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Monday, May 26, 2014

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - May 23, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Nine Inch Nails Somewhat Damaged The Fragile 4:31
Portion Control Wreckage Pure Form 4:38
Oureboros Double Mercury Dreaming in Earth, Dissolving in Light 5:34
Pigface Divebomber Notes from thee Underground 4:06
Wumpscut Gabi Grausam (Dwarf Edit) DJ Dwarf 13 4:28
Caustic Bigger Better Faster Now!!! The Man Who Couldn't Stop 5:06
Helalyn Flowers Love Like Aliens Stitches of Eden 4:14
Diverje Zero Toxic Burnt 5:05
Mothboy Cala Martina Bunny 2:31
Front Line Assembly Hydrogen Explosion 5:09
The Crüxshadows Halo As the Dark Against My Halo 6:08
Cesium 137 Time Stops for No One Science and Sound 4:33
End Jailbait Rock The Dangerous Class 3:37
Front 242 GenEcide 05:22:09:12 Off 6:53
Foetus Downfall Gash 2:56
Mlada Fronta SnO Every Thing 4:33
Aurelio Voltaire The Dirtiest Song That Ain't Riding a Black Unicorn... 4:48
Keith LeBlanc Men in Capsules Stranger Than Fiction 2:50
Synth-Etik Atone(al) for My Sins Waiting for the Rapture 4:48
The Klinik Closing Time Eat Your Heart Out 3:59
Jenny Hval Innocence Is Kinky Innocence Is Kinky 4:26
FGFC820 Resolution 10 Homeland Insecurity 2:54
Duncan Avoid Parallel Grounds Metaphysics 4:07
Modulate Hard and Dirty (A.D.A.M. Lab4 Remix) Robots 5:37
Hanzel Und Gretyl Der Furor Born to Be Heiled 2:14
The Cutmen London Zoo Seconds Out 5:02
The Rorschach Garden A Place for the Lost A Place for the Lost 3:17
Ego Likeness World of Shame The Order of the Reptile 5:37
Tapage Pockets Overgrown 5:16
KMFDM Yohoho Attak 4:16
Killing Joke The Hum Revelations 4:57
Edge Of Dawn Black Heart Enjoy the Fall 4:36
The Teknoist Have You Seen Like a Hurricane Made of Zombies 5:08
Enon Conjugate the Verbs Believo! 3:12
Project Pitchfork The Island First Anthology 5:35
Death In June Runes and Men Discriminate 2:27
Chant Reaching for Something New That Which Divides 1:56
KatzKab Join Us (Edit) A Dark Cabaret 2 5:05
Muslimgauze Army of Females Wearing Latex Gadaffi Masks Turkish Berlina 6:58
The Birthday Massacre The Long Road Home Hide and Seek 2:16
Chris & Cosey Driving Blind Metal Dance 2 - Industrial New Wave EBM Classics & Rarities 79-88 6:31
Andro-Dioxin Suicidal (Traumatize Rmx) Suicidal EP 3:53
Iszoloscope The Edge of Certainty The Edge of Certainty 5:44
Ministry Perfect Storm From Beer to Eternity 4:56
Antidote For Annie Sanctuary (Refuge Mix) Electronic Saviors 2 - Recurrence 4:34
Allerseelen Rauhnachtkamerad Rauhe Schale 3:53
Benestophe Farewell My Love Auric Fires 6:48
Combichrist Can't Change the Beat (Assemblage 23 Remix) Heat EP - All Pain Is Beat 4:48
Frank Riggio Flying Psyche I Psychexcess I - Presentism 5:18
The Cure Without You The Perfect Boy 4:11
Switchblade Symphony Bad Trash Serpentine Gallery 3:45
Individual Totem The Great Mistake Kyria 13 4:22
Current 93 Kings and Things I Am the Last of All the Field That Fell 6:21
16 Volt Keep Sleeping SuperCoolNothing v2.0 3:14
Coil Omlagus Garfungiloops Stolen and Contaminated Songs 4:24
Cut Hands Impassion Cut Hands 3:01
The Anix Enemy Eyes (Powerman 5000 Remix) Sleepwalker 4:14
Eisbrecher Atem Die Hölle Muss Warten 4:20
Brighter Death Now Sex or Violence? Innerwar 6:53
Unter Null The Mercy Seat Moving On 8:27
Rein[Forced] Take Me Home Tonight Pre-Existing Conditions 3:28
The Legendary Pink Dots Kingdom of the Flies Malachai (Shadow Weaver Part I) 4:12
Enduser 2/3 1/3 5:57
Swans Why Hide Cop / Young God / Greed / Holy Money 5:50
Last Days Of S.E.X. December Riots (6.12.08 Mix) Great Irony and the Politically S.E.X.plosive 3:48
Scar Limit Faithless Threshold 5:48
Tonikom Lost to the Flames Found and Lost 6:15
Tweaker This Is Ridiculous Call the Time Eternity 2:14
Raquel De Grimstone Wilderness of Pain FreeMansonicYouth 2:14
Einstürzende Neubauten Dead Friends (Around the Corner) Perpetuum Mobile 5:15
Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud Against All Odds Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud 3:00
Coph Nia Opus 77 That Which Remains 9:41
Throbbing Gristle Forced Entry (Live at Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, 1977) Second Annual Report 5:00
Zola Jesus Run Me Out (Version) Versions 3:42
Words On Water Of the Black Goatskin Rotation - A Dark Ambient/Experimental Compilation 3:26
Love Spirals Downwards Kykeon Ardor 4:43
Access To Arasaka Rana Geosynchron 7:31
Clock DVA Fractalize Man-Amplified 5:06
Somatic Responses Replicant Loss Concrete Glider 10:35
Skinny Puppy Terminal / Overdose Weapon 7:09

