hallo Bay (Extract) Bundle 1995-2013 5:48
Psyche Stormtrooper Babylon Deluxe 4:53
Cop Shoot Cop It Only Hurts When I Breathe Release 3:39
Stray Surround Me to Passage D Letting Go 6:01
Mono-Amine Shut Down the Farm Human Farming 6:49
Rational Youth Dancing on the Berlin Wall (Live in Winnipeg, 1983) Live 1983 4:03
Front 242 Melt (Live) Re-Boot 3:27
Poordream Open Probability Ninetynine 3:45
Weep Stand Away Weep 3:33
Velvet Acid Christ Bend the Sky (Dead When I Found Her Mix) Dire Land - The Remix Album 4:32
Pharmakon Pitted Abandon 5:58
Moev Crossfire Suffer 6:56
Front Line Assembly Big Money (Remix) Monument 4:22
THYX Robots Don't Lie Super Vision 3:55
Sickboy Spiral Formation Into Oblivion 3:28
Cygnets Dark Romantic Dark Days 4:40
Tackhead King Bee (Wohlklang Mix) For the Love of Money 3:14
Muslimgauze Drugsherpa (Long) Drugsherpa 20:29
Epoch The Fall Sanctimonium 5:41
Combichrist Falling Apart No Redemption 2:44
Pig Heart Transplant Safe / Half / Edit / Rote / Mute / Sold / 1980 For Mass Consumption 5:20
The Cure 10:15 Saturday Night Join the Dots 3:42
Pigface Nutopia (Warzone Mix) Below the Belt 6:27
Schwarzblut Bis aufs Blut Sounds from the Matrix 15 4:17
iVardensphere Sentient Wave Form v3 Scatterface v3 5:02
Leæther Strip Coming Up for Air 2013 (Club Version) Yes I'm Limited VI 6:19
Laibach Eat Liver! Spectre 3:10
Karsten Pflum Sleepwald 6 Sleepwald 5:24
Diverje User Hate Stimulation 4:18
Atrium Carceri Realitatem The Untold 3:54
The Legendary Pink Dots Abracadabra Zzzz The Pre-Millennial Single 6:04
The Crüxshadows After All Ethernaut 5:45
Killing Joke Almost Red Chaos for Breakfast 3:46
Gofight Go Music for Military Torture 4:18
Cyclobe Setinels The Visitors 13:51
Nightmare Noise Machine Angry Among the Dead 3:49
Schachtanlage Gegenort / Denise Ritter Schachtwasser Aufgelassen 5:54
Chrome Slip It to the Android Alien Soundtracks I & II 3:47
Gnome & Spybey The Shadow and Ash of Your Sea Three 4:15
The Weathermen Fruits & Vegetables Embedded with the Weathermen 4:28
Sektor 304 Final Transmission Soul Cleansing 11:14
KMFDM Make Your Stand Our Time Will Come 6:21
Dark Star Eject! Travelogue II 7:08
Coil Red Birds Will Fly out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 1 12:40
Δaimon LOW (WMX Remix) Δaimon 4:32
Sonic Area Dead Muse / Inframonde Music for Ghosts 6:10
Mercury's Antennae Elendil / A Waking Ghost Inside A Waking Ghost Inside 8:21
Dirk Geiger Not the Last Meeting Connected Worlds 7:00
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Procedural Gone Girl - Soundtrack from the Motion Picture 4:30
Wormskull Corpsefucker Sound of Hell 4:08
Djoto Atatakai Slow Motion Burn 2:24
Covenant Leaving Babylon II Leaving Babylon 9:48

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - August 21, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Coil Backwards The New Backwards 5:22
Hate Dept. Already Over New Ghost 4:21
Matta Chaos Reigns Prototype 5:06
iVardensphere Sick Bloodwater 5:02
Sequential Access Grow Some Balls Sex Addicts Anonymous 3:40
Autoclav1.1 I.D.10.T Fault Ten.One.Point.One 3:44
Voicecoil Awakened Awakened 4:53
Project Pitchfork Equilibrium Io 5:22
100Blumen Klima 2 Distrust Authority 4:08
Foetus Interruptus ¡Chingada! Thaw 3:16
Nine Inch Nails Head Like a Hole (Slate) Head Like a Hole 4:18
Ego Likeness En Rouge When the Wolves Return 4:01
Mono No Aware Sora Pachinko to Hanbaagaa 5:57
Shellac Dude Incredible Dude Incredible 5:59
A.E.C. Echolalia Hate Life 6:41
Tonikom 29 Degrees (Angina P's 32 Degrees Remix) Found and Lost 4:50
Mesh It Scares Me The Point at Which It Falls Apart 4:47
Herzschlag Steh Auf! Fest der Liebe 5:41
Tineidae Lotus Feet Shadows 5:23
And One Your Pet Is a Ticking Bomb! Achtung 80 5:23
The Jesus & Mary Chain Kill Surf City Barbed Wire Kisses 3:12
Baal Brush Aside Your Way Shurado 3:04
Loss Cruciation I Am but the Sum of My Conditions 8:12
KMFDM Urban Monkey Warfare Attak 4:31
Laibach Final Countdown An Introduction to Laibach 5:39
Inverse Phase Land of Chipfusion Chiplust 4:40
Combichrist We Rule the World, Motherfuckers We Love You 4:54
Spiritual Front Franz Black Hearts in Black Suits 1:52
Cut Hands Madwoman (Festival Mix) Festival of the Dead 5:52
Front 242 Ethics Geography 2:30
Ministry Psalm 69 (Live 2012) Last Tangle in Paris - Live 2012 5:14
I:Scintilla I Want It All (Essence Of Mind 2011 Mix) Re:Covered Vol. 2 - A Tribute to Depeche Mode 5:43
Mlada Fronta F7,4-1/355 Every Thing 4:55
The Cure Meathook Three Imaginary Boys 2:17
Zelle 40 Dumb (with Broken Line Remix) Extreme Sündenfall 5 7:14
Sol Invictus Mr. Cruel Once upon a Time 4:26
Clan Of Xymox I'll Let You Go Matters of Mind, Body, and Soul 5:15
Solemn Assembly Aftershock Aftershock 4:50
Worms Of The Earth Drawing the Twelve Sigils of Set-Heh Azal'ucel 7:05
The Legendary Pink Dots Harvest Babies Hallway of the Gods 5:41
Recoil Faith Healer Bloodline 6:00
Epoch The Corporate State Purity & Revolution 5:08
S.I.N.A. That's It (Down Under Remix) Forms of Hands 02 4:34
Pigface White Trash Reggae (Pigface in Your Area) / Alle Ist Mein (Live) Truth Will Out 7:51
Diary Of Dreams Immerdar (Acoustic Version) The Anatomy of Silence 4:42
Muslimgauze Turkish Berlina 6 & 7 Turkish Berlina 2:26
Azar Swan Bury the Sun And Blow Us a Kiss 4:51
Velvet Acid Christ Eye H8 U Subconscious Landscapes 3:41
Mika Goedrijk Stonewall Naked 4:16
Godflesh Decline & Fall Decline & Fall 4:17
