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Monday, June 29, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - June 26, 2015

Due to the holiday, there will be no live broadcast on July third. If I have the time, I may sneak one in on Thursday the second, or Monday the sixth, but I make no guarantees.

Artist Title Album Time
Chemlab Chemical Halo (Bruised Regeneration) Suture 5:44
Torul The Sun! Tonight We Dream Fiercely 5:24
Nullvektor Hast Du Genug? I Walk Alone 5:49
Mono Inc. Seligkeit Amphi Festival 2014 3:59
And One Body Company (Live 2014) Propeller 4:20
Death Industry Dead Pool Das Bunker - Elektronische Untergrundkultur Eins 5:03
God Destruction Satan's Storm Novus Ordo Seclorum 5:32
Ludovico Technique Wasting (Vein Collector) We Came to Wreck Everything 5:59
Terminal11 Tension Self Exorcism 6:49
Front 242 Speed Angels 05:22:09:12 Off 2:52
Skold Chaos Skold 4:14
Die Form BWV 243-3-4 Bach Project 4:26
Raoul Sinier Green Lights Guilty Cloaks 5:33
The Rorschach Garden Motor City The Rorschach Garden 4:20
Cabaret Voltaire Sleepwalking Drinking Gasoline 8:28
Death Of Self Now You Know Embracing the Things We Hate About Ourselves 4:17
Individual Totem Bluesky Kyria 13 5:25
Cocksure TKO Mindfuck TVMALSV 7:09
This Morn' Omina Shiin L'Unification des Forces Opposantes 7:55
The Causticles The Causticles Ain't Nuthin' ta Fuck Wit Eric Gottesman 5:05
Grim Faeries Faerie Raide Decompositions - A Retrospective Body of Work 5:55
ESA Let the Sinful Sparrow Sing Themes for Carnal Empowerment Part 2 - Deceit 6:31
Farm Life Susie's Party CTR+ALT+DEL #1 - Modern Wave Monologues 1978-1983 3:55
Tones On Tail There's Only One Everything! 4:02
Essence Of Mind No Denial Indifference 4:00
Pig Heart Transplant Dirt / Used / Cuts / City / Line / Home / Scum For Mass Consumption 5:03
Crystal Castles Mercenary (III) 2:39
KMFDM Animal Out (Live 2013) We Are KMFDM 5:17
Qntal Melos Lacrimosum Qntal VII 4:19
Skinny Puppy Two Time Grime Rabies 5:38
Coil Teenage Lightning 1 Love's Secret Domain 1:49
Sequential Access Du Tog Min Tid Sex Addicts Anonymous 4:18
Aphex Twin Piano Unl Arpej / DISKPREPT4 Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 2:42
Pigface More A New High in Low 5:14
Tony Wakeford Abattoirs of Love (Live at CBGB, New York) Let Us Prey 4:22
Epoch Disciples of Mars Sanctimonium 4:12
Interpol Tidal Wave El Pintor 4:17
Unto Ashes Fly on the Windscreen Ghosts Captured 3:41
It-Clings The New Era of Big Penis Begins (Dead Man Hill's Apocalyptic Visionaire Mix) I'm the Biggest Fucking Thing in the Whole Fucking World 8:17
Nine Inch Nails I Do Not Want This The Downward Spiral 5:41
Combichrist Never Surrender Never Surrender 4:49
Wumpscut Tod Essen Leben Auf (Dwarf Edit) DJ Dwarf 13 3:13
Wormskull Nosebleed Sound of Hell 4:09
Ministry Black Betty Cover Up 3:29
XMH Snakes Sounds from the Matrix 15 3:58
The [Law-Rah] Collective From Here Field of View 8:43
Chrome Electric Chair Red Exposure 4:04
Config.sys Nerd Disco Loud 3:47
Cyanotic Alternating Dilemmas Worst Case Scenario Vol. 01 5:12
Snog Land of the Bland Third Mall from the Sun 6:02
Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot No Remorse (I Wanna Die) Spawn - The Album 4:16
Mick Harvey Praise the Earth (Wheels of Amber and Gold) Four (Acts of Love) 2:12
Tonikom Along the Rail Found and Lost 5:11
Scaremeister Hellion 31 Spirits 2:00
Δaimon Mirrors Fade (The Ceremonial Dagger Remix) Flatliner 3:16
Atrium Carceri Catacombs of the Forgotten The Untold 5:54
Gofight Big Hit Radio Music for Military Torture 5:06
Agonoize For the Sick and Disturbed (Live) Apokalypse 4:06