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Oodles of Adds

The Technical Difficulties empire has continued to expand over the past couple of months.

First off, I was privileged to be amongst the audience witnessing the opening performance of Swans' "To Be Kind" tour, in Washington DC on Wednesday. It was a transcendent experience, and while I can't pipe that transcendence through the series of tubes between me and you, I can at least play songs from the latest album, which I made sure to procure. Jenny Hval, the opening performer, was impressive in her own right, and will also be gracing future playlists.

Some other recent acquisitions include recent Projekt releases, including the latest from Lovesliescrushing, Paulina Cassidy, and All My Faith Lost's tribute to Black Tape For A Blue Girl. While I was at it, I got a few recent Projekt-distributed releases from Lycia, Voltaire, Unwoman, Android Lust, Spiritual Front, and Mushroom's Patience. And Combichrist's "From My Cold Dead Hands" single too - what the heck.

Then I got up to date with ArtOfFact - Individual Totem, Agent Side Grinder, Volt 9000, Öhm, Δaimon, and Seeming. I filled in some of the holes in my Ant-Zen, Hymen, and Pflichtkauf collections. I swept up most of the Metropolis releases from last year that I was missing, including the latest Suicide Commando, Covenant, Funker Vogt, Download, and DUBcon. I randomly picked up something from Lust For Youth and some miscellaneous imports: Amduscia, Blutengel, Z'ev, new Cyclobe, old Cyclobe. And somehow, I also managed to pay the mortgage and all my bills.

As always, you can enjoy the fruits of my financial ruin at here.