Killing Joke Unspeakable (Live at Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, August 1982) Ha! 5:19
Diverje Unleashed Greatest Bong Hits 4:51
Donevinn-Gottfried Conflageration The 2014 Album 4:53
Einstürzende Neubauten 3 Thoughts Tabula Rasa 4:42
Dawn Of Ashes Anathema (Part II - Burned at the Stake) Anathema 2:54
Semiomime Moon / Parade From Memory 6:04
Chrome Anti-Fade Red Exposure 3:55
Ohm Brute Ohm 3:42
The Fortieth Day / Sshe Retina Stimulants / Terence Hannum Intermodal Advent 13:26
Mark Stewart The Half Control Data 6:31
Leæther Strip Serenade for the Dead II Serenade for the Dead II 5:15
The_Empath Trackology (Special Derivative) Emerging Organisms Vol. 5 5:54
Agonoize Deutsch Apokalypse 4:18
Scaremeister State of Neurosis / Chamber Therapy / Subject22 31 Spirits 5:32
Rome The River Eternal A Passage to Rhodesia 3:35
5F-X E.D.D.Y.-scope. 007 (Flight Recorder Remix) Flight Recorder 5.0 5:39
Steven Balmer Heart (hEADaCHE Remix) Out of Phase - The hEADaCHE Remixes 4:10
Skinny Puppy Amnesia The Process 4:20
Ultraviolence Hiroshima Life of Destructor 6:15
Pig Cry Baby Genuine American Monster 3:18
Ben Lukas Boysen Opening Titles Restive - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 4:24
Mentallo & The Fixer Sensory Illusion Destroyed (Equivica Mix) Music from the Eather 3:50
R.U.O.K.? Hurry Up & Wait R.U.O.K.? 7:05
Qntal By the Light of the Moon Qntal VII 4:19
Lycia Spring Trees Quiet Moments 4:35
Iron Fist Of The Sun Born of Snake (Excerpt) Treatment of the Dead - A Cold Spring Sampler 4:40
Apoptygma Berzerk Skyscraping (Schizofreniac) Soli Deo Gloria 7:13
Lust For Youth Image Perfect View 2:04
The [Law-Rah] Collective Underneath Field of View 7:55
Front Line Assembly Body Count (Live at Kuz, Mainz, 24.10.95) Live Wired 9:10

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist, August 14, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Snog Late Twentieth Century Boy Third Mall from the Sun 4:51
Roppongi Inc. Project Don't Kill Yourself Endzeit Bunkertracks Act VI 4:26
Wieloryb NWO Empty 4:10
Emergence Eschaton (Oblivion) Eschaton 4:58
Agent Side Grinder Die to Live (Container 90 Rmx) Hardware (Sftwr Included) 3:00
iVardensphere Observing Bartok (Stamping Dance) The Methuselah Tree 1:49
Slave Unit Lower Through with You 2:34
Funker Vogt The Firm Companion in Crime 3:38
Exocet Drugs and Balance Consequence 5:03
Front 242 Quite Unusual (Interception Version) Official Version 5:01
Skinny Puppy Hexonxonx Rabies 5:24
Ludovico Technique Dead Inside (DYM) We Came to Wreck Everything 4:43
Cdatakill Battleworn Battleworn 4:05
Cult Of Youth Dragon Rouge Final Days 4:42
Boxed Warning Lost Magnifier 5:26
Subheim The Veil No Land Called Home 4:50
Front Line Assembly Nine Times The Initial Command 6:30
Δaimon Dissolvte (Remix) Cold Waves III Compilation 4:51
Zeitkratzer Incest (Live at Musique Action, Nancy, 2013) Whitehouse 4:30
The Birthday Party Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow) Junkyard 5:33
Mind.In.A.Box Travel Guide Memories 4:47
The Cure Love Instant Karma - The Campaign to Save Darfur 3:15
Tangent Expanding Horizons Transience 6:00
Beauty Queen Autopsy Dorothy Parker Had Days Like This Lotharia 4:36
Emigrate Born on My Own Silent So Long 4:40
Panacea Anti-Funk Twisted Designz 7:53
Leæther Strip Adrenalin Rush 09 Hærværk 7:25
Robotiko Rejekto Crying (Ivo Draganac Remix) Corporate Power 9:46
Asche Dogday Sunrise (Rmx by Iszoloscope) Stonebrain 4:29
23 Skidoo Tearing Up the Plans Pt. 1 Seven Songs 7:30
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral (The Bottom) Further Down the Spiral 7:28
Swans Big Strong Boss Filth (Deluxe Edition) 3:02
Sol Invictus Angels Fall (Live at the Concert Artistes' Association, London, 4 April 1992) Let Us Prey 3:51
Klinik Power of Passion (Live at the Tegentonen Festival, Amsterdam, 09.05.86) The Klinik 4:27
Xorcist Insect Nomad 5:57
Muslimgauze Girl Who Lived Inside a Sitar Tandoor Dog 3:41
Unto Ashes The Cursing Song Ghosts Captured 2:09
Wumpscut Rattengift Blutspukertavern 4:33
Cut Hands Nine-Night Black Mamba 5:02
Ministry The Light Pours Out of Me Animositisomina 4:26
Diverje Human Condition The Grand Betrayal 4:22
Aïboforcen Shadows Dédale 5:26
Körperwelten The Forces of Chastity Are Massing Once Again Avatars of Rape and Rage 6:04
The Sisters of Mercy You Could Be the One More 3:58
Jarboe & Helen Money Hello Mr. Blue Jarboe & Helen Money 5:32
Philipp Münch & Loss Whatever Happened in the Dark Transcontinental Desperation 5:57
Chrome My Time to Live The Visitation 4:22
Caustic We Never Learn The Man Who Couldn't Stop 3:12
Pharmakon Bestial Burden Bestial Burden 7:05
Cabaret Voltaire A Touch of Evil (Reprise) Red Mecca 1:33
Lindemann Skills in Pills Skills in Pills 4:12
The Legendary Pink Dots Beautiful Machine Remember Me This Way 2:54
Hysteresis Hellish Gospels There Is No Self 5:34
Einstürzende Neubauten Ich Bin's (Live in Prague, 27 Sept. 1997) Alles War Irgendwie Nützt 3:29
Zoviet France Amber Rose Hand The Tables Are Turning 6:58
The Neon Judgement Leash Amphi Festival 2014 3:20
Idlefon Ikigami Intensive Collectivity Known as City 4:12
KMFDM Hau Ruck (Live 2013) We Are KMFDM 5:21
Elph vs. Coil The Halliwell Hammers (3) Worship the Glitch 3:36
And One Dead Love Magnet 4:46
Delerium Temptation Poem 8:06
Iris Don't Cry Radiant 4:29
Lingouf Rovo Dot Oftog Doème 7:58
State Of The Union Stupid Song My Time Away 5:13
