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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - March 28, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
The Cure Plainsong (Live at Bestival, September 10, 2011) Bestival Live 2011 5:09
iVardensphere Calibrating the God Machine v2 Scatterface v3 5:40
Shorai Laser Drill It Was Listening with Mechanical Precision 4:59
Pig Situation Pigmata 3:38
Andro-Dioxin Suicidal (Larva Rmx) Suicidal EP 3:39
Dismantled The Whore Inside Me (The Remix!!) Whole Wide World 4:36
Contagion Who Are You Contaminant PCB 4:09
Armageddon Dildos Der Schrei Untergrund 4:57
Philipp Münch Torch Mondo Obscura 4:08
Nine Inch Nails The Hand That Feeds (Dub Mix) The Hand That Feeds 7:52
Foetus Inc. Butterfly Potion Butterfly Potion 3:13
Project Pitchfork Insomnia Quantum Mechanics 4:39
Edgey Flexture Square Form Annihilations 6:29
Czar Diapers Vertical Mass Grave 4:38
Iiris Gummybear The Magic Gift Box 2:42
DJ Hidden The Narrators The Words Below 6:41
Cesium 137 From Within Science and Sound 5:04
Killing Joke Millennium (Back to Orion Mix) Millennium 6:48
Millipede Snow Crystals All My Best Intentions 4:55
Haujobb Echo New World March 3:45
Black Lung The Dawn of Love Profound and Sentimental Journey 10:17
Velvet Acid Christ Dial8 (Angel of Death Edit) Dial8 5:36
Caustic The Reason I Broke Up with You Is A Million Reasons, You Psychotic Wang I Can't Believe We're Re-Releasing This Crap 5:10
Technoir We Fall from Grace (Future Noir Mix) Songs from the Matrix 14 3:15
Saltillo The Right of Action Monocyte 5:01
The Rorschach Garden Homecoming A Place for the Lost 3:52
Controlled Bleeding Rothko Odes to Bubbler 4:54
God Module The Ones We Love (The Parallel Project Mix) Psychic Surgery - The Victims Among Friends & Perception EPs 5:14
Throbbing Gristle Punished (Live at Sheffield University, 1980) Heathen Earth 5:53
Ionic Vision Corruption President (Re-Elected) Homo Sovieticus 3:49
The Crüxshadows And I Believe As the Dark Against My Halo 2:37
Nitzer Ebb Get Clean (Raw Sex) Get Clean 5:27
Snog City The Dissolving Satellite of Egoism Overturned 5:16
Zia Lie Shem 3:58
Diverje Nipples Hate Stimulation 4:28
Arnica Altas Hojas Oak Folk 4:21
KMFDM The Mess You Made Kunst 6:05
Ah Cama-Sotz Bādiyat Ash-Shām Blood Will Tell 3:32
Class Info Out of Line The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume Two 4:04
Einstürzende Neubauten Tohuwabohu Stimmen Reste 8:47
Laibach B-Mashina (Iron Sky Prequel) Iron Sky - The Original Film Soundtrack 4:38
Aesthetic Perfection Inhuman (Imperative Reaction Remix) Inhuman 4:20
Death In June Torture by Roses The World That Summer 3:33
Skinny Puppy Cult The Process 3:02
Weep Away to Nothing Alate 3:49
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble Samhain Labs Here Be Dragons 5:21
Inverse Phase Kinda I Want 2A03 Pretty Eight Machine 4:33
32Crash Melang Ohlm's Hit and Run Y2112Y 3:26
Si-[cut].db Toffee Apples Counterintelligence - Subproject 01 6:13
Sol Invictus Wolf-Age, Axe-Age Against the Modern World 4:14
Front 242 Headhunter (Live at MC Vredenburg, Utrecht, 25th October 1993) Live Code 5413356 424225 4:40
The Legendary Pink Dots Salem Taos Hum 7:03
Known Rebel Herz Aeon Hollow 6:19
Pigface Ogre (& the Six Million Dollar Man) / Dog The Best of Pigface - Preaching to the Perverted 5:14
Psyche The Influence The Influence 4:19
Reformed Faction Qtre 3 Mikrocomposer Series 1 3:58
Swans You Need Me Cop / Young God / Greed / Holy Money 1:22
Informatik Just for Nothing Playing with Fire 4:48
Geneviéve Pasquier Perception Le Cabaret Moi 3:33
Current 93 Since Yesterday Swastikas for Goddy 4:03
Ministry Nature of Love Early Trax 7:03
Hocico Ruptura Disidencia Inquebrantable 5:46
ABS6 Diagnostik Audiomedikation 7:07
Treponem Pal Out with No Flag Aggravation 4:39
S.P.O.C.K. Where Rockets Fly (Original Version) Another Piece of the Action 3:49
Trakktor Reaper Force Majeure 5:21
ADMX-71 In Search of… Luminous Vapors 5:32
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 Pierce Their Husk T.A.L.O.S. 4:21
Bella Morte Evensong (2012) The Best of Bella Morte 4:32
Rein[Forced] Dichotomy (Single Edit) Pre-Existing Conditions 4:34
Front Line Assembly First Reprisal State of Mind 5:21
Mentallo & The Fixer Prelude to a Plateshift Music from the Eather 5:32
Edward Ka-Spel A Slighter Fade of Whale One Last Pose Before the Ruin 13:31
Coil The Snow (Out in the Cold) The Snow 7:48
Unto Ashes Night Is Coming Soon Burials Foretold 3:59
Chrome March of the Chrome Police (A Cold Clammy Bombing) Half Machine Lip Moves + Read Only Memory 3:37
Spitting At Pigeons I Never Existed Spitting At Pigeons 2:43
Stone Breath The Snow-White Ghost-White Stag The Night Birds Psalm 3:36
Ambient Mechanics Death of a Star Rotation - A Dark Ambient/Experimental Compilation 10:23
R.U.O.K.? Accurate Time R.U.O.K.? 11:09

