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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - April 17, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Controlled Bleeding Blessed Is the Burning Room Penetration 4:44
Army Of The Universe A Visionary Story The Hipster Sacrifice 4:11
T.A.G.C. Zulu Audiophile 6:23
Diffuzion Vogue™ Winter Cities 4:40
Cygnets Cassie Ainsworth Dark Days 5:07
Näo Kitab III 4:15
Everything Goes Cold When the Sky Rips in Two You Are Free Black Out the Sun 3:55
Voicecoil We Degrade Awakened 4:14
Comaduster Nightsail Hollow Worlds 11:09
Apoptygma Berzerk I Smashed the Monitors Today / Mourn (L@Dynamo, Zürich) APBL98 8:00
Ministry Just One Fix (Live at Wacken, 2006) Enjoy the Quiet - Live at Wacken, 2012 4:21
Pigface Burundi (Overload Mix) Below the Belt 5:43
Black Lung Sapphic Trysts and Burnt Lips The Soul Consumer 4:20
Deathline Int'l We Believe Arashi Syndrom 4:05
X Marks The Pedwalk Run! Run! Mary! The Sun, the Cold, and My Underwater Fear 4:32
Config.sys Salty Juice Disco Loud 3:55
Front 242 Masterhit (Live) Re-Boot 4:45
Idiot Stare Reunion Unknown to Millions 4:47
Greyhound Voodoo Child Tactical Evolution 5:40
Delerium Music Box Opera Music Box Opera 5:32
Aesthetic Perfection Happily Ever After 'Til Death 2:51
Cabaret Voltaire On Every Other Street #7885 Electropunk to Technopop 4:03
Venetian Snares Horse and Goat Horse and Goat 3:39
Unwoman Black Magic The Fires I Started 4:08
iVardensphere Virus (Outbreak) Scatterface v3 5:04
Hecq DKmajestic Horror Vacui 5:07
State Of Being Landslide Implosion 3:00
Alter Der Ruine Crackshack There's Always One More Son of a Bitch 7:09
Asche Queer Angel (Rmx by Nin Kuji) Stonebrain 5:13
The Cure Cut Here (Missing Remix) Cut Here 5:51
Sol Invictus Blood and Wine / Lex Talionis Lex Talionis 7:31
16 Volt Everyday Everything Supercoolnothing v2.0 3:18
Negativland Relatively Optimistic Notions It's All in Your Head 6:22
Δaimon Balance Δaimon 4:42
Ladytron He Took Her to a Movie 604 3:10
Silk Saw This Machine Kills Preparing Wars 6:14
Aurelio Voltaire Sacrifice Raised by Bats 5:24
Combichrist From My Cold Dead Hands (Remixed by Ginger Fish and Disco Death Rock) From My Cold Dead Hands 3:45
Psychepoppet Ghosts (R3m0rt Full of Power G/Love Mix) Ghosts 3:42
Clan Of Xymox Decades Kindred Spirits 5:46
Killing Joke Implant Killing Joke 2003 5:18
Solemn Assembly Ravagearth Aftershock 4:48
X-TG Abschied Desertshore / The Final Report 4:37
Snog Businessman Beyond the Valley of the Proles 3:31
Perturbator Future Club Dangerous Days 4:47
Atiq & Enk The Glass Kingdom / Like an Angel's Feather Fear of the Unknown 6:13
Noir The Tragics Darkly Near 3:39
Rein[Forced] Pure Unadulterated Anger X Amount of Stab Wounds in the Back 5:01
Iszoloscope Third Transcendental Component The Edge of Certainty 7:51
KMFDM Sieg Sieg What Do You Know, Deutschland? 5:36
All My Faith Lost Redefine Pure Faith Redefine My Pure Faith 4:48
Tweaker Grounded (Dave Ogilve & Colin Janz Mix) And Then There's Nothing 3:51
Mimetic So Little Chance Where We Will Never Go 5:37
Mentallo & The Fixer Wonderful World of Nausea Music from the Eather 7:26
Otto's Daughter Shattered Void of Course 4:19
Nine Inch Nails 15-16 Ghosts II Ghosts I-IV 4:22
Krystoffer Nyströms Orkester Helvetesfallet Overlook Hotel 4:21
Zola Jesus Long Way Down Taiga 3:58
Libido Formandi Uncanny Insignificancy Rising 5:35
L'Âme Immortelle Betrayal Best of Indie Years 4:26
Christ Analogue So Brand New Everyday Is Distortion 4:31
Edward Ka-Spel Throwing Things Ghost Logik 9:09
Hypnoskull Show Me the Rhythm Electronic Music Means War to Us 2 4:48
Ohm Car Crash Ohm 4:47
Codec ISM (Mochipet Redux) Uzumaki 4:14
Modern Cubism Le Jeu (Live) Ravivé 3:22
Einstürzende Neubauten Atmosphaeren, Berlin (West), April 1980 - Morgens / Supermarkt Kassetten 2:01
THYX Believe Super Vision 3:45
Norman Westberg Oops, Wrong Hat (Cut) Atmospheric Undertakings 8:41
Peter Murphy Stigmata Martyr (Live at the Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles, July 27th, 2013) Lion 3:52
Skinny Puppy Addiction (Live) Ain't It Dead Yet? 6:06
Dead Voices On Air The Tenant and His Cure (Pt. I) Mawson's Will and Other Stories 3:10
Whore Cassini The Pale Blue Dot 5:58
Matta Suicide Stutter Prototype 5:43
Melotron Kindertraum Werkschau 5:13
Coil Dream Photography Unnatural History 3:22
The Legendary Pink Dots Birdie All the King's Horses 6:00
Worms Of The Earth Endless Hallways of the Angelic Spires Azal'ucel 8:26
Front Line Assembly Blood (Haujobb) Echoes 5:04
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds The Mercy Seat (KCRW Radio Session) Live from KCRW 5:11

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