Karsten Pflum Dansk Notebook Center No Noia My Love 7:36
Psyclon Nine Act I - Penance / The Saint and the Valentine Order of the Shadows - Act I 7:01
Meat Beat Manifesto Teargas Subliminal Sandwich 0:38
Blacksage New Gardens Basement Vows 3:47
Black Lung Sauteed Outre Members The Soul Consumer 5:06
New Order Doubts Even Here Movement 4:19
Pigface Auto Hag Pigface vs. The World 4:44
Cat Rapes Dog Through a Glass Darkly Life Was Sweet 4:36
Nimon Nautilus Drowning in Good Intentions 8:35
P45K Adrift Surge & Subside - Queensland Flood Appeal 3:14
Cocksure Silikon Suckaz TVMALSV 5:33
Alphaxone Aftermath Altered Dimensions 7:13
Killing Joke The Raven King (Never Grow Old, Forever Now Dub) In Dub 7:32
Oneiroid Psychosis Cloud of Unknowing Garden of Remembrance 3:35
Attrition Invocation VIII Invocation 10:47
Joy Division Atmosphere The Best of Joy Division 4:10

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - August 8, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Front Line Assembly The Blade Tactical Neural Implant 5:50
Mindless Faith Shit Show Eden to Abyss 5:12
Undermathic Simply Ask Indistinct Face 5:14
16 Volt Head of Stone Wisdom 5:11
Borghesia 194 And Man Created God 5:36
Jenny Hval Amphibious, Androgynous Innocence Is Kinky 4:36
The Nine Control Dreamland 4:01
System Syn Lost No Sky to Fall 3:56
Synapscape Commute Traits 4:37
And One New Wave Mother Propeller 4:13
Killing Joke The Beautiful Dead (Flexi-Disc Version) The Singles Collection 1979-2012 4:36
Shinjuku Filth Showered in Glass Junk 3:53
Larvae Vows & Promises Exit Strategy 4:24
Cyanotic Signs of Struggle Worst Case Scenario Vol. 01 4:09
Pigface Du Liebst Mich Nicht, Ich Lieb' Dich Nicht Easy Listening... 4:19
Hecq with Matta Suture Avenger 4:11
Δaimon Evil Eye Flatliner 4:48
Pride & Fall Fear Your Love Of Lust and Desire 4:46
Nullvektor I Walk Alone I Walk Alone 7:23
KMFDM Achtung Naïve 4:16
Coil Fire of the Mind The Ape of Naples 5:13
Megaherz Himmelsstürmer Zombieland 4:38
5F-X Monty Python's Area 55 5F_55 Is Reflected to 5F-X 4:19
Die Sektor Solder (-) Existence 7:32
Everything Goes Cold Serpent Crown Black Out the Sun 4:54
Näo Hardware III 5:10
Blacksage Powder Sixtape 3:42
Ministry Vex & Siolence Dark Side of the Spoon 5:24
Muslimgauze Palestina Cache 1 Martyr Shrapnel 3:46
Dive Baby Oh Baby Dive 3:43
Beautiful Assassins Bed's Too Big Without You Preamp 6:22
Leæther Strip Hold Me (Amnistia Modification) Æscapism 4:04
Cordell Klier Winter 4 Winter 4:34
Emilie Autumn Scavenger Fight Like a Girl 6:58
Neikka RPM Wish You Were Here Chain Letters 3:41
Sol Invictus All's Well in Hell King & Queen 7:22
iVardensphere Terra Sapian Fable 4:38
Godflesh Carrion A World Lit Only by Fire 6:05
Alphaxone Melancholy Living in the Grayland 7:14
Einstürzende Neubauten Youme & Meyou Perpetuum Mobile 4:39
Black Tape For A Blue Girl Glow / Tarnished Halo Star 4:35
Iron Lung Corp. Edge of No Control Pt. Two Body Snatchers 3:57
Igorrr Excessive Funeral Nostril 3:29
Zola Jesus Dust Taiga 3:32
Stoneburner The Dance of the Incense Bush The No Chamber 6:30
Mushroom's Patience History Causes Jellyfish 4:24
Solar Enemy Burn-Up Mindfield - A Third Mind Records Sampler 4:47
Ghost & Writer Demons Crawl (Dead When I Found Her) Red Flags 5:18
Mobthrow Mirror Killer Maschinenfest 2011 5:09
The Cure Cut Here Greatest Hits 4:10
Individual Totem Croxxers Kyria 13 5:27
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult The Days of Swine and Roses Confessions of a Knife 6:02
Greyhound Scrapmetal Tactical Evolution 5:42
Davantage Texas Dealer Virus:Hate 6:35
Crystal Stilts Memory Room Nature Noir 3:37
Mentallo & The Fixer Introduction: To the Last Days of the System Rare, Unreleased, & Remastered 5:02
Mirabilis Permafrost Here and the Hereafter 4:23
Vaniish Loss of Sensation Memory Work 4:01
Sewer Goddess Chained to the Edge of Existence / A Lifeless Dreaming (Live at AS220, Providence, 02/26/10) Disciples of Shit - Live Waste 16:36
Sunshine Blind Lands End I Carry You 5:02
Rome The Colony (Lowveld) Hate Us and See if We Mind 20:40
Nine Inch Nails Heresy (Blind) Closer to God 5:32
Norman Westberg Jasper Sits Out (Cut) Atmospheric Undertakings 18:23
Allerseelen Gläserne Kugel Neuschwabenland 4:49
Stiff Valentine Get Back Empire of Illusion 3:30
Edward Ka-Spel The Voyeur Ghost Logik 9:41
Die Form Amnesia (Amnesium) Rayon X 4:23
Hanzel Und Gretyl IrönStar Outlaws (KyzrWölf Remix) Für Immer 1:54
Lingouf Metalisme Terre de Pierres 8:31
Zentriert Ins Antlitz Contact Prozium 9:14
Front 242 Headhunter 2000 (Apoptygma Berzerk Mix) Headhunter 2000 5:42
Chrome Sound and Light Half Machine from the Sun - The Lost Tracks from '79-'80 4:25
r.roo Otstulpenie Mgnovenie 5:59
Your Bunny Rot Error Injection (Cutoff Sky Remix) Error Injection 4:56
Die Krupps Nocebo The Machinists of Joy 4:13
Millipede Living with Ghosts A Mist and a Vapor 6:07
God Destruction Doomsday Novus Ordo Seclorum 5:36
Reformed Faction Stueck 11 The World Awake / 11 Stueck 2:40
The Legendary Pink Dots Saucers Over Chicago (Live at the Metro, Chicago, 11 November 1998) Live at the Metro 10:08
Skinny Puppy DaddyuWarbash The Greater Wrong of the Right 3:18

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - July 31, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Die Krupps The Last Flood (Blood Stream-Mix) The Remix Wars Strike 2 - Front Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps 5:35
Ministry We Believe Twitch 5:56