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - March 21, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Skinny Puppy Dead Lines (400 Blows Remix) Metal Dance 2 - Industrial New Wave EBM Classics & Rarities 79-88 5:52
Army Of The Universe The Hipster Sacrifice The Hipster Sacrifice 4:14
Haujobb Course Penetration 6:29
Die Warzau Superbuick Convenience 4:08
Mr. Kitty London Life 4:03
Broken Note Pyrotek Terminal Static 5:35
Velvet Acid Christ Christ Whore Maldire 4:53
Kant Kino Übermensch Sounds from the Matrix 12 4:40
The_Empath Serenity Meanwhile 6:00
KMFDM Megalomaniac (Tvvå Mix) Extra Volume 3 7:37
Grimes Infinite ♥ Without Fulfillment / Genesis Visions 5:49
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Dope Doll Jungle A Crime for All Seasons 4:50
Heimstatt Yipotash Gray Invaders Forms of Hands 10 4:58
Equatronic Seven Spaces Plas:tique 3:32
Adrian H & The Wounds That Hurts Adrian H & The Wounds 4:31
Moctan Missing in Action Come Closer 5:52
Inure The Strange The Offering 4:18
Everything Goes Cold The Iron Fist of Just Destruction (Super Kinetik 32x Port) Kinetik Festival Volume 4 4:29
Tapage Unfolded Overgrown 5:59
Swans Telepathy The Great Annihilator 6:11
Psy'aviah SOS Overdose Introspection/Extrospection 4:04
Whore Hey Joe, It's Me, Felix The Pale Blue Dot 4:01
Wumpscut Madman Szpital (ER Dwarf Instinct Primal) DJ Dwarf 13 3:24
Death In June Life Under Siege The Snow Bunker Tapes 4:52
THYX Survival Instinct Below the City 3:37
Konstruktivists In Kabul (Live at the XI Bar, Vienna, June 23, 2011) Live in Vienna 2011 2:00
Day Behavior The Moments I Couldn't Save (West Ural Autumn Mix) Have You Ever Touched a Dream? 4:07
Killing Joke Exile Brighter Than a Thousand Suns 6:26
It-Clings Six and a Half Minutes of It-Clings Talking About His Fucking Cock (Iszoloscope Censored Watered Down Radio Mix) I'm the Biggest Fucking Thing in the Whole Fucking World 6:30
Pigface Methylated A New High in Low 4:25
Ego Likeness Treacherous Thing (Ludovico Technique Remix) Treacherous Thing 4:23
Throbbing Gristle Convincing People (Live at the Factory, 1979) 20 Jazz Funk Greats 6:12
VNV Nation Liebestod Futureperfect 2:53
God Module Reverse Inversion Empath 2.0 4:37
Tyler Milchmann Die Reise eines Mädchens - aus Omas Schlafzimmer in den Freien Weltraum Strange Days 7:41
Scrap.edx Transplanted Merciless Protraction 8:15
Coil Circles of Mania Horse Rotorvator 5:01
Psyche Screamin' Machine As the Brain Collapses 4:23
Allerseelen Niemandsland Rauhe Schale 3:24
Laibach WAT WAT 5:32
Inverse Phase NES Me an Angel Retrocovered 3:50
The Legendary Pink Dots Geisha Mermaid The Lovers 3:11
Sutcliffe Jugend With Extreme Prejudice With Extreme Prejudice 11:17
Nexus Kenosis The Fire Solenoid 1 Elsewhen 3:36
AmGod Brap Talk Dreamcatcher 3:28
Enduser 1/3 1/3 7:05
Mind.In.A.Box Control Revelations 5:49
Diverje Pressure Lock On Skin 3:59
Klangstabil Vertraut (Rejected Mix) Vertraut 4:27
The Cure The Upstairs Room Join the Dots - B-Sides & Rarities 1978-2001 3:30
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Singing for the Angel of the East Four 4:27
Vomito Negro Factory Child Fall of an Empire 3:47
VNDL Afternoon, Afternoon Gahrena: Paysages Électriques 2:54
Blume Arclight Autumn Ruins 4:03
Rammstein Pussy (Lick It Remix) Made in Germany 1995-2011 4:53
Reformed Faction Stueck 7 The World Awake / 11 Stueck 3:32
Einstürzende Neubauten Ozean und Brandung Perpetuum Mobile 3:44
Your Bunny Rot Feel the Answer Error Injection 4:10
Ignatius The Dirty Sock Bonus Baggage Handler 3:38
Ministry Flashback The Land of Rape and Honey 4:48
Front 242 Tragedy for You (Neurodancer) Tragedy for You 6:58
Halo In Reverse Pop Icon Puppets Trials and Tribulations 4:40
The PCP Principle Opening the Values of Hate Electronic Violence Phenomena 5:13
Mona Mur & En Esch Flesh & Blood Do with Me What You Want 4:57
DE/Vision Stargazer Rockets & Swords 5:00
Mika Goedrijk Dead Air Looking-Glass World 4:52
Skyla Vertex City Demon Urwerk 4:02
Numb Ratblast Wasted Sky 5:03
Controlled Bleeding Art/Sheep/Pool Gibbering Canker-Opera Slaves (Studies in Meditation and Evisceration) 34:40
16 Volt Freedom of Choice Shut Up Kitty 3:22
Front Line Assembly Total Terror Total Terror Part I 6:23
Sol Invictus To Kill All Kings The Cruellest Month 4:53
Rapoon Hey… Drifting Melancholic Songs of the Desert 5:36
The Machine in the Garden Echo Asphodel 5:23
Wilt A Deaf Cry Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks 10:29
Soriah with Ashkelon Sain Amochantzinco Eztica 8:23
Stone Breath Beautiful and Terrible / The Voice of the Thunder The Ætheric Lamp 5:43
Integral Atakama The Past Is My Shadow 9:11
Ikon Suicide In the Shadow of the Angel 3:43
Nine Inch Nails Eraser (Baby Alarm Mix) Recoiled 8:52

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - March 17, 2014

Yes, March 17 was a Monday. This was a special Snow Day edition!