Z'ev Bracelets Opus 3.1 2:08
History Of Violence & Chris Connelly Bodysnatchers Every Machine Makes a Mistake - A Tribute to Radiohead 4:10
Killing Joke Madness (Malicious Demo) Chaos for Breakfast 7:08
Black Nail Cabaret The Critical Cult of Dora Harry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Me 4:12
Gnome & Spybey Dreamed of Being a River Three 6:24
Solemn Assembly Prologue Aftershock 4:43
Rein[Forced] Dichotomy X Amount of Stab Wounds in the Back 5:30
Cyclobe Replaced by His Constellation The Visitors 11:05
Psyclon Nine Remains of Eden II Order of the Shadow - Act I 5:33
The Legendary Pink Dots Apocalypse Then Brighter Now 7:24
Greyhound Cube Tactical Evolution 4:58
Clan Of Xymox Muscoviet Mosquito (Live) Live 4:17
Einstürzende Neubauten Die Befindlichkeit des Landes (Live in Arvika, 15 Jul. 2000) Alles War Irgendwie Nützt 5:49
Mentallo & The Fixer Decomposed (Original Mix) Rare, Unreleased, & Remastered 4:23
Lycia The Visitor Quiet Moments 4:31
Forma Tadre Lo Rez Skyline Automate 4:09
The Cure The Hungry Ghost 4:13 Dream 4:29
Nimon The Facade Is Cracking Drowning in Good Intentions 7:44
Leæther Strip Body Machine Body 09 (Bodies on Sale Version) Hærværk 7:07
Zola Jesus Collapse (Version) Versions 4:06
Comaduster Connecting the Seams Hollow Worlds 7:06
Front Line Assembly Heartquake Echogenetic 5:42

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - June 19, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Nine Inch Nails The Hand That Feeds With Teeth 3:31
A.T.R.O.X. Against the Odds Muazione - Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988 3:13
Cdatakill Angel Carcass Battleworn 5:29
Die Krupps Scent (Club Version) Isolation 4:27
Diverje Romance Is Gone Hate Stimulation 4:59
Antigen Shift Black Ocean Burial The Way of the North 7:26
Hanzel Und Gretyl Unterstützung 87 (KyzrWölf Remix) Für Immer 6:33
System Syn Myth No Sky to Fall 5:05
Mono No Aware Open Door Pachinko to Hanbaagaa 5:52
Iiris Mirage The Magic Gift Box 3:53
Firewater Bourbon and Division Get Off the Cross... We Need the Wood for the Fire 3:23
Mind.In.A.Box Unforgiving World Memories 5:41
Contagious Orgasm Trisect Escape 5:19
Hocico Untold Blasphemies Signos de Aberración 6:47
Mr. Kitty Pathogen Time 3:19
Semiomime The Mole Children From Memory 3:59
Stoneburner The No Chamber The No Chamber 6:33
Hate Dept. Matrimonial Blood New Ghost 4:07
Gnome & Spybey Gigantic Reflective 6:51
The Cure Watching Me Fall Bloodflowers 11:14
Manhole Vortex Guidance Industro Synthesis 4:12
Cabaret Voltaire The Operative Micro-Phonies 3:13
Ah Cama-Sotz Hot Stepper in Collision (Bionic Dub Vinyl-Mix) Maschinenfest 2010 4:19
The Legendary Pink Dots Hideous Strength Chemical Playschool Volumes 3 & 4 3:59
Front Line Assembly Next War Echoes 6:05
Enduser Fear Left 4:58
Mirabilis Da Znae Moma / O Care Thou Wilt Dispatch Me Here and the Hereafter 3:31
Die Form Mon Amour 2 Rayon X 4:08
Atiq & Enk The Moment of Truth Fear of the Unknown 4:19
Funker Vogt Brüder Companion in Crime 5:22
Pigface Cutting Face The Best of Pigface - Preaching to the Perverted 4:12
Psy'aviah Nouveau Quiche Introspection/Extrospection 3:48
Sol Invictus Media (Live in Europe) King & Queen 2:25
Imperative Reaction Giving In to the Change Redemption 3:57
Dead When I Found Her Doll Pieces Rag Doll Blues 2:57
Donevinn-Gottfried Alewife The 2014 Album 4:37
Ministry The Great Satan Rio Grande Blood 3:09
Pankow Don't (Rmxd by FM w/ Bram) And Shun the Cure They Most Desire 3:13
100Blumen Distrust Authority Distrust Authority 4:25
Peter Murphy The Passion of Lovers (Live at the Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, July 27, 2013) Lion 3:48