Oyaarss Smaida Greizi Nākamība Smaida Greizi Nākamība 7:44
Crystal Castles Kerosene (III) 3:12
Hartung & Schleinitz Home Introspection/Extrospection 5:45
Front Line Assembly Prototype (Hecq) Echoes 7:30
Mechanical Cabaret It Just Is Beyond Science and Superstition 4:48
Moving Units I Wanna Go Dancing Neurotic Exotic 4:10
Incite/ Dare to Dance Dare to Dance 4:37
Trigger10d Most People Don't Forget The Difference Is a Boy 4:28
Front 242 Special Forces Backcatalogue 5:26
Youth Code First & Last An Overture 3:29
ESA The Plot Sickens Themes of Carnal Empowerment Part 1 - Lust 4:31
Skinny Puppy Optimissed Underworld - Music from the Motion Picture 3:49
Unwoman The Fires I Started The Fires I Started 4:40
Hecq 243p Horror Vacui 3:47
Mindless Faith Indiscriminate Force Just Defy 2:03
Sophya Desert Heart The Age of Sophya 4:04
Anklebiter Golden Age of Terrible Photography Weight of a Pronoun 6:40
Torul End of Story Tonight We Dream Fiercely 4:25
The Legendary Pink Dots Curious Guy The Lovers 5:35
Deutsche Wertarbeit Guten Abend, Leute Deutsche Wertarbeit 5:39
Wumpscut I Want You (:W: Harsh Mix) I Want You 3:24
Melotron Das Herz Werkschau 5:26
In The Nursery Sense Sense 4:13
The Birthday Massacre Oceania Superstition 4:11
Hypnoskull & Cyboresis Krengg Electronic Music Means War to Us 2 3:41
And One Low S.T.O.P. 4:43
Download Kundi Lingam 4:16
Δaimon Amen (Everything At Once Within) Amen 4:23
KMFDM From Here On Out WWIII 4:03
The Dreaming Painkillers Rise Again 3:46
Ahnst Anders After Dark Home 8:35
Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld Still Smiling Still Smiling 5:39
Peter Murphy Holy Clown Lion 4:13
Sol Invictus Kneel to the Cross Lex Talionis 4:47
Killing Joke SO36 (Spanish Session) Duende - The Spanish Sessions 5:56
Leæther Strip Listen to the Children Play (Bitch Slap Mix) Untold Stories - The Melancholic Sessions 4:58
Ugasanie Silence of the Rocks White Silence 4:08
The The DieselBreeze NakedSelf 2:52
Spahn Ranch The Warmth of Silence Beat Noir 4:37
Liaisons Dangereuses Etre Assis Ou Danser Liaisons Dangereuses 3:26
Spitting At Pigeons Rain Spitting At Pigeons 6:32
Diskonnekted Dark Place Hotel Existence 4:37
Nine Inch Nails Happiness in Slavery (Remixed by T. Reznor and C. Vrenna with PK) Fixed 6:08
Architect Set My World on Fire Mine 7:34
Pop. 1280 Human Probe Imps of Perversion 5:30
Peace Love & Pitbulls White, White, White 3 3:06
Mono No Aware Datum des Verfalls Tatemae Honne 3:47
Army Of The Universe Mine The Hipster Sacrifice 3:16
Vomito Negro Time Death Sun 6:07
Chrysalide Anger Is a Show Don't Be Scared, It's About Life 3:35
Curse Sinking Ships Curse 6:18
Carter Tutti Obsession Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey 5:14
Coil Clap Scatology 1:17
Nimon A Box of Old Photographs The King Is Dead 6:44
Stoneburner Eternal Ghafla Songs in the Key of Arrakis 4:57
Pigface Slut/Blood/Pain / Psalm Springs Eternal Notes from thee Underground 3:43
Xiphoid Dementia My Time Will Never Come Secular Hymns 10:26
The Cure Let's Go to Bed (Milk Mix) Never Enough 7:11
The Ministry of Wolves The Gold Key Republik der Wölfe 4:23
Reformed Faction Caucaususa Mikrocomposer Series 1 8:47
Einstürzende Neubauten Die Explosion im Festspielhaus Ende Neu 4:32
Dubcon Green Fire UFO pon di Gullyside 4:57
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble Caravan! Here Be Dragons 6:28
Paulina Cassidy Captured / Voodoo Lily Sugar Wingshiver 5:30
Interpol My Blue Supreme El Pintor 3:08
Heimatærde Einfach So Kaltwærts 4:01
Ginormous A Mountain People Can Always Climb The Endless Procession 5:56
White Trash Compactor Couch & the Serpent Cyberpuncture 3:51
Acucrack Honey The Mawn Reproduction 4:50
Rein[Forced] Malignancy (MMSML Mix) Pre-Existing Conditions 4:54
Tineidae Kasatka Lights 4:03
Calva Y Nada Abgesang Dias Felices 3:16
Kloq Jenny Begin Again 3:22
Whore An End to Ancient Beasts The Pale Blue Dot 5:32
Pail Poisoned Information (Hungarian Cut Remix) Towards Nowhere 4:43
Lustmord Sublimation Carbon/Core 12:02
VNV Nation Carry You Judgement 6:11
Needle Sharing My Kind My Kind Came First 8:48

Friday, July 31, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - July 17, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Chemlab Suicide Jag Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar 4:49
Suicide Commando When Evil Speaks When Evil Speaks 4:53
Cabaret Voltaire Do the Mussolini (Headkick) #7885 Electropunk to Technopop 3:06
Ministry He's Angry Twelve Inch Singles 3:54
Eisbrecher Wenn Zeit die Wunden Heilt Zehn Jahre Kalt 3:26
X-TG Afraid Desertshore / The Final Report 4:39
Mr. Kitty Amnesia Life 3:54
Front 242 Work 242 Front by Front 6:39
Autoclav1.1 Today Is the Day Embark on Departure 4:47
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Stagger Lee Murder Ballads 5:14
Joy Division Ceremony (Live at Birmingham University, 2/5/80) Still 3:47
Download Propeller Helicopter 3:31
Diaphane Iridium Lifeforms 6:23
White.Light.Monorail How Is Babbylon Formed? Welcome to Our Domed Future 4:29
Caustic Pigeatbone The Man Who Couldn't Stop 3:35
Dryft Blue Windows The Blur Vent 3:27
Grausame Töchter Tanz für Dich Absolute Grrrls Manifesto 3:46
KMFDM En Esch UAIOE 3:19
Libido Formandi Determination Insignificancy Rising 5:16
Deathstars Noise Cuts The Perfect Cult 4:13
Clock DVA The Hacker The Hacker / The Act 7:26
Δaimon Seraphim Δaimon 4:04
Karsten Pflum Vere Sleepwald 2:45