Artist Title Album Time
Einstürzende Neubauten Die Interimsliebenden Tabula Rasa 7:39
Torul The Fall Tonight We Dream Fiercely 5:13
Syntech Blaster Rising from the Ashes 6:21
The Cure Club America Wild Mood Swings 5:01
Secession Touch Pt. 4 Metal Dance - Industrial Post-Punk EBM Classics & Rarities 80-88 7:22
Black Lung The Self-Appointed Olympian The Disinformation Plague 5:01
The Klinik Mindswitch Eat Your Heart Out 4:12
Idiot Stare UROKIMOK Unknown to Millions 4:46
Mothboy Glow Bunny 5:42
Jon Zaremba Snakes, You Get Out of Here! This Is Not Your Room, This Is My Room. Now. You Just Get Out of Here! Electronic Saviors 2 - Recurrence 4:24
Front Line Assembly Toxic Mindphaser 6:04
Ego Likeness Persona Non Grata East 4:55
Throbbing Gristle Hamburger Lady (Live at Goldsmith's College, London, 1978) D.o.A. - The Third and Final Report 3:53
KMFDM Loving Can Be an Art (Saturation Mix) UAIOE 4:13
Erode - / Annoy Horizon 8:11
Komor Kommando Does Not Fuck Around Oil, Steel, & Rhythm 4:02
[inquest proxy] Talons World Digital:6::Focus:A 5:14
Ludovico Technique Memory Some Things Are Beyond Therapy 4:45
Exocet The Line Is Profit Grotesque Consumer 5:00
Canaan Prisoner #11 Of Prisoners, Wandering Souls, and Cruel Fears 8:39
Pzychobitch My Day (Day Before-Version) The Day Before 4:06
X Marks The Pedwalk Don't Lie to Me The Sun, the Cold, and My Underwater Fear 8:09
Slew52 Genu Catalog 3:12
Pig The Sick Sinsation 5:05
Humanwine Rivolta Silenziosa A Dark Cabaret 2 3:53
Der Blutharsch Time Is thee Enemy VIII Time Is thee Enemy! 2:56
ASCII.Disko From Airlines to Lifelines Black Orchid - From Airlines to Lifelines 6:39
Raggedy Angry Superjet (The Birthday Massacre Remix) Dead Beats 4:04
M.A.O. Misery UMB - 10 Years of Transmission 2:54
Killing Joke Timewave (Demo) The Singles Collection 1979-2012 3:28
Ministry Crumbs Filth Pig 4:14
Dead Musician Machination Martyrilty 3:19
Diaphane Petals Samdhya 6:28
Nine Inch Nails All Time Low Hesitation Marks 6:17
Cubanate We Are Crowd (v1.6) Electronic Body Matrix 1 3:46
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor Foldback Distortion Meltdown 3:21
Everything Goes Cold Retry (Single Density Demo Version) The Tyrant Sun 4:01
Sheep On Drugs TV USA Greatest Hits 5:26
Nurse With Wound Easy Snapping Who Can I Turn to Stereo Etc. 2:13
12 Rounds / Pale 3 Just Another Day The Princess + The Warrior - Original Soundtrack 6:54
Unwoman Ceremony Uncovered 5:02
SMP Metal Madness Death of the Format 4:52
Sutcliffe Jugend Solace Blue Rabbit 8:27
Wumpscut The Duke of Death Madman Szpital 4:16
In-Fused Ascending Chaos Coding Emotion 1:33
Death In June Fields of Rape (1988 Remix) Nada Plus! 3:00
Anal Solvent Wood Masted Sailboat Parts 1 & 2 Wild 'n' Free 7:14
Die Sektor Feeding Famine (Fulci Remix) The Final Electro Solution 5:33
Raoul Sinier Elle a Raison Tremens Industry 3:10
Pigface Blood and Sand Gub 4:36
Juno Reactor Hotaka (12" Dance Version) Hotaka 8:20
Front 242 Geography I Geography 2:28
Dead Voices On Air Brede Y Para Be 8:45
Particle Son Dead to Rights Futronik Structures Vol. 6 5:52
Eldar Strange Madness Amesha Spentas 4:44
Lingouf B22 le Souffle du Feu Tierre de Pierres 7:32
In Strict Confidence Promised Land (MC1R Remix) Set Me Free 2:42
Solemn Assembly Off World Aftershock 6:19
Vidna Obmana Cycle of Agony Legacy 8:54
Grendel Fall Timewave Zero 2:31
Robotiko Rejekto Crying (Album Cut) Corporate Power 5:22
Portion Control Skins Pure Form 5:08
Heimstatt Yipotash Brain Amplifier Urban Night Motifs 4:29
The Twilight Garden Trail of Tears, Part 1 Hope 4:54
L'Ombre In from the Rain Letting Go at the Steering Wheel 4:23
Faith & Disease Lost in Translation Passport to Kunming 4:56
Access To Arasaka Cursa Geosynchron 2:51
Scar Limit Tonight Threshold 6:00
Controlled Bleeding Knees Power Mix Knees and Bones 12:39
The Legendary Pink Dots Slaapliedje Nemesis Online 5:32
Decree Finite Years Fateless 4:48
Coil The Sleeper How to Destroy Angels 2:01
M. Gira Surrogate The Milk of M. Gira 5:47
Not Breathing Revlon Sky Sangre Azul 10:18
Mentallo & The Fixer Radiant 1 Rare, Unreleased, & Remastered 8:02
Frank Riggio Tri Psychexcess I - Presentism 1:58
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation Murder Amongst Mannequins Succubus 1:58
Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud Where Earth Meets Sea Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud 5:07
Konstruktivists Ikon Glennascaul 7:40
Skinny Puppy Choralone (Live) Brap - Back & Forth Series 3 & 4 3:39

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Adds, Announcements, and an Apology

First, the apology. I haven't been updating the blog with playlists as assiduously as I ought to. Sorry about that.

Now, the announcements.

