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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Maschinenherz - Industrial Love Songs

So, Live365 is doing this special "Love365" type thing for Valentines Day, and I somehow talked them into letting me do a broadcast devoted to the many fine love songs industrial music has produced over the years. After a frantic weekend of listening to dimly remembered songs on dusty CDs, poring over lyric sheets, and ripping and transcoding and uploading and wondering what I had gotten myself into, I am pleased to announce that Maschinenherz - Industrial Love Songs is live and broadcasting right now as you read this.

So, if you're in love, lovesick, in sick love, in love with industrial music, or sick of the ordinary love songs that everyone else is intent on inflicting on us this time of year, go listen. And suggestions and requests are welcome - leave 'em in the comments.


Dark love songs. Noisy love songs. Love songs with teeth. Industrial love songs.

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - January 31, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Skinny Puppy Addiction (First Dose) Addiction 8:30
The Cure One Hundred Years (Live at Bestival, 10th September, 2011) Bestival Live 2011 6:50
Tarmvred Fixtur Tre Tarmvred and Iszoloscope Do America 4:53
Killing Joke Darkness Before Dawn Night Time 5:18
Decoded Feedback Heart of Stone Dis|Konnekt 4:56
Mlada Fronta Year .5 Every Thing 4:06
Unovidual + Tara Cross Microphone Connection The Hidden Tapes 4:36
In Strict Confidence Set Me Free (ASP Remix) Set Me Free 5:33
Nebulo Meriadeck Artefact 2:40
Eisbrecher Treiben Die Hölle Muss Warten 4:22
Joy Division Exercise One Still 3:05
Melotron Kein Problem Sternenstaub 5:54
Lowness Rains Undertow 6:27
I, Parasite Knucklebones Horseslayer 4:15
Adrian H & The Wounds Nasty Adrian H & The Wounds 4:08
Heimstatt Yipotash Well Oiled Crescent Urban Night Motifs 4:35
The Klinik Therapy Eat Your Heart Out 2:34
Solemn Assembly Amnesia Pill Aftershock 5:08
Jägerblut Gruß vom Krampus UMB - 10 Years of Transmission 4:32
Suicide Commando He Cut His Own Head The Suicide Sessions 1 1:07
Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters Quicker Than Liquor Bikers Welcome Ladies Drink Free 3:10
Virgins O.R Pigeons People Are People Re:Covered - A Tribute to Depeche Mode 3:13
Raoul Sinier Listen Close Brain Kitchen 3:53
Mr. Kitty Holy Death Life 3:35
Din_Fiv I Say Escape to Reality 4:50
Ginormous This Little Robot's Trying to Tell You Something The Endless Procession 3:54
Robotiko Rejekto High Fidelity Corporate Power 4:03
DE/Vision Mystified Rockets + Swords 5:04
Throbbing Gristle E-Coli D.o.A. - The Third & Final Report 4:15
KMFDM Virus (12" Mix) Extra Volume 1 5:38
Nine Inch Nails March of the Pigs (Clean Version) March of the Pigs 3:02
Blume To the Night Autumn Ruins 3:55
Cut Hands Stabbers Conspiracy Cut Hands 5:58
Grimes Circumambient Visions 3:43
Death In June The Scents of Genocide The Snow Bunker Tapes 4:01
Stromkern Can't Believe Stand Up 4:34
Einstürzende Neubauten Bertolt Brecht und der Weltempfänger Strategies Against Architecture IV - 2002-2010 0:27
Vomito Negro Emerging Souls Fall of an Empire 4:39
100Blumen Destroy Everything You Hate Down with the System, Long Live the System! 4:37
Leæther Strip Gaza Strip (Occupied Territories Version) Re:Connected 2.0 5:46
Diverje Burn Away (Re-Master Version) Burnt 5:16
Keith Levene Object B Killer in the Crowd 4:13
Konstruktivists Hurts So Good Live in Vienna 2011 4:31
The Young Gods Donnez les Esprits Only Heaven 6:16
Ego Likeness Inferno (Hotter Than Hell Remix) East 5:05 Airport (Never_Land) At the End of It All 3:18
Inverse Phase New Year's Data Retrocovered 5:32
Mind.In.A.Box Second Reality Revelations 6:34
Werra Eichenlaub Oak Folk 3:55
Front Line Assembly Mental Distortion Caustic Grip 6:51
Pig & Sow The World Is My Oyster Je M'Aime 4:15
Essence Of Mind Just Like That (In Your Face Edit) Sounds from the Matrix 12 3:37
Tzolk'in Tonatiuh Tonatiuh 8:50
Takshaka Motoko 2501 Dystopian Visions 4:39
Sol Invictus April Rain The Cruellest Month 5:33
Decree Fateless Fateless 4:17
Tyler Milchmann Es Wartet der Tod auf dem Waldpfad Geduldig Strange Days 5:28
Hanzel Und Gretyl Deathschläger 2012 - Zwanzig Zwölf 3:30
The Teknoist Fighting Talks Like a Hurricane Made of Zombies 5:05
Wumpscut Kaufe Deine Seele Women and Satan First 5:08
Front 242 Hymn 06:21:03:11 Up Evil 3:25
Scorn Put Your Weight on It Plan B 6:08
Velvet Acid Christ Ominous Rattle Maldire 5:05
Bipol Talk About My Scream Fritter Away 5:50
Schattenschlag Zucht Ordnung Electro Psychosis 3:56
Syntech Thot Rising from the Ashes 5:36
Ludovico Technique Shutting Down Some Things Are Beyond Therapy 5:16
Twenty Knives Cump Land The Royal We 3:06
Arzt + Pfusch Landspeeder Interrupted (by a Plasma Blast) Lictor Evaporated 4:59
Pigface T.F.W.O. (Live 1991) Welcome to Mexico… Asshole 4:36
Mentallo & The Fixer Battered States of Euphoria (Medina Mix) Rare, Unreleased, & Remastered 6:48
Unto Ashes She Binds Away the Night Burials Foretold 3:43
The Legendary Pink Dots Break Day The Tower 3:34
Current 93 Let Us Go to the Rose Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre 5:14
Stone Breath The Coming Fires The Ætheric Lamp 3:50
Spitting At Pigeons Bye Bye Everything Spitting At Pigeons 2:12
Known Rebel Smart (Roel Funcken Remix) Hollow 4:12
People Like Us The Atlantic Conveyor Welcome Abroad 2:51
Reformed Faction Kinshasa Rag Mikrocomposer Series 1 8:15
Coil Going Up The Ape of Naples 8:28