Nocturne My Bitch (All Fours Mix) Axis of Evil - Mixes of Mass Destruction 4:05
Client Faith Authority 3:35
Nurse With Wound Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (Black Bomber Mix) Terms and Conditions Apply 4:40
Czar Lurvy No One Is Alone if No One Is Alive 3:34
iVardensphere Sentient Wave Form (Komor Kommando Remix) Cycle of the Sun - Remixes Vol. 1 5:01
Hanzel Und Gretyl Big Bad KyzrWölf Black Forest Metal 3:02
Matmos Y.T.T.E. The Civil War 9:07
B! Machine Angels (Remix) Angels 7:29
Apoptygma Berzerk Shadow (Technomancer Remix) Major Tom EP 7:04
Sonic Area Manifest Yourself / The Living Carousel Music for Ghosts 4:21
The Legendary Pink Dots Amphitheatre Under Triple Moon 3:37
Antidote For Annie Pulse All of This Time 3:22
Maculatum The Nameless City Part I The Nameless City 6:28
THYX Loyalty Super Vision 3:54
Severe Illusion Contribution Futronik Structures Vol. 6 4:13
Niveau Zero Aido Jasmine 3:09
Ashtrayhead Phone Call Ashtrayhead 4:14
Sister Machine Gun Red Burn 5:29
Prurient A Sorrow with a Braid Frozen Niagara Falls 4:53
Orphx Radiotherapy I Radiotherapy 5:49
Meat Beat Manifesto Lonely Soldier Autoimmune 5:28
Bella Morte Water Through Sand Exorcisms 4:20
Ugasanie In the Waves of Light Call of the North 4:52
Cygnets Human Isolator 2:49
Aurelio Voltaire Never Raised by Bats 4:32
Einstürzende Neubauten Keine Schoenheit ohne Gefahr Fuenf auf der Nach Oben Offenen Richterskala 5:09
Sixth Comm Drifting Ontogeny I 5:50
Leæther Strip Japanese Bodies '92 Penetrate the Satanic Citizen 6:25
[DE:AD:CIBEL] Too Tired to Consume Electronic Body Matrix 1 5:17
Trent Reznor with Atticus Ross Perpetual Gone Girl - Soundtrack from the Motion Picture 4:00
Tweaker Grounded (Dave Lombardo Mix) And Then There's Nothing 4:31
Death In June But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter? (Live in Wien, 27.X.11) Live in Wien 2:32
Tzolk'in Tlaltecuhtli The Sixth Sun 10:40
Skinny Puppy Smothered Hope (Demo) Back and Forth Series Two 7:21
Pigface Point Blank (Live 1991) Welcome to Mexico... Asshole 4:22
Raison D'Être Metal Stone Mental Heart (Live in Salzburg) Metamorphyses 4:56
Seeming Goodnight London Madness & Extinction 4:31
Front Line Assembly Gun (Live at Kuz, Mainz, 24.10.95) Live Wired 6:25
Coil Remote Viewing 4 The Remote Viewer 9:53
Modern Cubism L'Amour et la Crâne Ravivé 4:41
Dead Voices On Air Mawson's Will Mawson's Will and Other Stories 11:39
Nightmare Noise Machine Road Rage K.I.T.F.H. 3:38
Autio Digitarium (Coney Island, October 3rd 1972) Death 6:00
Mimetic www.never.go (Mika Vainio Rmx) Where We Will Never Go 5:39
Psyclon Nine Take My Hand While I Take My Life (Fetid, Running, Fucked, and Forgotten) Disorder - The Shadow Sessions 6:10
C2 Rockstar Cubed 6:55
Mercury's Antennae An Ocean Full of Neolithic Twilight / Le Chant des Sirènes A Waking Ghost Inside 6:50
Killing Joke Europe Night Time 4:33
Deviant UK You Will Burn (NG-Pro Rmx) Very Bad Things 5:10
Loss And Maggots Surrounded Her (The Waste That Was to Be Part II) Sick 5:29
Surgyn Feed Me Fame (Rotersand Rework) Envy 4:24
Dawn Of Ashes Scars on Scars Anathema 6:38
Whourkr Arithmetic Punishment 4247 Snare Drums 4:23
Blutengel Die Zeit (Symphonic Version) Black Symphonies 5:07
Nine Inch Nails The Great Below (Live) And All That Could Have Been 5:07
Worms Of The Earth Kaivalya Anagami 5:53
The Cure Forever (Live 1981) Faith 9:18

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - July 10, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Current 93 Panzer Ruin (In the Hands of Gillespie) SixSixSix: SickSickSick 6:15
KMFDM Torture Symbols 7:04
Orphx First Light The Sonic Groove Releases Pt. 1 7:32
God Module Hating How We Love False Face 4:23
A.E.C. Manipulate Me Sex.Drug.Sequence 4:53
Faith and the Muse Relic Song The Burning Season 2:47
Mechanical Cabaret GBH Selective Hearing - Best of 2002-2012 5:24
Laibach Walk with Me Spectre 3:55
Greyhound It Can't Always Be Rain Maschinenfest 2013 4:45
Noir A Forest Darkly Near 4:20
Chris & Cosey Put Yourself in Los Angeles Heartbeat 3:44
Cygnets Leave the Prophets Dead Where They Lie Dark Days 5:01
Edgey Terminal Accretion Misfire 4:50
Purr Machine Regarding Mary Ging Ging 7:03
Amduscia Suffering Filofobia 4:23
Autoclav1.1 Interweb Pugilism Portents Call 4:23
Diverje System Failed Existence / Program Remix 3:27
Robotiko Rejekto Love (Aesthetische Remix) Corporate Power 5:58
Klangstabil Arbeitstitel Shadowboy 3:59
Ohm My Kingdom Ohm 3:28
Nine Inch Nails Echoplex The Slip 4:45
Shellac Compliant Dude Incredible 3:38
Ruby My Dear Karoshi Remains of Shapes to Come 6:46
Information Society On the Outside 2.1 Don't Be Afraid 6:47
Clan Of Xymox Love's on Diet Matters of Mind, Body, and Soul 4:38
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand Walking in Straight Lines The Cosmic Trigger 5:40
Metroland It's More Fun to Commute Mind the Gap 4:31
Cabaret Voltaire Walls of Sheffield (Live at the Sheffield Lyceum, 27.08.82) Archive #828285 Live 6:46
Utero ZZZAAA Election Buster Japanese Electro Punk Brutality 4:12
23 Skidoo Language (12") Urban Gamelan 5:38
Pigface Asphole (Live at the Odeon, Cleveland, 4/9/98) Live Archive 91-05 Volume #6 6:24
Trakktor End of Days Halo of Lies 5:46
Ostara Darkness Over Eden Paradise Down South 4:27
Ministry Relapse (Live 2012) Last Tangle in Paris - Live 2012 5:49
Näo Nope Näo 5:18
Black Tape For A Blue Girl Love Song (Steve Roach Mix) Tenderotics 2:17
Index AI Godshado World Blade Center 5:08
