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Friday, November 13, 2015

Closed for Remodulation

"So, CHR.... just where have you been for the past month?"

Let me tell you. I've been right here, computerless. The server that hosts the broadcast has had recurring problems with the hard drive that contains the music. Last month, it went belly-up for good. Followed immediately by the other hard drive, the boot drive. The music and playlists were backed up on an external hard drive, but everything else was lost.

The laptop that I use to manage the music and the playlists, well, that had been having problems too. The wi-fi card had failed, and I was tired of trailing a long ethernet cable behind me wherever I went. Both computers went to the shop.

I finally have them both back. The laptop had to go to an Apple-certified technician, who for reasons as yet unexplained, reformatted the hard drive. So, the only data that survived this experience was what I kept on that external hard drive - all the important stuff, but nothing else. I'm... a trifle peeved, let's put it that way. Compounding the peevishness is the fact that the shop failed to call and let me know the computers were ready - I could have had them back late last month.

But no matter. What's done is done. I can now rebuild, and I am rebuilding. As I write this, there is a  brand new, pristine, empty hard drive being filled up with music. I had them upgrade the RAM while they were at it, so the listening experience should be smoother and less prone to the occasional jitters some of you may have experienced in the past. Soon, the real broadcast will resume. The ads will cease, and all will be right with the world. Soon.