Skinny Puppy Knowhere? Last Rights 4:19
Youth Code For I Am Cursed An Overture 4:56
Burial Hex Fantasie Treatment of the Dead - A Cold Spring Sampler 6:50
State Of The Union Back to Earth / Descent My Time Away 5:36
Insight 23 Two More Reasons Obsess 4:52
Karsten Pflum Frø No Noia My Love 6:31
iVardensphere Eclipse The Methuselah Tree 6:50
Delerium Frostbite Music Box Opera 6:02
Full Of Hell / Merzbow Aphid Full Of Hell / Merzbow 8:14
Front 242 Religion (Live at MC Vredenburg, Utrecht, 25th October 1993) Live Code 5413356 424225 7:18
FEARvLOATHINC Gin Trap Bombay Girl 4:25
Boxed Warning Deconstructivists Magnifier 3:06
Leæther Strip Hold Me Æscapism 4:13
Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester High Level Input - Slow Speed Output (Well Done) BrakeHEAD 5:11
And One S.T.O.P. the Sun S.T.O.P. 4:21
Mobthrow Iron Tribal Mobthrow 5:20
XuberX Ruin Electronic Saviors 3 - Remission 5:04
Incite/ Psycho Path Dare to Dance 4:26
Coil Corybantic Ennui Stolen & Contaminated Songs 0:42
Swans Kirsten Supine To Be Kind 10:32
Epoch W.T.O. Purity & Revolution 4:11
Wumpscut Oh Mein Kuemmerling Blutspuker Tavern 4:10
Edward Ka-Spel So What? Ghost Logik 5:07
Allied Vision Coaxial Hardware O.S. Bandwidth 6:28
Chrome Caroline The Visitation 3:58
Worms Of The Earth Of Statues and the Sacred Gardens Azal'ucel 8:07
Einstürzende Neubauten Tagesschau-Dub Kalte Sterne - Early Recordings 6:10
Mlada Fronta F8,7-1/166 Every Thing 5:56
Pharmakon Sour Sap Abandon 26:58
Killing Joke Goodbye to the Village Brighter Than a Thousand Suns 5:17
Suicide Inside Goodbye My Love Homicide 5:41
Lovesliescrushing Wallflower (Original Version) Projekt: Afar 5:47
Lingouf Varionuguicaa Terre de Pierres 8:53
Spiritual Front The Only Sin Black Hearts in Black Suits 5:23
Heimatærde Der Weiße Reiter Kaltwærts 6:59
Totakeke Overlord Digital Exorcist 10:31
Dawn Of Ashes Anathema (Part III - Primordial Abomination) Anathema 3:00
Dessau Old Dudes Rest Details Sketchy 0:59
Norman Westberg Plough3 (Cut) Atmospheric Undertakings 8:16
KMFDM The Problem Angst 6:06

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - June 12, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
KMFDM Blackball WWIII 5:10
Tuxedomoon 59 to 1 Metal Dance 2 - Industrial New Wave EBM Classics & Rarities 79-88 3:58
Hypnoskull Verification of Your Fears Electronic Music Means War to Us 2 3:54
Melotron Love Is Calling Werkschau 3:54
Everything Grows Cold Iamerror Black Out the Sun 4:43
Coil Where Even the Darkness Is Something to See Love's Secret Domain 3:05
Krystal System Rat Track Nuclear 3:38
iVardensphere The Girl Without Hands Fable 5:24
Matta Echo Babylon Prototype 5:33
Front Line Assembly Angriff Shifting Through the Lens 6:43
The Jesus And Mary Chain Happy When It Rains Darklands 3:37
Die Krupps Schmutzfabrik The Machinists of Joy 4:19
Non Back to Mono Back to Mono 5:15
Kidneythieves Before I'm Dead Zerospace 4:35
Caustic Why Because (Cassette Deck Version) Cold Waves III Compilation 2:31
Undermathic Indistinct Face Indistinct Face 4:25
Surgyn Limousine (Short Bus Remix) Envy 4:48
Curse Broken Hands Curse 5:07
COH Helicon To Beat 6:23
Imperative Reaction Disoriented Ruined 5:18
Industrial Monk Missa pro Defunctis Magnificat 8:18
Moving Units Bright Nights Neurotic Exotic 4:13
Libido Formandi Anonymous Imaginary Insignificancy Rising 4:10
Ministry Nature of Love Twelve Inch Singles 7:04
Leæther Strip Love Is Dead Untold Stories - The Melancholic Sessions 5:30
Sickboy Kiss Me on the Dancefloor Carbon 3:38
Mindless Faith The Fluffer Eden to Abyss 5:57