Prude Knife on Mars The Dark Age of Consent 3:50
Fury161 Saviours Armageddon's Maw 5:15
Front Line Assembly Auto-Erotic (Abstinence Mix) Re-Wind 7:21
Alter Der Ruine Lights I Will Remember It All Differently 7:51
Cold Cave Meaningful Life Full Cold Moon 4:56
r.roo Uninhibited Innerheaven 5:00
The Legendary Pink Dots A Sunset for a Swan Nemesis Online 5:43
In Strict Confidence Manchmal Redest Du im Schlaf Exile Paradise 6:18
Death In June Murder Made History (Totenpop Version) The Snow Bunker Tapes 5:05
Mr. Kitty Black Truth Time 3:49
Wumpscut Flesh Trench Bulwark Bazooka 5:33
Schachtanlage Gegenort / Denise Ritter Nordschacht Aufgelassen 7:19
Killing Joke Another Bloody Election Democracy 4:27
Skinny Puppy Dead Doll Bites 2:28
Tyler Newman Obsidian City Zonekiller - Original Soundtrack 3:53
Alphaxone Mysterious Tomb of Empires 6:11
Damon Edge We're Down the Road (with a Motor at My Head) Alliance & The Wind Is Talking 4:14
Android Lust First Man Crater Vol. 1 2:02
Displacer Distress Call Foundation 3:56
Einstürzende Neubauten Spaltung Strategies Against Architecture 2:25
Front 242 Leitmotiv 136 Tyranny for You 3:13
iVardensphere Bonedance (Δ Remix) Scatterface v3 4:39
Combichrist Pull the Pin No Redemption 3:54
Foetus Aladdin Reverse Love 7:30
Cat Rapes Dog Cowshit Life Was Sweet 2:19
Enduser Praise Even Weight 4:02
Pig vs. MC Lord Of The Flies Compound Eye (Fulbertron Mix) Compound Eye Sessions 7:12
Nightmare Noise Machine Haunted Among the Dead 3:15
Coil Dream Photography Unnatural History - Compilation Tracks Compiled 3:22
And One Paddy Is My DJ (Live 2014) Achtung 80 4:27
Aesthetic Perfection The New Black 'Til Death 4:24
Nurse With Wound Perfectly Unmingled and Misplaced Part 1(Live in Ghent, June 2007) Bar Maldoror 12:44
Lovespirals I Can't See You / Old Kazoo Blues Windblown Kiss 9:54
Aurelio Voltaire Riding a Black Unicorn... Riding a Black Unicorn... 5:06
Leæther Strip & Implant Lord Knows I Tried Yes I'm Limited VI 3:56
Whitehouse Lightning Struck My Dick Halogen 5:43
Mentallo & The Fixer Penicillin for the Soul Music from the Eather 5:07
Rome Lullaby for George A Passage to Rhodesia 4:06
Contagious Orgasm & Dirk Geiger Fettered Soul Fallen Empires 7:40
Borghesia Para Todos Todo And Man Created God 6:28
Olen'k Obscura Lua Silently Noisy 4:59
Hall Of Mirrors Night 2 - Invocation Altered Nights 20:01
The Cure Fight Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 4:31

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - July 6, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Front 242 Animal (Radio) Angels vs. Animals 3:29
Hocico Over the Limit El Último Minuto Antes de Que Tu Mundo Caiga 4:38
100Blumen La Fin Absolue du Monde Surveillance 5:47
Weep What Have I Done to Myself Weep 3:43
Mindless Faith If Not Now, When? Momentum 4:59
Army Of The Universe Chillin' The Hipster Sacrifice 3:19
A.E.C. Freezing to Death Hate Life 6:32
KMFDM Playing God Our Time Will Come 4:29
Zinovia Beneath a Stellar Sky The Gift of Affliction 5:49
In Strict Confidence Seven Lives (DE/Vision Remix) Seven Lives 6:30
Front Line Assembly Backlash Epitaph 5:37
Leæther Strip Qaanaaq Serenade for the Dead II 5:55
5F-X Audioautical-File. 004 (Sountox Remix) Flight Recorder 5.0 6:07
Nitzer Ebb Captivate Belief 3:57
Inverse Phase Take On XE Chiplust 3:44
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church of the Leading Hand Perplexus The End of the Beginning 5:09
Combichrist Love Is a Razorblade We Love You 3:20
Cabaret Voltaire Golden Halos The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord 5:10
Igorrr Moelleux Poisson Soluble / Moisissure 4:05
Sister Machine Gun Transparency Komposi001 4:41
Ministry Thieves (Live at Wacken 2006) Enjoy the Quiet - Live at Wacken 2012 4:56
Kill Switch... Klick Darkly DeGenerate 3:30
Nebulo Quenz Cardiac 3:26
Seabound A Grown Man Speak in Storms 5:19
Prong State of Rebellion Cold Waves II Sampler 3:57
Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester Vulgalina Fever Overlook Hotel 6:16
The Tear Garden Nothing's Set in Stone Have a Nice Trip 3:26
VNV Nation Off Screen Transnational 4:24
Dead Voices On Air Pulse Bundle 1995-2013 6:08
Skin Chamber Sucked Inside Wound 7:45
Mari Chrome Here I Am Georgy #11811 5:05
Perturbator Perturbator's Theme Dangerous Days 5:37
Bordel Militaire And Sorrow Becomes Him Bordel Militaire 4:54
Aesthetic Perfection Inhuman (Live at Das Bunker, Los Angeles, August 31, 2013) Imperfect 3:35
Weltraumorgel Moonshine Boogie Communication 7:32
Roger Rotor Bomb the Bomb Sightseeing Bizarre 6:50
Pigface Tailor Made Gub 6:03
The Glove This Green City Blue Sunshine 4:34
Aphex Twin Syro u473t8+3 (Piezoluminescence Mix) Syro 6:32
Tyler Milchmann Die Promenade Strange Days 4:10
Mesh Just Leave Us Alone Automation Baby 5:28
Sabes Slave Files (Short Edit) Maschinenfest 2012 5:01
The Dresden Dolls Gravity The Dresden Dolls 4:19
Opium Skin on Skin Twilight 5:09
Alter Der Ruine Shit-Disco Stunner There's Always One More Son of a Bitch 4:24
Eyescream Clockwork Elephant Noir 4:00
Sol Invictus Our Father Once upon a Time 4:03
Sephiroth The Moongate Cathedron 7:31
Iris Sight Unseen Radiant 3:18
Nine Inch Nails The Perfect Drug (Meat Beat Manifesto) The Perfect Drug 7:24
Killing Joke The Death & Resurrection Show (Live at Lokerse Feesten, 8th August 2003) Requiem 7:44
Autoclav1.1 Waiting Room Ten.One.Point.One 4:26
Laibach Bruderschaft An Introduction to Laibach 4:13