First of all, Valentine's Day has come and gone, and as of this weekend, Maschinenherz is off the air. But it was fun while it lasted, and most of the songs will find a spot on Technical Difficulties' regular rotation, if they're not there already. My heartfelt gratitude to everyone who tuned in - I love you all. Same time next year...?

Second of all, I took the regular live stream off the air earlier this week for maintenance - that maintenance being using iVolume to adjust the volume on all the mp3s in my library - Every. Single. One. Hopefully, this will result in less variation in volume between songs, and hence, a better listening experience for all y'all.

As for adds, the big one is that I now have in my sweaty little hands a copy of the new Recoiled EP from our friends at Cold Spring Records, featuring some "lost" Coil remixes of Nine Inch Nails songs.  I also recently picked up several volumes of the Muslimgauze Archive Series. Other recent adds of note: I somewhat belatedly grabbed VNV Nation's Transnational, and Crystal Castles' (III), as well as a whole bunch of Ad Noiseam's back catalogue that I was missing. All of these will be trickling into our  regular rotation in the weeks to come - expect them.

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - March 14, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Front Line Assembly Gun Tactical Neural Implant 6:22
SMP Stay Sick (Album Mix) Coda 5:01
Proyecto Mirage The Blade of God Slaves of Capital 6:30
Croc Shop Was Ist Order + Joy 4:32
Weep Over Now Worn Thin 4:04
Panic Lift Bad Company Is This Goodbye? 4:24
THYX Into the Realm The Way Home 4:17
BlakOpz March of the Unknown Blood, Sweat, and Fear 5:03
Cdatakill Moths in the Fire Battleworn 4:04
Ministry WKYJ Houses of the Molé 5:14
Combichrist Age of Mutation No Redemption 2:31
Legend Benjamite Bloodline Fearless 5:08
Somatic Responses LFO Assassin Reformation 5:37
Killing Joke Fall of Because (Live) For Beginners 4:55
Signal Aout 42 Be My Army Vae Victis 4:52
Normotone Black Horses of Destruction Inward Structures 5:52
Laibach One After 909 Let It Be 3:19
Skinny Puppy Hatekill (Live in Warsaw, 2011) Bootlegged, Broke, and in Solvent Seas 4:37
13th Monkey A500 Redefining the Paradigm of Bang 4:33
State Of Being Don't Change Red Frontier 4:20
KMFDM Light (Complete Orgasm Mix) Extra Volume 2 4:59
Psy'aviah Keep Hope Alive Eclectric 3:45
Ambassador21 vs. Suicide Inside Kill the Guilt Maschinenfest 2008 5:00
Skold Tonight (Pull Out Kings Remix) Tonight 5:06
VNV Nation Lost Horizon Transnational 5:16
This Morn' Omina Libra Le Serpent Blanc ~ Le Serpent Rouge 1:41
Android Lust Refuse (This Rotted Heart) Evolution 4:37
Ghost & Writer Beyond Repair Red Flags 4:37
Strange Boutique Chant the All The Collection - 1988-1994 6:06
Matmos E.S.P. The Marriage of True Minds 8:03
The Cure Shake Dog Shake The Top 4:56
Diverje Burn Away (De_Tot_Cor Remix) Burnt 4:29
Brighter Death Now No Pain Innerwar 4:42
Angelspit 100% (Combichrist Remix) Fxxk the Mainstream 5:12
Crystal Castles Insulin (III) 1:46
100Blumen Something Went Wrong Surveillance 4:54
Delerium Hammer Music Box Opera 5:34
Dawn Of Ashes Systematic Guillotine Anathema 6:09
The Cutmen The Poisoned Pawn Seconds Out 3:27
Front 242 U-Men (Live in Chicago) Backcatalogue 5:01
Death In June Hail! The White Grain Discriminate 4:13
How To Destroy Angels Welcome Oblivion Welcome Oblivion 3:46
Caustic Love That Taint I Can't Believe We're Re-Releasing This Crap 4:42
Die Sektor Heaven Sent - Hell Embraced Applied Structure in a Void 4:50
Terminal11 Anxiety Acid Self Exorcism 5:58
Stin Scatzor (I Know) You Dislike Me Industrogression 4:29
Konstruktivists Extasie Black December 3:02
Cat Rapes Dog River of Pain Life Was Sweet 3:55
Coil Her Friends the Wolves… Stolen and Contaminated Songs 10:58
Irfan Outremer Irfan 5:18
Nine Inch Nails Zero-Sum (Remixed by Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert) Year Zero Remixed 5:38
Zola Jesus Hikikomori (Version) Versions 3:42
Scorn Glugged Stealth 5:49
Deviant UK Wreckhead Very Bad Things 5:41
Spiritual Front German Boys Rotten Roma Casino 3:13
The Legendary Pink Dots No Time for Changes Taos Hum 5:49
Snog Empires Sixteen Easy Tunes for the End Times 4:09
Twitch The Ripper Hard to Love Colorblind 3:24
Der Blutharsch Live in Leiden XII Live in Leiden 4:18
Psyche Faith Our Voices - A Tribute to The Cure 5:16
Pigface Mind Your Own Business (Omega's Down and Dirty Disco Mix) Clubhead 4:47
Cryogen Second Theory / Divide Anthem for the Great Self Destruct 6:26
Tapage Last Emerging Organisms Vol. 4 4:13
Inertia A Winter's Tango Universal Blood 3:23
[:SITD:] Dystopie Ikon:Koru 6:01
Angina P Meta Dialogue Sensitive Files 5:06
Pail ¡Desperta Ferro! Towards Nowhere 5:16
Schattenschlag Psycho (Karaoke Version) Psychosis 3:58
Lowness Undertow Undertow 6:29
Chris Connelly Heartburn Phenobarb Bambalam 7:54
Einstürzende Neubauten Leid und Elend (Live) Strategies Against Architecture II 4:34
Jarboe Not Logical Sacrificial Cake 5:26
Autumn's Grey Solace Unfamiliar Spirits Eifelian 4:27
Dead Voices On Air Orente Y Para Ba 3:15
Boxed Warning Purely Tactical Magnifier 5:02
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds People Ain't No Good (KCRW Session) Live from KCRW 5:18
Leæther Strip Lilith Dark Passages + Seasons Change - I Don't 20:20
Current 93 Why Did the Fox Bark? I Am the Last of the Field That Fell 6:17
S.K.E.T. The Most Important Part 2005 Hands 4:25
Throbbing Gristle The Original Soundtrack of Coum Transmissions Film of "After Cease to Exist" Second Annual Report 20:09