Ghost & Writer (Do I Have) Your Word Red Flags 4:26
Exocet I Can Feel It Consequence 4:30
The Cure Give Me It The Top 3:42
Δaimon Amen Amen 4:16
DJ? Acucrack Lust in Space Nation State 4:43
Asche Last Words (Version) Stonebrain 5:49
Cult Of Youth Empty Faction Final Days 2:51
Lust For Youth Perfect View Perfect View 7:50
Carter Tutti Watching You Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey 5:10
Atomica Salt Metropolitan 3:56
Pride & Fall Passionate Pain Of Lust and Desire 4:26
Hecq Nihilum (Anxst Remix) Avenger 5:00
Nine Inch Nails Pilgrimage The Fragile 3:31
Skinny Puppy Glass Houses Remission 3:21
Slave Unit I Don't Care Anymore Through with You 3:17
Black Lung Mr. Love Teeth The Soul Consumer 6:18
Megaherz Wir Könnten Götter Sein Zombieland 3:48
Paulina Cassidy Fire in Our Eyes Sugar Wingshiver 5:02
Pigface Point Blank (Live 1991) Welcome to Mexico... Asshole 4:22
Your Bunny Rot X52 (Letzte Ausfahrt Leben Remix) Error Injection 6:26
Cabaret Voltaire Haiti The Crackdown 3:18
Näo The Dart III 3:42
Conjure One Redemption Conjure One 6:59
Front 242 Commando Remix Backcatalogue 9:07
Isis Signum Music Is My Heart (Alternative Version) Electronic Body Matrix 1 3:24
Disharmony Lights of Us Room 78 5:50
Blacksage Consuming Sixtape 3:03
Patricia Wake Your Love, My Medicine Electronic Saviors 2 - Recurrence 4:34
Sol Invictus Fields Lex Talionis 3:56
Klinik Touch Your Skin The Klinik 84-91 6:17
Estampie O Fortuna Ondas 3:50
Orphx Future Past Radiotherapy 6:29
Delerium Heaven's Earth (Key South Remix) Heaven's Earth 9:04
Kloq True Crusader Begin Again 3:30
Calva Y Nada Yak Dias Felizes 2:57
Alphaxone Midnight Waves Altered Dimensions 6:21
Chrome Tomorrow Yesterday Half Machine from the Sun - The Lost Tracks from '79-'80 3:36
Cygnets Girlfriends Isolator 4:20
Desiderii Marginis A Failure at Liberty Strife 8:15
Swans Mother, My Body Disgusts Me Filth / Body to Body, Job to Job 4:53
Chrysalide 2010 Don't Be Scared, It's About Life 4:22
Sharkbait Pissed Can You See It Yet? - Invisible Records Compilation 3:41
Attrition Invocation IX Invocation 18:30
In Strict Confidence Herzattacke (Clan Of Xymox Remix) Herzattacke 8:14
Stoneburner Rebirth of the Machine Empire Songs in the Key of Arrakis 6:04
Vaniish Kaleidoscoped Memory Work 3:36
Cindytalk Fire Recalling Its Nature touchedRAWKISSEDsour 2:45
Stiff Valentine Faith in Our Machines Empire of Illusion 3:36
Millipede Loss A Mist and a Vapor 3:26
Killing Joke European Super State (NYC Sound Clash Dub) In Dub 4:54
Mika Goedrijk Rattler Naked 4:30
Diamanda Galas with John Paul Jones Baby's Insane The Sporting Life 4:39
The Legendary Pink Dots Straight On 'til Morning From Here You'll Watch the World Go By 8:33

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - June 5, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
The Cure Lost The Cure 4:07
Die Sektor Blood I (-) Existence 5:47
Architect Altitude Mine 5:46
Unwoman Deeper Understanding Knowledge Scars 3:27
32Crash Impressionist Piece for a Free Planet Y2112Y 2:56
The Birthday Massacre Rain Superstition 3:46
Suicide Commando Monster (Unter Null Remix) When Evil Speaks 4:18
Whore Andromeda's Last Dance The Pale Blue Dot 3:02
Igorrr Unpleasant Sonata Nostril 2:14
Croc Shop God Bring Life Order & Joy 8:41
Seeming The Eyes of Extinction Madness & Extinction 4:08
Ministry Watch Yourself (Live in Paris, 2008) Last Tangle in Paris - Live 2012 5:17
5F-X Audioautical-File. 003 Flight Recorder 5.0 6:15
Haujobb Journey Ahead Solutions for a Small Planet 4:56
KMFDM Anarchy (Fusako Mix) Extra Volume 3 4:55
