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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - March 6, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Haujobb Dead Market New World March 3:56
Cocksure Alpha Male Bling (Shower Me!) TVMALSV 5:11
Raoul Sinier Alternative Rush Tremens Industry 4:07
iVardensphere Bonedance v3 Scatterface v3 5:17
Die Form Schaulust (Scopic Pulsion) Rayon X 3:34
Mika Goedrijk (Life in) Rerun Naked 5:01
Weep A Reminder Worn Thin 3:46
Numb Deserted Blood Meridian 6:02
Liar's Rosebush & Scrap.edx Collect (Scraps) Saturation Bombing 2 5:50
Nine Inch Nails Happiness in Slavery (Live at Woodstock '94) Woodstock '94 5:56
Diskonnekted Yesteryears Hotel Existence 5:15
Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld Come Up and See Me Still Smiling 4:45
Hecq Bane (Septic Insurgent Remix) Avenger 6:52
Diverje Body Worship Futronik Structures Volume 1 4:37
Deviant UK Bad Influence Very Bad Things 5:25
Venetian Snares 8 AM Union Station / Shaky Sometimes My Love Is a Bulldozer 5:13
Bastards Of Love The Gate / Melancholic Youth Decadance Royale 5:25
Seabound The Escape Speak in Storms 4:40
Comaduster Futureproof Design Hollow Worlds 7:09
Impossible Recording Machine Damage Komposi001 4:26
KMFDM Light (Live 2013) We Are KMFDM 5:22
Emulsion Pornography Death of the Author 2:52
Leæther Strip Blind Man's Bluff Untold Stories - The Melancholic Sessions 6:28
Prothese Chanson Geography 3:53
Hate Dept. Hard Times (#1) New Ghost 4:49
Sonar Retortion Maschinenfest 2012 4:12
Suicide Commando Attention Whore (Hydra Division V Remix) When Evil Speaks 3:54
Emilie Autumn 4 o'Clock Reprise Fight Like a Girl 1:20
Nullgrad Farscape The Shepherds Satellite 5:08
Rotersand Merging Oceans Truth Is Fanatic 7:36
Skinny Puppy Love in Vein (Live) Brap - Back & Forth Vol. 3 & 4 6:56
Robotiko Rejekto War for Peace Corporate Power 4:50
Exocet Drops of Blood Consequence 4:50
Deadstar Assembly Breathe for Me Deadstar Assembly 4:05
Cabaret Voltaire Big Funk (Live at the Toronto Concert Hall, 05.05.85) #828285 Live Archive 4:31
Alphaxone Overwhelm Living in the Grayland 6:27
Die Sektor The Final Electro Delusion (Freakangel Remix) The Final Electro Solution 4:16
Revolting Cocks Stick Initials C.C. - Outtakes, Rarities, & Personal Favourites 1982-2002, Vol. 1 4:34
Sol Invictus War Once upon a Time 3:37
Seeming All of This Really Happened Madness & Extinction 6:22
Peter Murphy Hang Up Lion 5:44
Lovespirals This Truth (hEADaCHE Remix) Out of Phase - The hEADaCHE Remixes 6:06
Muslimgauze I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free Izlamic Songs 5:42
Juno Reactor Guillotine The Golden Sun of the Great East 6:51
Epoch All Heil the Chief Sanctimonium 3:35
Dead Hollywood Stars Nectar Smoke and Mirrors 3:34
Shellac All the Surveyors Dude Incredible 3:20
Hungry Lucy Hill DJ Ferret's Underground Club Mix #3 3:32
Broken Note The Fury Terminal Static 8:05
Pigface Raise Your Hands from the Ashes (Live at Markthalle, Hamburg, 11/04/91) Live Archive 91-05 Volume #2 7:14
Moving Units Attack Everything Neurotic Exotic 4:22
Calva Y Nada Sigueme Dias Felizes 4:16
Millipede Cherish A Mist and a Vapor 5:03
Killing Joke Change (Spiral Tribe Mix) In Dub 6:41
And One The Fighter Achtung 80 3:32
The Legendary Pink Dots Premonition 13 (Live in France, 1994) The French Collection 10:27
Ministry I Prefer The Land of Rape and Honey 2:19
Consolidated White American Male (The Truth Hurts - Part 2) Friendly Fascism 5:12
Pharmakon Crawling on Bruised Knees Abandon 6:34
The Cure The Walk (Live) Sideshow 3:32
Einstürzende Neubauten Bassfeder Solo Bassfeder 4:25
Heimatærde Pfad ohne Namen Kaltwærts 7:35
Saltillo The Locus Priory Monocyte 5:44
Wumpscut Cross of Iron Bulwark Bazooka 5:17
Die Warzau Terrorform Convenience 4:25
Herwig Holzmann Watching the Abortive Mimoid Rotation - A Dark Ambient/Experimental Compilation 6:44
Metroland Moscow Main Mind the Gap 3:59
Front Line Assembly Dopamine Artificial Soldier 6:31
Empusae Cadence Chamanique Sphere from the Woods 8:47
Czar Empty Thrones No One Is Alone if No One Is Alive 6:25
Orbit Service Reap A Calm Note from the West 4:51
Pride & Fall Hollow Of Lust and Desire 5:33
The Unquiet Void Necronomicon Poisoned Dreams 11:02
Unto Ashes Cavity - First Communion Ghosts Captured 3:44
Twilight Circus meets Edward Ka-Spel That 60s Show 800 Saints in a Day 5:04
The Ministry Of Wolves Cinderella Republik der Wölfe 6:20
Chrome Something Rhythmic (I Can't Wait) Half Machine from the Sun - The Lost Tracks from '79-'80 4:31
Ugasanie In the Northern Lights White Silence 6:49
H.E.R.R. Den Standert Lucifers Vondel's Lucifer - First Movement 6:27
Coil Tainted Love Scatology 5:53

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