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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - February 20, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Front 242 S.Fr.Nomenklatura (EBMurderMix.14) Cold Waves III Compilation 4:49
And One Männermusik Propeller 3:07
Hecq 0002 0000 6:07
Leæther Strip Paranoia Nr13 (Extended Version) Yes I'm Limited VI 6:34
The Legendary Pink Dots 1001 Commandments From Here You'll Watch the World Go By 4:58
Heimstatt Yipotash Seismic Shift Urban Night Motifs 4:54
Baal Awake Shurado 4:36
Out Out Learning English in N.Y.C. Virtual Sound Images 5:16
Hypnoskull Mediadeath (Face Your) Electronic Music Means War to Us 2 3:20
Torul Mad World Tonight We Dream Fiercely 2:48
Covenant Last Dance (Single Edit) Last Dance 6:00
Machines Of Loving Grace Butterfly Wings Concentration 3:38
Whourkr Manger du Beurre 4247 Snare Drums 3:15
Ministry Primental Twelve Inch Singles 5:14
Combichrist Feed the Fire No Redemption 3:59
Mimetic Sparkling Love Where We Will Never Go 4:18
KMFDM Don't Blow Your Top Don't Blow Your Top 3:40
Fockewolf Beauty Masked Sorrow Die Toten Weg 5:54
Config.sys Flashlight Express Disco Loud 4:17
Apoptygma Berzerk Non-Stop Violence (Live at the Live Music Hall, Cologne, 2009) Imagine There's No Lennon 7:10
Idiot Stare King of Shit Unknown to Millions 3:39
Δaimon Maasym Amen 4:22
Anklebiter Self-Esteem Is Killing America Weight of a Pronoun 5:35
Front Line Assembly Deadened (Liebknetch) Echoes 4:48
Nine Inch Nails Where Is Everybody? The Fragile 5:40
Ultra Milkmaids In the Mood Pocket Station 5:19
Laibach Just Say No! Spectre 2:30
Tweaker Wasted Time Call the Time Eternity 2:46
Wordclock Heart of a City Endless 4:24
Reaper Execution of Your Mind (Live) The Devil Is Female 4:07
Clan Of Xymox Once in a Blue Moon Matters of Mind, Body, and Soul 6:43
Mentallo & The Fixer Perma Fried Music from the Eather 3:47
Caul Wires The Long Dust 4:52
Lycia Antarctica Quiet Moments 8:14
Mechanical Cabaret I Lost My Friend to a Video Game Beyond Science and Superstition 5:04
Pzychobitch Killing Smile (Hayfever Miqs) The Day After - The Hecq Destruxxion 5:06
Sol Invictus Gold Is King (Live Somewhere in Europe, 1990/1991) King & Queen 5:00
Havoc Attitude Industrial Rock 4:41
Nimon A Pond in Wales The King Is Dead 7:57
Rasputina Barracuda (Live at Mr. Small's Funhouse, Pittsburgh, Oct. 29, 1804) A Radical Recital 3:28
Skinny Puppy Mirror Saw Last Rights 3:49
Cat Rapes Dog Dead Coming Back Life Was Sweet 3:39
Atiq & Enk My Obligation Fear of the Unknown 3:52
Cabaret Voltaire Digital Rasta (Dub Version) Earthshaker 4:57
Zola Jesus Lawless Taiga 5:15
Muslimgauze Palestina Cache 1 Martyr Shrapnel 3:46
Love Spirals Downwards Delta Ever 4:04
Youth Code Distorted Views An Overture 2:26
Download Inage Mantra Lingam 4:51
Coil Amethyst Deceivers Moon's Milk (in Four Phases) 6:42
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross What Have We Done to Each Other? Gone Girl - Soundtrack from the Motion Picture 2:30
Interpol My Desire El Pintor 4:59
Zoviet France Flam The Tables Are Turning 7:50
Test Dept. Territory (The Epic of the Race) Pax Britannica 6:30
Cygnets We Will Become Enemies Dark Days 4:17
Not Breathing Telstar Itchy Tingles 3:02
Inertia Touch Universal Blood 5:47
Client Obsession Authority 5:59
Atrium Carceri The Traitor The Untold 3:23
The Cure The Scream 4:13 Dream 4:36
Edward Ka-Spel Ticket Ghost Logik 1:15
Die Sektor ROM (-) Existence 3:53
Contagious Orgasm From the Rear Escape 4:42
Essence Of Mind In the Night Indifference 4:05
Volt 9000 Toybox Conopoly 5:13
NKVD Barbarians The Flatline Compilation 2 4:57
Vomito Negro King of Thieves Death Sun 4:05
VNV Nation Legion Empires 5:10
Ruby My Dear Knit for Snow Remains of Shapes to Come 4:31
The Sisterhood Rain from Heaven Gift 6:43
Deathstars Explode The Perfect Cult 4:55
All My Faith Lost Dulcinea Redefine My Pure Faith 4:17
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor Alpha City Meltdown 4:36
Boxed Warning Broken Linchpin Magnifier 5:32
Pigface Symphony for Taps Gub 1:24
Wumpscut Gabi Grausam Madman Szpital 4:24
Einstürzende Neubauten 1997 Condrieu Les Chaillets / Cuilleron, Rhone Weingeister 3:46
Haujobb Letting the Demons Sleep (Nightmare) Dead Market 5:54
Karsten Pflum Ubaad Ramp Sleepwald 8:13
Killing Joke The Mathematics of Chaos Pandemonium 7:23

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