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - May 16, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Nine Inch Nails Terrible Lie Pretty Hate Machine 4:38
Decoded Feedback Bondage Shockwave 5:16
ADMX-71 Inter Galaxy Transfer Station Luminous Vapors 6:09
Krystal System So Long Nuclear 3:32
Unwoman Silently Conjure The Fires I Started 3:40
Combichrist From My Cold Dead Hands (Darksiderz Hardstyle Remix) From My Cold Dead Hands 3:19
Dismantled Disease (Fuckme Remix) Whole Wide World 5:23
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio I Am the Sun - Anus Dei (Remixed by Xotox) Four 3:39
iVardensphere Box of Monsters Scatterface v3 5:59
Killing Joke Communion Pandemonium 6:56
Swans A Little God in My Hands To Be Kind 7:07
Waiting For God Apologies Quarter Inch Thick 5:19
Detritus Fields of Dead Leaves Things Gone Wrong 3:21
Nitzer Ebb Control I'm Here (Clouston's Controlled Edit) Metal Dance - Industrial Post Punk EBM Classics & Rarities 80-88 6:36
THYX Network of Light Below the City 4:44
Muslimgauze Sahara Head Dress Izlamic Songs 6:36
Ministry Should Have Known Better With Sympathy 4:30
Seabound Coward No Sleep Demon v2.0 4:41
Frl. Linientreu I Hate You Lifelines 4:59
Skinny Puppy Tin Omen 1 Worlock 4:48
Suicide Commando Cause of Death: Suicide (Try Again Remix) Kinetik Festival Volume Four 4:21
Rasputina Thimble Island Cabin Fever 2:40
cEvin Key & Ken Marshall Running (Back & Forth) The Dragon Experience 4:08
God Module Perception (Infekktion Mix) Psychic Surgery - The Victims Among Friends & Perception EPs 6:36
Czar Brunt Vertical Mass Grave 4:28
Erode Horizon (Kadrage Rmx) Horizon 6:00
Tyler Milchmann Solange Es Noch Warm Strange Days 4:39
The Beauty Of Gemina Seven-Day Wonder Iscariot Blues 3:53
Karsten Pflum Nud Mining No Noia My Love 5:50
Einstürzende Neubauten Seele Brennt Halber Mensch 4:04
Wumpscut Der Liebe Gott Sieht Alles Madman Szpital 3:07
Dive Power of Passion Dive 4:29
Controlled Bleeding Live on Boat (Rostock, Germany) Odes to Bubbler 2:41
IAMX An I for an I Kingdom of Welcome Addiction 3:55
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra Want It Back Theatre Is Evil 4:08
Coil Drip Drop (Live in Porto, 2003-21-06) Porto 10:04
Mr. Kitty Sacrifice Life 5:29
Icon Of Coil Faith: Not Important Machines Are Us 5:21
Eldar Satourn Devouring One of His Sons Amesha Spentas 5:04
Joy Division Passover Closer 4:46
Inverse Phase Atarible Lie Pretty Eight Machine 4:38
KMFDM Rules Xtort 4:07
Empusae Orix Error 404: Metaphorical Loss 8:50
Trakktor Spitting on Your Grave Halo of Lies 5:34
Reformed Faction Divided in the Heat of Emptiness Years of Lightning, Day of Drums 5:34
All My Faith Lost… The Rope Redefine My Pure Faith 3:36
Millipede Wonder & Spirals All My Best Intentions 5:36
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 Invisible Invaders (E-Craft Noize Mix) T.A.L.O.S. 4:00
Z'ev Spiritus A Handful of Elements 12:00
Foetus Time Marches On Love 3:08
Informatik No Sympathy Playing with Fire 6:13
Lust For Youth Another Day Perfect View 3:02
Roel Funcken Cobaned Banner Vade 4:41
Signal Aout 42 Time Is Coming… Insurrection (By Bak XIII) Vae Victis 3:59
The Legendary Pink Dots Jewel on an Island Island of Jewels 4:32
Philipp Münch Bloody Head Into the Absurd 4:37
Blume Freia Autumn Ruins 5:43
Love Spirals Downwards Mediterranea Idylls 5:20
Cyclobe Garden of Luxor Sulphur - Tarot - Garden 8:15
Glis Love I So Despise Nemesis 5:04
The Cure Grinding Halt Three Imaginary Boys 2:49
32Crash What Happened Here Y2112Y 4:29
Hypnoskull The Frozen Army of Drummachines Dark Skies Over Planet E. 3:14
[:SITD:] Dark Defender Icon:Koru 5:07
Bella Morte Logic The Best of Bella Morte 3:51
Architect I Lost My 808 (VNDL Remix) Upload Select Remix 4:06
Solemn Assembly Falling Aftershock 5:47
Miss FD The Grand Version Comfort for the Desolate 3:59
Shorai Soundset It Was Listening with Mechanical Precision 5:00
Front 242 The Untold Tyranny for You 4:34
Pigface Binary Stream / The Loneliest Sound I've Ever Heard Easy Listening... 6:36
Spiritual Front My Erotic Sacrifice Rotten Roma Casino 4:08
Robin Storey & Nigel Ayers Out!…….. Vainglorious Priests Perfidious Albion 8:19
Mona Mur & En Esch Do With Me What You Want Do With Me What You Want 6:09
Sutcliffe Jugend Fall of Utopia With Extreme Prejudice 5:30
Orbit Service Ashes A Calm Note from the West 5:36
Normotone The Unutterable and a Half (by One Droid and Its Man) Inward Structures 6:42
Autumn's Grey Solace Fauna Eifelian 2:56
Throbbing Gristle The Original Soundtrack of Coum Transmissions Film "After Cease to Exist" (Excerpt) Second Annual Report 6:08
Front Line Assembly Infra Red Combat Hard Wired 8:48