Synapscape Authority's My Son Traits 4:22
Carbon Haze I Believe Full Code 4:41
Vomito Negro White Lights Death Sun 3:53
Anklebiter It Was the Truth, Darlene Weight of a Pronoun 3:36
Iron Lung Corp. Run Like Hell Body Snatchers 5:26
Front Line Assembly Transtime Millennium (Single) 5:58
Antidote For Annie Blink All of This Time 5:29
Klangstabil Cinecittà Shadowboy 4:39
16 Volt I Ain't Goin' Out Like That Operation Beatbox 4:15
Cabaret Voltaire This Is Entertainment (Live at the Warehouse, Liverpool, 12.06.82) Archive #828285 Live 6:15
Hecate Dekay Control The Magick of Female Ejaculation 3:24
Combichrist From My Cold Dead Hands (Monikkr vs. Matlin NYC Club Remix) From My Cold Dead Hands 5:11
Pharmakon Primitive Struggle Bestial Burden 2:09
Eisbrecher Prototyp (Daniel Myer Rmx) Zehn Jahre Kalt 4:40
iVardensphere Bloodwater Bloodwater 5:58
Mercury's Antennae An Offering A Waking Ghost Inside 4:16
Dubcon Light It Up U.F.O. pon di Gullyside 3:57
Mushroom's Patience Patricia Jellyfish 4:49
Front 242 Beyond the Scale of Comprehension Pulse 7:21
Die Krupps Alive 2007 Too Much History 6:32
Kid606 Happiness Is a Warm Kitten Happiness 3:24
Apoptygma Berzerk Major Tom (Coming Home - Technomancer / Angst Pop Remix) Major Tom EP 4:39
Godflesh Vampires Hymns 6:29
Tineidae Aquila Lights 4:13
Birmingham 6 Radicals Resurrection 6:22
Nine Inch Nails All the Pigs, All Lined Up The Downward Spiral 7:25
Diffuzion DBD (While You Can) Winter Cities 4:05
Negativland Holy War It's All in Your Head 3:39
Death In June Ku Ku Ku (Live in Wien, 27.X.11) Live in Wien 2:09
Android Lust From the Other Side Crater Vol. 1 4:11
Beinhaus Wenn Ich Mir Was Wuenschen Duerfte (Remixed by Ambassador21) Cut & Go - A Collection of Remixes 3:57
Cygnets A Broken Mirror Dark Days 4:22
Tweaker Ponygrinder (Army Of The Universe Mix) And Then There's Nothing 4:36
Typhoid Biscuits and Water (Extended) Simulazione di Divinità 5:20
The Mirror Reveals Cold Heart This Infinite Eye 4:51
Killing Joke Sanity The Singles Collection 1979-2012 4:38
The Dreaming Kisses Taste Like Death Rise Again 3:29
Alphaxone El Shadows Living in the Grayland 5:05
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Running Scared Kicking Against the Pricks 2:06
Blacksage Glances Basement Vows 4:31
Lingouf Pierroopoflonspaà So'çapem Doème 7:43
Einstürzende Neubauten Schwindel Haus der Luege 3:57
Zola Jesus Hollow Taiga 3:50
Subheim The Ravage Below / At the Edge of the World No Land Called Home 6:12
The Legendary Pink Dots The Key to Heaven Shadow Weaver 5:44
Pigface Mind Your Own Business (The Taste Behind Me) Crackhead 4:13
Download Aaard Lingam 5:20
Hecq The Descent (Roel Funcken Remix) Horror Vacui 3:13
Rammstein Weisses Fleisch Herzeleid 3:35
Δaimon Amen (Rationale Remix) Δaimon 5:28
Nurse With Wound / Larsen / Fritz Müller Rock Baby Rock Terms and Conditions Apply 5:05
Emilie Autumn Goodnight, Sweet Ladies Fight Like a Girl 4:44
Dive Bloodmoney Dive 3:04
Sewer Goddess Slavepiece (Live at PA's Lounge, Somerville, MA, 07/03/10) Disciples of Shit - Live Waste 7:15
Skinny Puppy Circustance Last Rights 4:35
Oneiroid Psychosis Birth and Death Forever Is Forgotten 15:07
Modern Cubism Les Plaintes d'un Icare Ravivé 3:19
Muslimgauze Khan Younis (Shaheed Mix) Drugsherpa 7:07
Mindless Faith Over the Fence Just Defy 5:34
Robotiko Rejekto Biosphere Corporate Power 2:58
R.Roo Don't Talk About It Mgnovenie 3:35
The Tear Garden 21st Century Box Secret Experiment 3:46
Alter Der Ruine Quiet Crimes I Will Remember It All Differently 5:05
Nimon Internalising an Explosion The King Is Dead 7:01
Coil Who by Fire Horse Rotorvator 2:31