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - February 28, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Closer (Unrecalled) Nine Inch Nails Recoiled 7:44
Δaimon Flatliner (Encephalon Remix) Flatliner 5:19
Incite/ T.O.O. Mindpiercing 3:51
Killing Joke Democracy Democracy 3:39
Inure The Call The Offering 3:51
Halo_Gen Halo Halo_Gen 6:34
Antythesys Hellectro Bitch Antythesys 4:59
Snog Soul Invictus Babes in Consumerland 6:52
Stendeck Like Snowflakes on My Fingers / Run Amok (Against Time Rebels) Scintilla 6:26
Delerium Flowers Become Screens Semantic Spaces 7:54
KMFDM Help Us/Save Us/Take Us Away Money 6:03
Hocico Intruder (Twin Version) El Último Minuto Antes de Que Tu Mundo Caiga 4:39
Non Turn Me On, Dead Man Back to Mono 3:10
GA-T Prozac Check Subsonic Hysteria 5:02
Heimatærde Wacht Auf Gottgleich 4:21
Raoul Sinier Brain Kitchen Brain Kitchen 5:22
Aurelio Voltaire The USS Make Shit Up BiTrekTual 5:49
I:Scintilla The Shake Dying & Falling 4:08
100Blumen Unbreakable Down with the System, Long Live the System! 4:31
Unwoman Disposessed Knowledge Scars 4:47
Hanzel Und Gretyl Hanzel und Gretyl für Immer Born to Be Heiled 3:33
Mechanical Cabaret Cheap and Nasty Selective Hearing - Best of 2002-2012 3:49
Controlled Bleeding Chum Grubber Odes to Bubbler 2:38
KatzKab Sinking Objet No. 1 3:27
Assemblage 23 Darkflow Bruise 5:35
Twenty Knives Funeral Fires The Royal We 2:34
Trifid Project Psalm 66 Trifid Project 5:01
Miss FD Incompleteness Comfort for the Desolate 3:40
Psychic TV Discopravity Mouth of the Night 2:09
Pigface Point Blank The Best of Pigface - Preaching to the Perverted 2:37
Leæther Strip Grab It Now Mental Slavery 5:06
Chant Crash Me That Which Divides 4:55
Von Magnet Instead Ni Prédateur ni Proie 4:00
Current 93 Oh Coal Black Smith (Live in Tokyo, 1988) Looney Runes 3:27
God Module Levitation Empath 2.0 4:41
16Pad Noise Terrorist Utopia 2 / My Way Utopia 6:15
The Cure All I Want Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 5:10
Der Blutharsch Everything Is Alright XIV Everything Is Alright 4:10
Pitchshifter I Don't Like It 3:53
Emilie Autumn One Foot in Front of the Other Fight Like a Girl 4:32
Death In June Murder Made History Peaceful Snow 5:09
Empty Drift (Ginger Snap5 Remix) Surge & Subside - Queensland Flood Appeal 5:24
Illusion Of Safety Pecking Order Bad Karma 5:38
The Jesus And Mary Chain Rollercoaster Honey's Dead 3:43
X-RX Sadistortion Activate the Machinez 3:38
End A Long Time Dying The Dangerous Class 2:50
Transmutator Auto-Drip Grind Share This Poison - Retrospective 5:13
Servitor Sanctum 7 Boom Ra Tech Electronic Saviors 2 - Recurrence 4:09
Famine Nature's Twin Tendencies Nature's Twin Tendencies 8:52
Skinny Puppy Hospital Waste VIVIsectVI 4:37
Cult Of Youth Man and Man's Ruin Love Will Prevail 3:18
Essence Of Mind Out of Sight Try and Fail 5:01
Anenzephalia Noehaem III Noehaem 5:16
Myrninerest A DogStar at the DogBar "Jhonn," Uttered Babylon 4:34
The Razor Skyline View of Paradise Dark Water Oasis 4:29
Mad EP 51 Areas Bass.Hed 5:02
Clan Of Xymox Red Light Kindred Spirits 3:34
Trakktor Mekkanized Soul Halo of Lies 5:47
Chaos As Shelter Broadcast 9 Dead Air Broadcasts 5:04
Front Line Assembly Liquid Separation (Live at Kuz, Mainz, 24.10.95) Live Wired 5:30
Claire Voyant Pieces Love Is Blind 4:33
Dead When I Found Her New Age of Reason Rag Doll Blues 4:37
Empusae Masterslave Mortusae 4:03
Seabound Point Break No Sleep Demon v2.0 4:35
Organic Cage Wishing Hell Brain Surgery Machine 3:57
Juno Reactor Tempest The Golden Sun of the Great East 7:44
iVardensphere Sick (Phosgore Remix) I Dream in Noise - Remixes Vol. 2 3:28
Bipol Manipulation Now Fritter Away 3:33
Front 242 (S)Crapage 06:21:03:11 Up Evil 6:11
Apatheia Someone's Watching in the Distance Lifethesis 1:58
Loretta's Doll Savagery World of Tiers 3:27
Lady Jaye & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Bryin Dall, Derek Rush The Final War / Soul Searching The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye - Music from the Motion Picture 3:45
Dead Voices On Air Let Meins Awake Fast Falls the Eventide 2:09
Rasputina 1816, The Year Without a Summer (Live at The Knitting Factory, Williamsburg, September 13, 1909) The Pregnant Concert 4:48
Der Plan Wat's Dat? Normalette Surprise 2:08
Black Tape For A Blue Girl Zürichstrings (Sam Rosenthal Mix) Tenderotics 2:05
The Legendary Pink Dots Ascension 3 Code Noir 6:16
Nebulo Eancall / Aer Vacuum Artefact 5:05
Einstürzende Neubauten Bili Rubin Ende Neu 2:59
Ministry So What (Live) In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live) 11:29

