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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - May 8, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Swans Just a Little Boy (For Chester Burnett) To Be Kind 12:39
Funker Vogt Kampf den Maschinen Companion in Crime 3:12
Näo Uusi (v3.0) Näo 5:40
Battery Cage Penalized Product 5:05
Pigface Everything Easy Listening... 3:29
Velvet Acid Christ Strychnine Subconscious Landscapes 3:52
Cabaret Voltaire Cut the Damn Camera (Sheffield Mix) Earthshaker 4:47
KMFDM Vogue Money 4:06
ESA If I Could Hurt You All Over Again, I Would Themes of Carnal Empowerment Part 2: Deceit 7:08
Mari Chrome A Forest Georgy #11811 5:54
Rome Electrocuting an Elephant A Passage to Rhodesia 3:10
iVardensphere The Doorway The Methuselah Tree 6:55
Morbus M. Corruption Forget the Past 5:34
Suicide Wrong Decisions American Supreme 4:29
Iiris Glimmering The Magic Gift Box 3:50
Carter Tutti Beatbeatbeat Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey 5:48
Legend Fearless Fearless 5:10
Yeht Mae You Will Die Eam They 3:02
Detritus Flashbulb Moment Everyday Explanations 4:12
Pig Hot Hole Sinsation 4:51
Zola Jesus Poor Animal Valusia EP 4:27
Cdatakill Pulmonous Battleworn 3:51
Download Dragon Encore 5:17
Cold Cave Young Prisoner Dreams of Romance / Tristan Corbiere Full Cold Moon 4:41
Youth Code "Destroy" Said She An Overture 3:37
Roger Rotor Maniac Monger Sightseeing Bizarre 6:47
Epoch Invisible Empire Purity & Revolution 5:25
Pride & Fall Reborn Of Lust and Desire 4:51
Mathhead vs. Mad EP 7 Pounds (Remix) The Madlands Trilogy 7:05
Snog 21st Century Lullaby Babes in Consumerland 6:15
The Cure A Strange Day Pornography 5:03
Ghost & Writer Gambit (Akanoid) Red Flags 4:10
Pharmakon Milkweed/It Hangs Heavy Abandon 7:14
Die Warzau Insect (Waspkiller Fetish Mix) Borghild 10:00
Sol Invictus Fields Let Us Prey 3:27
It-Clings Six and a Half Minutes of It-Clings Talking About His Fucking Cock (Jonbob Sexy Sex Mix) I'm the Biggest Fucking Thing in the Whole Fucking World 4:59
The Klinik Walking with Shadows The Klinik 5:03
Leæther Strip We Fail We Forget (XP8 Mix) Æscapism 5:26
Synth-Etik Four More Points Phantom 4:58
Skrew Crawl Shadow of Doubt 8:05
Nine Inch Nails Eraser (Denial; Realization) Further Down the Spiral 6:33
Orbit Service Drift A Calm Note from the West 5:32
Tzolk'in Citlalicue The Sixth Sun 8:08
Killing Joke Feast of Fools (Rough Mix) The Singles Collection 1979-2012 5:52
Front Line Assembly Ausgang zum Himmel The Initial Command 7:15
Weep Snowdrops Weep 3:42
Wordclock Deeper Endless 6:29
Sequential Access Black Mirror Sex Addicts Anonymous 4:51
5F-X Audioautical-File. 009 Flight Recorder 5.0 5:15
FGFC820 The Heart of America Law & Ordnance 6:08
Skinny Puppy Meat Flavoured Factor Back and Forth 06Six 6:39
Voice Industrie I Feel Love (Angry Neighbor Mix) Power Up 7:05
Muslimgauze Invisible Hands of Revenge Tandoor Dog 3:42
Mindless Faith Hollow Victory Eden to Abyss 4:37
And One Zwei Tote Propeller 4:51
Tonikom Orbit Found and Lost 6:39
Hanzel Und Gretyl I'm Movin' to Deutschland (KyzrWölf Remix) Für Immer 3:34
Mechanical Cabaret In Loving Memory Selective Hearing - Best of 2002-2012 3:39
Known Rebel Herz Aeon (Access To Arasaka Remix) Hollow 6:37
The Legendary Pink Dots No Bell No Prize (Version Ridiculous) Traumstadt I 2:19
Essence Of Mind The Opening / It's Killing You Indifference 6:57
Loss Product of a Poor Self-Esteem Case Two: Drunk and Delusional I Am but the Sum of My Conditions 6:58
God Destruction Disintegrator Novus Ordo Seclorum 5:37
Einstürzende Neubauten Aufrecht Gehen Kalte Sterne - Early Recordings 3:47
Deathstars Ghost Reviver The Final Cult 3:41
Maculatum Part III The Nameless City 5:22
Coil Solar Lodge Scatology 5:34
Moving Units Dark Side of the Room Neurotic Exotic 3:31
Brighter Death Now War Innerwar 6:05
Front 242 Rhythm of Time (Anti-G Mix) Rhythm of Time 5:14
The Causticles Resultant Forces (An Introduction) / Ruin the Party Eric Gottesman 4:12
Ludovico Technique Then I Found You (Shiv-R) We Have Come to Wreck Everything 4:28
Lovesliescrushing The Tiger Hunts Alone Ghost Colored Halo 5:54
StadtFisch StadtFisch Notes from thee Real Underground Volume 5 3:32
Igorrr Dixit Dominus Poisson Soluble / Moisissure 6:11
Agonoize Exequien Apokalypse 4:25
Reformed Faction Scud-Pin-Retreat Mikrocomposer Series 1 8:53
Δaimon Flatliner (Haujobb Remix) Flatliner 4:40
Ad-Ver-Sary Number Nine Bone Music 9:50
Ministry So What (Live) Greatest Fits 10:33

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