Typhoid Isolationaut Simulazione di Divinità 2:07
Rome The Fever Tree (Single Version) Hate Us and See if We Mind 3:22
Einstürzende Neubauten Letztes Biest (am Himmel) Halber Mensch 3:28
Baal The Iron Age Shurado 3:27
Des Esseintes Strange Tremors Mondo Macabro 6:45
Volt 9000 Conopoly Conopoly 9:09
Nils Frahm Closing Credits Restive - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 4:28
The Legendary Pink Dots Lent A Perfect Mystery 8:06
And One Shining Star (Live 2014) Magnet 3:30
The Cure The Blood The Head on the Door 3:43
Glis Apocalypse Parties (Endzeit Edit) Endzeit Bunkertracks Act VI 4:48
Current 93 Those Flowers Grow I Am the Last of All the Field That Fell 8:43
Covenant Leaving Babylon Leaving Babylon 3:18
Wordclock The Night Endless 7:09
Storm King Angels of Enmity (hEADaCHE Remix) Out of Phase - The hEADaCHE Remixes 10:04
Azfarat Age of Distraction Yggdrasil and the Plague of Frogs 7:43
Qntal Passacaglia Qntal VI - Translucida 4:15
Coil Sex with Sun Ra (Part One - Saturnalia) Black Antlers 9:22
Agent Side Grinder Sleeping Fury Hardware (Sftwr Included) 5:32
Lovesliescrushing Darklit and Crow Ghost Colored Halo 4:54
Diary Of Dreams Giftraum (Acoustic Version) The Anatomy of Silence 3:36
Organisation Toth With Joy and Abandon Gloria Victis! 3:55
Chrome Under 3 Moons Alien Soundtracks I & II 5:16
Loss Watching You Crumble I Am but the Sum of My Conditions 7:18
Velvet Acid Christ Zalflex Subconscious Landscapes 4:31
Detritus Day Everyday Explanations 4:17
Skinny Puppy Morpheus Laughing Too Dark Park 3:59

Monday, June 29, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - June 26, 2015

Due to the holiday, there will be no live broadcast on July third. If I have the time, I may sneak one in on Thursday the second, or Monday the sixth, but I make no guarantees.

Artist Title Album Time
Chemlab Chemical Halo (Bruised Regeneration) Suture 5:44
Torul The Sun! Tonight We Dream Fiercely 5:24
Nullvektor Hast Du Genug? I Walk Alone 5:49
Mono Inc. Seligkeit Amphi Festival 2014 3:59
And One Body Company (Live 2014) Propeller 4:20
Death Industry Dead Pool Das Bunker - Elektronische Untergrundkultur Eins 5:03
God Destruction Satan's Storm Novus Ordo Seclorum 5:32
Ludovico Technique Wasting (Vein Collector) We Came to Wreck Everything 5:59
Terminal11 Tension Self Exorcism 6:49
Front 242 Speed Angels 05:22:09:12 Off 2:52
Skold Chaos Skold 4:14
Die Form BWV 243-3-4 Bach Project 4:26
Raoul Sinier Green Lights Guilty Cloaks 5:33
The Rorschach Garden Motor City The Rorschach Garden 4:20
Cabaret Voltaire Sleepwalking Drinking Gasoline 8:28
Death Of Self Now You Know Embracing the Things We Hate About Ourselves 4:17
Individual Totem Bluesky Kyria 13 5:25
Cocksure TKO Mindfuck TVMALSV 7:09
This Morn' Omina Shiin L'Unification des Forces Opposantes 7:55
The Causticles The Causticles Ain't Nuthin' ta Fuck Wit Eric Gottesman 5:05
Grim Faeries Faerie Raide Decompositions - A Retrospective Body of Work 5:55
ESA Let the Sinful Sparrow Sing Themes for Carnal Empowerment Part 2 - Deceit 6:31
Farm Life Susie's Party CTR+ALT+DEL #1 - Modern Wave Monologues 1978-1983 3:55
Tones On Tail There's Only One Everything! 4:02
Essence Of Mind No Denial Indifference 4:00
Pig Heart Transplant Dirt / Used / Cuts / City / Line / Home / Scum For Mass Consumption 5:03
Crystal Castles Mercenary (III) 2:39
KMFDM Animal Out (Live 2013) We Are KMFDM 5:17
Qntal Melos Lacrimosum Qntal VII 4:19
Skinny Puppy Two Time Grime Rabies 5:38
Coil Teenage Lightning 1 Love's Secret Domain 1:49
Sequential Access Du Tog Min Tid Sex Addicts Anonymous 4:18
Aphex Twin Piano Unl Arpej / DISKPREPT4 Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 2:42
Pigface More A New High in Low 5:14
Tony Wakeford Abattoirs of Love (Live at CBGB, New York) Let Us Prey 4:22
Epoch Disciples of Mars Sanctimonium 4:12
Interpol Tidal Wave El Pintor 4:17
Unto Ashes Fly on the Windscreen Ghosts Captured 3:41
It-Clings The New Era of Big Penis Begins (Dead Man Hill's Apocalyptic Visionaire Mix) I'm the Biggest Fucking Thing in the Whole Fucking World 8:17
Nine Inch Nails I Do Not Want This The Downward Spiral 5:41
Combichrist Never Surrender Never Surrender 4:49
Wumpscut Tod Essen Leben Auf (Dwarf Edit) DJ Dwarf 13 3:13
Wormskull Nosebleed Sound of Hell 4:09
Ministry Black Betty Cover Up 3:29
XMH Snakes Sounds from the Matrix 15 3:58
The [Law-Rah] Collective From Here Field of View 8:43
Chrome Electric Chair Red Exposure 4:04
Config.sys Nerd Disco Loud 3:47
Cyanotic Alternating Dilemmas Worst Case Scenario Vol. 01 5:12
Snog Land of the Bland Third Mall from the Sun 6:02
Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot No Remorse (I Wanna Die) Spawn - The Album 4:16
Mick Harvey Praise the Earth (Wheels of Amber and Gold) Four (Acts of Love) 2:12
Tonikom Along the Rail Found and Lost 5:11
Scaremeister Hellion 31 Spirits 2:00
Δaimon Mirrors Fade (The Ceremonial Dagger Remix) Flatliner 3:16
Atrium Carceri Catacombs of the Forgotten The Untold 5:54
Gofight Big Hit Radio Music for Military Torture 5:06
Agonoize For the Sick and Disturbed (Live) Apokalypse 4:06
Z'ev Bracelets Opus 3.1 2:08
History Of Violence & Chris Connelly Bodysnatchers Every Machine Makes a Mistake - A Tribute to Radiohead 4:10
Killing Joke Madness (Malicious Demo) Chaos for Breakfast 7:08
Black Nail Cabaret The Critical Cult of Dora Harry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Me 4:12