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - February 21, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Nine Inch Nails Gave Up (Remixed by Coil with Danny Hyde) Fixed 5:24
Cesium 137 Aftermath Science and Sound 5:22
Balkansky / Loop Stepwalker 8.9 Adhesion 3:48
Diva Destruction Tempter Exposing the Sickness 5:11
Chant Revolt Strong Words for Strong People 4:14
Krystal System Nuclear Winter Nuclear 4:11
The Gothsicles This Year's Password Is "Party" Kinetik Festival Volume Four 2:47
The Beauty Of Gemina Dark Revolution Iscariot Blues 4:29
ABS6 Maybe It's Genetic Audiomedikation 4:32
Diary Of Dreams Malice Nekrolog 43 5:10
Delerium Innocente Poem 6:29
The Anix Glass (Tommie Sunshine Remix) Sleepwalker 6:21
Shorai Chronodynamics It Was Listening with Mechanical Precision 5:00
Haujobb Perpetual Motion Vertical Mixes 4:59
Officers Good Day (to Die) On the Twelve Thrones 4:05
Geneviéve Pasquier Trance Le Cabaret Moi 4:04
Absolute Body Control Stardust Fever Shattered Illusion 4:42
The Legendary Pink Dots Neon Gladiators (Live in France, 1994) The French Collection 7:11
Lucidstatic Fractured Symbiont Underground 3:26
Pigface Horse You Rode In On (Jared Louche Version) Pigface vs. The World 3:43
The Birthday Massacre Leaving Tonight Hide and Seek 3:29
Prometheus Burning Interruptor Kill It with Fire 4:18
Caul Sea of Fossils The Unwept Waste 3:29
KMFDM These Boots Are Made for Walkin' (Bombs Remix) Boots 3:44
IAMX Come Home The Unified Field 3:58
Throbbing Gristle Hamburger Lady Greatest Hits - Entertainment Through Pain 4:13
Rx Exfoliate Bedside Toxicology 5:13
God Module Transcend Psychic Surgery 5:08
Tarmvred 8 Viva6581 6:36
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Higgs Boson Blues Push the Sky Away 7:50
Killing Joke Wardance Killing Joke 3:47
Diverje This Disease (v2) Hate Stimulation 4:09
Caustic Window Joyrex J4 Compilation 4:28
Autumn's Grey Solace Écelic Divinian 4:04
Modulate Robots (Straftanz Remix) Robots 4:26
Der Blutharsch Der Blutharsch VII / VIII Der Blutharsch 6:00
Pennyliquid Robot Dreams Robot Dreams 6:00
Suicide Commando Mordfabrik Axis of Evil 5:00
Nau-Zee-auN Rock Is Dead (Demographic Mix) Coronal Mass Ejection 5:49
The Rorschach Garden Antimatter Girl A Place for the Lost 4:39
Ministry Scarecrow (Live at the Jesolo Beach Festival, Venice, 12 July 1996) Sphinctour 7:59
Collide She Makes Me Bent and Broken 4:01
Access To Arasaka Array[0..8191] void(); 3:27
SMP File 484 Terminal 4:10
Front Line Assembly Everything That Was Before AirMech 6:57
Millipede Recurring Themes in the Artist's Work All My Best Intentions 4:54
Chrysalide Lizzie & the Charming Prince Don't Be Scared, It's About Life 3:07
Leæther Strip Croatia '10 Retention No. 3 8:45
Incite/ Nonlocality Forms of Hands 09 4:04
The Cure Gone! Wild Mood Swings 4:31
iVardensphere Nautilus Pt. 1 Bloodwater 2:37
Einstürzende Neubauten Abfackeln! (Live in Bremen, 24 Jun. 1987) Alles Was Irgendwie Nützt 4:45
Aeterna Invocation New Dawn 3:21
Skinny Puppy Spasmolytic (Habitual Mix) Remix Dystemper 4:31
Project Pitchfork Renascence (Restored) First Anthology 5:42
Muslimgauze Martyr Shrapnel 1-3 Martyr Shrapnel 6:55
FGFC820 Relapse Homeland Insecurity 5:06
Author & Punisher Set Flames Ursus Americanus 10:24
Oyaarss Malduguns (Ignis Fatuus) Bads 8:22
Atari Teenage Riot Anarchy 999 60 Second Wipe Out 4:07
Bella Morte Fall No More The Best of Bella Morte 1996-2012 5:05
Trakktor Final Fusion Force Majeure 5:33
Axiome Obscurément Blanc Ten Hymns for Sorbetière or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Freezer 4:35
Swans You're Not Real, Girl Children of God / World of Skin 4:17
Nightmare Noise Machine God Loves Guns K.I.T.F.H. 3:50
Last Days Of S.E.X. Racism as Selfhate Great Irony and the Politically S.E.X.plosive 3:37
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 Hubris (IC 434 Remix) T.A.L.O.S. 4:39
Hypnoskull vs. Mike van Raspaarden Quartet Jazzkommando Dark Skies Over Planet E. 4:14
T.A.G.C. Morpheus Baby Audiophile 6:26
How To Destroy Angels Is Your Love Strong Enough? The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 4:29
Der Plan Adrenalin Lässt das Blut Kochen Geri Reig 3:10
The_Empath Meanwhile Meanwhile 6:01
Crime & The City Solution Domina American Twilight 6:48
Reformed Faction The Must Sound The World Awake / 11 Stueck 5:24
Unextraordinary Gentlemen Carriage Driven Horses Ornamental 4:41
Julia Kent Ailanthus Green and Grey 4:58
Orbit Service Trajectory A Calm Note from the West 4:52
Revolting Cocks T.V. Mind (Remix) Stainless Steel Providers 4:26
Coil Remote Viewing 2 The Remote Viewer 7:56
Front 242 Soul Manager / Hard Rock / Trigger 1 Tyranny for You 13:03