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - May 9, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Nine Inch Nails Gave Up (Open My Eyes) Recoiled 6:00
Hate Dept. Release It (Dragon Base Mix) Release It 6:08
Nin Kuji Sleepless (Throbbing Silence) Sayonara 7:38
Oneiroid Psychosis Fleshmachine Stillbirth 4:32
Army Of The Universe Until the End The Hipster Sacrifice 3:40
Config.sys Chillout at the SpahnDex Ranch Disco Loud 4:40
Trakktor Extinction Force Majeure 4:41
Acretongue Riven Strange Cargo 6:01
Cabaret Voltaire Yashar (Version - Live at Liverpool Warehouse 12.06.82) Archive #828285 Live 1:59
Hilt Stone Man Call the Ambulance Before I Hurt Myself 4:34
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult After the Flesh The Crow - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2:59
X Marks The Pedwalk The Side of the Wrong The Sun, the Cold, and My Underwater Fear 5:43
Matmos Mental Radio The Marriage of True Minds 3:38
Grimes Oblivion Visions 4:11
Idiot Stare Future Popped Unknown to Millions 4:26
Scrap.edx Hell Hath No Fury Merciless Protraction 9:49
Spiritual Front I Just Can't Have Nothing Black Hearts in Black Suits 9:01
Ministry You Know What You Are The Land of Rape and Honey 4:44
Hecq Lynn and Nicolas Call (Interim) / Nihilum Avenger 5:52
Einstürzende Neubauten Dingfest Solo Bassfeder 3:11
Halo In Reverse Something's Gone Terribly Wrong Trials and Tribulations 3:47
Skyla Vertex Strom und Drang Urwerk 4:12
Winterkälte Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons (Poison Dust) Disturbance 5:53
Prick Other People Prick 3:19
Vomito Negro Power on Demand Fall of an Empire 4:29
Muslimgauze Palestina Cache 3 Martyr Shrapnel 4:44
Rammstein Rammlied (Rammin' the Steins Rmx) Made in Germany 1995-2011 5:05
Blutengel Seelenschmerz (Symphonic Version) Black Symphonies 5:55
DJ Hidden Cover Up The Words Below 3:33
The Cure Primary (Red Mix) Close to Me 7:11
X-TG Stasis Desertshore / The Final Report 6:41
Android Lust Water Whispers Crater Vol. 1 4:38
Chant Empty Strong Words for Strong People 4:07
The Creatures But Not Them A Bestiary of… 3:19
Inure Rapture The Offering 3:57
Mushroom's Patience Moon Behind the Moon Jellyfish 4:36
Clan Of Xymox Number One Notes from the Underground 5:38
Logical Disorder After the Battle Emerging Organisms Vol. 4 6:12
Paulina Cassidy In a Labyrinth of Light Sugar Wingshiver 1:10
Die Warzau Shake Down Disco Rigido 4:36
Skinny Puppy Death The Process 3:56
Steril Egoist (On the Cross) Egoism 4:45
Thorofon Skinmelt Exkarnation 4:35
Diverje vs. Nahtaivel Murder in My Eyes Hate Stimulation 5:01
Boxed Warning The Architects Will Drown Magnifier 3:46
Der Blutharsch Live in Leiden XI Live in Leiden 2:29
God Module Ever After Empath 2.0 4:57
Armageddon Dildos House of Pain Untergrund 4:58
Dead Voices On Air Merrine Mawson's Will and Other Stories 5:37
Front Line Assembly Aftermath (We Shall All Perish-Mix) Re-Wind 7:27
SMP In Your Blood Death of the Format 4:59
KMFDM Stray Bullet @#$%! 5:29
Gjöll Derivé w/ Cut-Throat Mind Maschinenfest 2009 4:17
Pigface Bring unto Me A New High in Low 4:41
Torul Glow Tonight We Dream Fiercely 3:42
Non Scream Back to Mono 3:03
Inverse Phase NEStroid Metal Theme Retrocovered 2:41
Decree Arrogance Fateless 5:25
The PCP Principle November Blue Electronic Violence Phenomena 7:22
Killing Joke North of the Border Extremities, Dirt, and Various Repressed Emotions 5:51
Mentallo & The Fixer Riding the Razor's Edge Music from the Eather 3:49
Grendel Conflict Instigation Timewave : Zero 5:48
Cyclobe First Memorable Conversation with a Chimera The Visitors 9:07
Amduscia Muérete Ya Filofobia 6:41
Edward Ka-Spel Design Fault The Blue Room 4:32
DE/Vision Binary Soldier Rockets + Swords 5:29
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble Mists of Krakatoa Here Be Dragons 4:54
Seeming Beautiful for the Last Time Madness & Extinction 3:45
Man Is The Bastard Regression to Birth / Mocha Rebirth D.I.Y.C.D. 2:35
Wumpscut The Fall Body Census 6:05
Lycia Quiet Moments Quiet Moments 8:15
Reformed Faction The Last Word / Whirl Top Flicker The World Awake / 11 Stueck 3:37
Chrome You've Been Duplicated Half Machine Lip Moves + Read Only Memory 2:37
Coil An Emergency Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 2 1:17
The Angels Of Light The Family God Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home 4:43
Somatic Responses Tickling the Machines Neon 4:42
Lovesliescrushing Whitening Glos Ghost Colored Halo 7:54
Stendeck Crimson Clouds Cascade Scintilla 4:51
The Legendary Pink Dots Premonition 40 Taos Hum 13:39
Front 242 Kampfbereit Geography 3:26