Gnome & Spybey Dreamed of Being a River Three 6:24
Solemn Assembly Prologue Aftershock 4:43
Rein[Forced] Dichotomy X Amount of Stab Wounds in the Back 5:30
Cyclobe Replaced by His Constellation The Visitors 11:05
Psyclon Nine Remains of Eden II Order of the Shadow - Act I 5:33
The Legendary Pink Dots Apocalypse Then Brighter Now 7:24
Greyhound Cube Tactical Evolution 4:58
Clan Of Xymox Muscoviet Mosquito (Live) Live 4:17
Einstürzende Neubauten Die Befindlichkeit des Landes (Live in Arvika, 15 Jul. 2000) Alles War Irgendwie Nützt 5:49
Mentallo & The Fixer Decomposed (Original Mix) Rare, Unreleased, & Remastered 4:23
Lycia The Visitor Quiet Moments 4:31
Forma Tadre Lo Rez Skyline Automate 4:09
The Cure The Hungry Ghost 4:13 Dream 4:29
Nimon The Facade Is Cracking Drowning in Good Intentions 7:44
Leæther Strip Body Machine Body 09 (Bodies on Sale Version) Hærværk 7:07
Zola Jesus Collapse (Version) Versions 4:06
Comaduster Connecting the Seams Hollow Worlds 7:06
Front Line Assembly Heartquake Echogenetic 5:42

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - June 19, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Nine Inch Nails The Hand That Feeds With Teeth 3:31
A.T.R.O.X. Against the Odds Muazione - Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988 3:13
Cdatakill Angel Carcass Battleworn 5:29
Die Krupps Scent (Club Version) Isolation 4:27
Diverje Romance Is Gone Hate Stimulation 4:59
Antigen Shift Black Ocean Burial The Way of the North 7:26
Hanzel Und Gretyl Unterstützung 87 (KyzrWölf Remix) Für Immer 6:33
System Syn Myth No Sky to Fall 5:05
Mono No Aware Open Door Pachinko to Hanbaagaa 5:52
Iiris Mirage The Magic Gift Box 3:53
Firewater Bourbon and Division Get Off the Cross... We Need the Wood for the Fire 3:23
Mind.In.A.Box Unforgiving World Memories 5:41
Contagious Orgasm Trisect Escape 5:19
Hocico Untold Blasphemies Signos de Aberración 6:47
Mr. Kitty Pathogen Time 3:19
Semiomime The Mole Children From Memory 3:59
Stoneburner The No Chamber The No Chamber 6:33
Hate Dept. Matrimonial Blood New Ghost 4:07
Gnome & Spybey Gigantic Reflective 6:51
The Cure Watching Me Fall Bloodflowers 11:14
Manhole Vortex Guidance Industro Synthesis 4:12
Cabaret Voltaire The Operative Micro-Phonies 3:13
Ah Cama-Sotz Hot Stepper in Collision (Bionic Dub Vinyl-Mix) Maschinenfest 2010 4:19
The Legendary Pink Dots Hideous Strength Chemical Playschool Volumes 3 & 4 3:59
Front Line Assembly Next War Echoes 6:05
Enduser Fear Left 4:58
Mirabilis Da Znae Moma / O Care Thou Wilt Dispatch Me Here and the Hereafter 3:31
Die Form Mon Amour 2 Rayon X 4:08
Atiq & Enk The Moment of Truth Fear of the Unknown 4:19
Funker Vogt Brüder Companion in Crime 5:22
Pigface Cutting Face The Best of Pigface - Preaching to the Perverted 4:12
Psy'aviah Nouveau Quiche Introspection/Extrospection 3:48
Sol Invictus Media (Live in Europe) King & Queen 2:25
Imperative Reaction Giving In to the Change Redemption 3:57
Dead When I Found Her Doll Pieces Rag Doll Blues 2:57
Donevinn-Gottfried Alewife The 2014 Album 4:37
Ministry The Great Satan Rio Grande Blood 3:09
Pankow Don't (Rmxd by FM w/ Bram) And Shun the Cure They Most Desire 3:13
100Blumen Distrust Authority Distrust Authority 4:25
Peter Murphy The Passion of Lovers (Live at the Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, July 27, 2013) Lion 3:48
Skinny Puppy Knowhere? Last Rights 4:19
Youth Code For I Am Cursed An Overture 4:56
Burial Hex Fantasie Treatment of the Dead - A Cold Spring Sampler 6:50
State Of The Union Back to Earth / Descent My Time Away 5:36
Insight 23 Two More Reasons Obsess 4:52
Karsten Pflum Frø No Noia My Love 6:31
iVardensphere Eclipse The Methuselah Tree 6:50
Delerium Frostbite Music Box Opera 6:02
Full Of Hell / Merzbow Aphid Full Of Hell / Merzbow 8:14
Front 242 Religion (Live at MC Vredenburg, Utrecht, 25th October 1993) Live Code 5413356 424225 7:18
FEARvLOATHINC Gin Trap Bombay Girl 4:25
Boxed Warning Deconstructivists Magnifier 3:06
Leæther Strip Hold Me Æscapism 4:13
Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester High Level Input - Slow Speed Output (Well Done) BrakeHEAD 5:11
And One S.T.O.P. the Sun S.T.O.P. 4:21
Mobthrow Iron Tribal Mobthrow 5:20
XuberX Ruin Electronic Saviors 3 - Remission 5:04
Incite/ Psycho Path Dare to Dance 4:26
Coil Corybantic Ennui Stolen & Contaminated Songs 0:42
Swans Kirsten Supine To Be Kind 10:32
Epoch W.T.O. Purity & Revolution 4:11
Wumpscut Oh Mein Kuemmerling Blutspuker Tavern 4:10
Edward Ka-Spel So What? Ghost Logik 5:07
Allied Vision Coaxial Hardware O.S. Bandwidth 6:28
Chrome Caroline The Visitation 3:58
Worms Of The Earth Of Statues and the Sacred Gardens Azal'ucel 8:07
Einstürzende Neubauten Tagesschau-Dub Kalte Sterne - Early Recordings 6:10
Mlada Fronta F8,7-1/166 Every Thing 5:56
Pharmakon Sour Sap Abandon 26:58
Killing Joke Goodbye to the Village Brighter Than a Thousand Suns 5:17
Suicide Inside Goodbye My Love Homicide 5:41
Lovesliescrushing Wallflower (Original Version) Projekt: Afar 5:47
Lingouf Varionuguicaa Terre de Pierres 8:53
Spiritual Front The Only Sin Black Hearts in Black Suits 5:23
Heimatærde Der Weiße Reiter Kaltwærts 6:59
Totakeke Overlord Digital Exorcist 10:31
Dawn Of Ashes Anathema (Part III - Primordial Abomination) Anathema 3:00
Dessau Old Dudes Rest Details Sketchy 0:59
Norman Westberg Plough3 (Cut) Atmospheric Undertakings 8:16
KMFDM The Problem Angst 6:06