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - February 14, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Einstürzende Neubauten Tanz Debil Strategies Against Architecture 3:19
Caustic Bleed You Out The Man Who Couldn't Stop 3:38
Nurse With Wound A Precise History of Industrial Music A Sucked Orange 0:41
Virgins O.R Pigeons People Are People (Miyuki Mix) Re:Covered - A Tribute to Depeche Mode 4:32
The Crüxshadows Dragonfly (Conjure One Remix) ForeverLast 7:21
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio I Am the Sun - Anus Dei Four 3:44
THYX Roses Below the City 4:20
Totakeke Patient HM (Response to Conditioning) Emerging Organisms Vol. 2 6:03
BioCarbon13 Shut Up (hEADaCHE Remix) Out of Phase - The hEADaCHE Remixes 4:11
MC 900 Ft Jesus with DJ Zero Shut Up Hell with the Lid Off 5:42
Skold Tonight Tonight 3:45
Iiris Weirdo The Magic Gift Box 3:10
Synth-Etik Letter to the Tribulation Saints Waiting for the Rapture 4:41
Das Ich Destillat (Remixed by VNV Nation) Re_Laborat 6:08
Drown What It Is to Burn Hold On to the Hollow 5:36
Sickboy Bogan Melmac Time to Play 3:38
Rise And Fall Of A Decade Cube-Like-People Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 3:04
Czar Spooling Down Vertical Mass Grave 3:00
Moctan Overkill Come Closer 4:27
Psyche Misery's Return The Influence 4:59
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Kooler Than Jesus Kooler Than Jesus 6:18
Whore From Nothing Came Everything Pale Blue Dot 4:08
The Flu Pass the Pappadum Encore 3:27
The Metronomes Psychotic Reaction Love and Other Numbers 1980-1984 3:34
Front Line Assembly Echogenetic Echogenetic 4:35
Throbbing Gristle Bass Heathen Earth 1:38
Pop Will Eat Itself Seek & Destroy New Noise Designed by a Sadist 4:27
Unter Null Oh, You've Come Undone Moving On 4:25
Shorai Buy Your Ignorance 40 Minutes into the Future 4:00
Boduf Songs Oh My Overlord Burnt Up On Re-Entry 4:28
The Cure Out of This World Bloodflowers 6:43
Collide Counting to Zero Counting to Zero 5:48
Saltillo The Right of Action Monocyte 5:01
Rammstein Rosenrot (Northern Lite Remix) Made in Germany 4:45
Skyla Vertex Schall und Rauch Urwerk 4:01
Mika Goedrijk Thistledown Looking-Glass World 4:42
Golgatha Ruins The Waste Land 3:54
A New January Next to Nothing Cold and Naked 4:09
Reformed Faction Scud-Gas-Pin Mikrocomposer Series 1 3:48
Killing Joke Whiteout Pandemonium 5:43
32Crash 100Y Y2112Y 3:12
Radiana Over the Moon Radiana 3:27
Pneumatic Detach Down in the Earth Ko-Mor-Bid 3:30
Wumpscut Schrekk & Grauss (Splitter Remix) DJ Dwarf Eleven 6:37
Ministry Fairly Unbalanced From Beer to Eternity 4:15
Nine Inch Nails Help Me I Am in Hell Broken 1:55
Suicide Commando Final Suicide The Suicide Sessions 3 5:02
Corvus Corax Douce Dame Joliet Best of Corvus Corax 4:18
The Teknoist with Homeboy Prototype for a Ninja Nekromaniak Trainwreck Magnetism 6:01
Project Pitchfork Carrion Io 5:45
Aesthetic Perfection Inhuman Inhuman 4:18
S.P.O.C.K. Not Human Another Piece of the Action - The Best of the Subspace Years 4:15
ADMX-71 In Decay They Lurk Luminous Vapors 6:35
Front 242 Skin (Fur Coat) 05:22:09:12 Off 7:35
Your Bunny Rot Menchines and Slaves Error Injection 4:28
Frank Riggio Venusian Philosopher (Future Vision I) Psychexcess I - Presentism 2:49
Nightmare Noise Machine Not Dead Yet Among the Dead 4:14
Sol Invictus See the Dove Fall (Early Demo, 1999 Mix) Trees in Winter 7:22
Red Sparrow Les Arbres Masonic 3:26
Coil Penetralia Horse Rotorvator 6:10
Varunna Terra Cantos 3:13
Philipp Münch Despair Mondo Obscura 5:10
Roughhausen I Know You The Agony of the Beat 2:19
KMFDM Penetration Opium 1984 4:09
Rein[Forced] Embodiment of Hope X Amount of Stab Wounds in the Back 4:32
Tweaker Getting Through Many a Bad Night Call the Time Eternity 2:12
The Legendary Pink Dots A Stretch in Time The Gethsemane Option 7:54
Implant CCCPCCTV Sounds from the Matrix 14 4:32
Thine Eyes Count (Amendments 3) Christian Sex Loops 5:05
Skinny Puppy Neuwerld The Greater Wrong of the Right 5:29
Swans The Seer Returns The Seer 6:17
Boris Mikulic Inspired by the Devil Heresy 1:53
Dead Voices On Air Verte Y Para Be 13:38
Delerium Ephemeral Passage Spiritual Archives 6:30
Jill Tracy Carol of the Bells Silver Smoke, Star of Night 3:31
VNDL Novar (C0ma Remix) Gahrena - Paysages Électriques 4:42
Pyrolator Nordatlantik Inland 1:50
Rasputina On My Knees Great American Gingerbread 11:44
Beequeen The Lord Is My Shepherd Port Out Starboard Home 7:55
Foetus See Ya Later Gash 4:46

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - February 9, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Einstürzende Neubauten Silence Is Sexy Silence Is Sexy 6:53
Sleepless The End Futronik Structures Vol. 6 4:59
P.A.L. Discipline Retro 4:27
Killing Joke Millennium (Cybersank Edit) The Singles Collection 1979-2012 3:57
Wumpscut Hallelujah (Dwarf Edit) DJ Dwarf XII 3:39
Anklebiter The Lazy Pioneers Raintree 5:45
Ego Likeness Treacherous Thing (Exageist Remix) Treacherous Thing 3:18
iVardensphere Of Ancient Reprise Apok 7:57
Knifeladder None of You Music/Concrete 6:03
Front Line Assembly Colombian Necktie (Tongue Fed Edit) Colombia Necktie 4:51
Nine Inch Nails Heresy The Downward Spiral 3:54
Ministry Revenge (Remix) With Sympathy 6:17
The PCP Principle 37/41 Electronic Violence Phenomena 7:07
X Marks The Pedwalk Look on This Side Abattoir 3:39
Weep The Passion of Lovers Alate 4:08
Abelcain Faust (Remixed by Cdatakill) Passage 7:40
Bile Ura Fucking Loser Regurge - A Bucket of Bile 5:26
Aesthetic Perfection Motherfucker All Beauty Destroyed 4:11
Exocet Conflict of Memories Grotesque Consumer 4:55
Inverse Phase Token Ringfinger Pretty Eight Machine 5:42
Skinny Puppy Illisit Weapon 3:57
The Frozen Autumn Sidereal Solitude Chirality 4:14
Klangstabil Vertraut (Nostalgic Remix) Vertraut 5:33
Lucid Dementia Twisted Diva X Machina 2 4:07
Bak XIII Vengeance Ultima Ratio Regum 4:02
Fantômas Page 15 Fantômas 2:13
Death In June Nation (Rehearsal Tape London 1981) The Phoenix Has Risen 3:12
Helalyn Flowers Psychic Vamp Stitches of Eden 2:59
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra Berlin Theatre Is Evil 7:17
Throbbing Gristle Six Six Sixties 20 Jazz Funk Greats 2:05
Assemblage 23 Spark (Whiteout Mix) Kinetik Festival Volume Four 3:22
Nexus Kenosis Nekro Nekton Elsewhen 5:33
Punch Inc. Desert Storm Rush Hour 6:02
Autumn's Grey Solace Angelspeak Winterrim 3:36
KMFDM Pussy Riot Kunst 4:10
Cut Hands Brown-Brown Black Mamba 2:58
Sol Invictus The Joy of the World Against the Modern World 7:20
Pop Will Eat Itself R.S.V.P. Dos Dedos Mis Amigos 3:32
Jérôme Chassagnard Until Heaven Comes The Time from Underneath 6:11
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Heelz Afire The Reincarnation of Luna 4:36
Psyche The Saint Became a Lush As the Brain Collapses 6:25
Andro-Dioxin Suicidal Suicidal 3:24
Diaphane The Icefield Samdhya 6:31
Informatik How Long Playing with Fire 4:36
The Legendary Pink Dots City Ghosts Brighter Now 5:42
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble Shadows Mutations 4:19
Swans Raping a Slave Cop / Young God / Greed / Holy Money 6:20
Haujobb Eye Over You (Extended Surveillance) Frames - The Remix Album 7:29
Bordel Militaire Upon Sweet Whispers Bordel Militaire 5:00
The Cure Charlotte Sometimes (Live at Le Zenith, Paris, October 1992) Paris 3:58
Meat Beat Manifesto All the Things You Are 99% 4:42
Front 242 Agony (Until Death) Front by Front 2:47
Magenta Eccentricity Gypsy 83 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 3:32
Leæther Strip Insect Warrior Ængelmaker 5:53
Dirk Geiger Thirteen Elf Morgen 5:22
The Crüxshadows Burning As the Dark Against My Halo 6:26
Dead Voices On Air Dubra Y Bara Ba 6:59
Grendel Deep Waters Timewave Zero 5:12
Scrap.edx Warheads Are Filled with a Biological Religion Merciless Protraction 9:30
Scar Limit All I Want Threshold 6:20
Peter Murphy Keep Me from Harm Holy Smoke 4:25
In Strict Confidence Prediction (Extended Version) Angels Anger Overkill 5:21
Pigface Bitch (Defrag's Extraordinary Skipping Glitch Mix) Head... 2:18
Virgin Prunes Twenty Tens (I've Been Smoking All Night Long) Strange Passion - Explorations in Irish Post-Punk, DIY, and Electronic Music 1980-83 2:26
Rein[Forced] Deck of Trick Cards (Other Jimmerz Mix) Pre-Existing Conditions 4:08
Slew52 Fuzkysolo Catalog 7:11
Mona Mur & En Esch New Order / Part Again Do with Me What You Want 6:31
Suicide Commando Actions of the Mind The Suicide Sessions 2 5:42
Controlled Bleeding Untitled (XXX Tape 3) Gibbering Canker-Opera Slaves (Studies in Meditation and Evisceration) 17:52
Dismantled The Bullets from Your Eyes (Instrumental) Whole Wide World 7:21
Edward Ka-Spel Looping '72 One Last Pose Before the Ruin 8:49
L'Ombre Reach for Me Letting Go at the Steering Wheel 7:46
Dead Can Dance Song of Sophia The Serpent's Egg 1:24
Chvad SB She Should Be Here Rotation - A Dark Ambient/Experimental Compilation 8:54
The Deadfly Ensemble Dog vs. Postman, in B An Instructional Guide for Aspiring Arsonists 8:00
Aube 20000411 Millennium - Aprilis 2:04
Chrome Critical Mass Half Machine Lip Moves + Read Only Memory 1:57
Stone Breath Mothwing Sacred Heart The Night Birds Psalm 9:22
Rapoon Mama's Got a Sitar Melancholic Songs of the Desert 2:48
Coil Love's Secret Domain Love's Secret Domain 3:52