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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - September 25, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
OhGr Water Welt 4:27
God Module Sky Shut Down False Face 4:48
Venetian Snares 10th Circle of Winnipeg My Love Is a Bulldozer 7:00
Sabotage Wild Child Acoustic Costumes 3:59
Motorjesus Rust Electric Revelation 4:56
Comaduster Unfound Hollow Worlds 3:05
Black December The Division of Hate Vol. 1 4:42
Leæther Strip I Am Him - He Is Me Untold Stories - The Melancholic Sessions 5:08
Beauty Queen Autopsy Pumps Lotharia 3:24
Otto Von Schirach March of the Dead Instrumental Magic Triangle 4:24
Nine Inch Nails Last Broken 4:44
Wumpscut Tod Essen Leben Auf (Reactor7X Remix) DJ Dwarf 13 4:29
Hysteresis Shikha There Is No Self 3:29
Black Nail Cabaret Dance for You Harry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Me 4:56
And One Everybody Dies Tonight / The End of Your Life S.T.O.P. 7:44
Näo Imago Näo 5:26
Liquid Divine Comagirl Autophobia 4:50
Crystal Stilts Worlds Gone Weird Nature Noir 2:48
Anklebiter Werewolf of Portland Weight of a Pronoun 5:38
Ministry Smothered Hope (Live) Box 4:57
Client Authority Authority 3:48
The Legendary Pink Dots When Lenny Meets Lorca A Perfect Mystery 4:31
Enduser Retribution Even Weight 5:06
Front Line Assembly Headcase Fargone Convergence 4:28
Angelspit Fight Dirty The Product 4:20
Thee Maldoror Kollektive Evangelis 6 (Nightmarescape Mix) 23 Miles Back on the Clockwork Highway 8:33
The Birthday Massacre Beyond Superstition 3:51
Czar Priestess No One Is Alone if No One Is Alive 4:43
Hecq Relay Horror Vacui 4:34
Kloq Begin Again Begin Again 4:16
Interpol All the Rage Back Home El Pintor 4:21
Hansel Und Gretyl Hexenkraft Black Forest Metal 3:59
Lilenthal Hero Anthem Masonic 4:29
Mindless Faith Next to Last Just Defy 5:52
Death in June Disappear in Every Way (Live in Wien. 27.X.11) Live in Wien 2:00
Coil Circles of Mania Horse Rotorvator 5:01
Der Blutharsch Hold On! (Remix) The Cosmic Trigger 3:29
Δaimon Emptiness (Textbeak Remix) Flatliner 4:22
Diaphane Metastable Lifeforms 4:51
Joy Division Twenty Four Hours Closer 4:26
Cabaret Voltaire Mao Musak Intro / Crackdown (Live at the Toronto Concert Hall, 5.05.85) Archive #828585 Live 7:36
Front Runner Freedom (Burial Strategy Mix) Digital:6::Focus:A 4:52
Atiq & Enk Slow Clouds Fear of the Unknown 4:17
Skinny Puppy Candle The Process 4:58
Ayria The Box Under My Bed Plastic Makes Perfect 3:54
Foundation Hope The Kind Tomb of Empires 4:36
Decoded Feedback Resilience Electronic Saviors 2 - Recurrence 4:56
Seeming Convincing Madness & Extinction 3:45
Aphex Twin Diskhat2 / Piano Un10 It Happened / Hat5c 0001 Rec-4 Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2 7:12
Inkubus Sukkubus Reptile Wild 4:29
Absurd Minds Stop the Fall Noumenon 3:53
Stoneburner Secher Nbiw Songs in the Key of Arrakis 5:59
AlterRed Emily AlterRed and the Electro Creep Show 3:41
Orphx Tensile Radiotherapy 7:19
The Cure This Morning The End of the World 7:15
Mimetic Scaffolding Where We Will Never Go 5:26
Killing Joke Tomorrow's World (Urban Primitive Dub) In Dub 7:08
Lindemann Yukon Skills in Pills 4:45
Dubcon UFO pon di Gullyside (Destination Dub) UFO pon di Gullyside 5:16
Front 242 Masterhit (Live) Moments 1 3:42
In Strict Confidence Engelsstaub (Extended ISC Version) Engelsstaub 6:20
Bourbonese Qualk To Hell with the Consequences 1983-1987 3:16
Reformed Faction Stueck 4 The World Awake / 11 Stueck 2:16
Your Bunny Rot Error Injection Error Injection 4:08
Control Constructive Destruction Transgression 6:20
Poupée Fabrikk Death Is Natural The Dirt 5:28
Detritus It's Nice to See the Sky Everyday Explanations 7:43
Psyclon Nine The Saint and the Valentine (A Reclamation) Disorder - The Shadow Sessions 5:02
Einstürzende Neubauten Die Befindlichkeit des Landes (Klavierversion) Klaviermusik 6:22
Acumen Nation Mister Sandman I Am Territory = Universe 3:44
KMFDM No Meat No Man Don't Blow Your Top 3:53
Juno Reactor Guillotine (Bliss Remix) The Golden Sun Remixed 8:29
This Morn' Omina Asa [ccf] Maschinenfest 2011 5:34
Mirabilis Le Sorbier de l'Oural Here and the Hereafter 1:45
Tyler Newman Slomo Zonekiller - Original Soundtrack 1:18
Blutengel Kinder Dieser Stadt (Symphonic Version) Black Symphonies 3:29
Calva Y Nada Rascheln Dias Felizes 4:24
Pigface Alles Ist Mine (Fookness Interruptus) Crackhead 4:33
Nurse With Wound Psychedelic Underground (Live in an Army Bunker, Wiltshire, 1984) Bar Maldoror 4:38
Bauhaus Exquisite Corpse The Sky's Gone Out 6:39

Technical Difficulties Radio Live Playlist - September 18, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Front 242 Religion (Pussy Whipped Mix) 06:21:03:11 Up Evil 6:05
Ministry Filth Pig Filth Pig 6:19
Raoul Sinier Too Late Guilty Cloaks 3:51
The Causticles Spacebugs Eric Gottesman 4:06
Pankow Kein Entkommen And Shun the Cure They Most Desire 4:48
Rational Youth Holiday in Bangkok (1983 Demo Mix) Magic Box 5:36
Wumpscut Vienna Bulwark Bazooka 5:31
Deviant UK Wreckhead (Method Cell Orchestral Version) Very Bad Things 2:48
Edgey Chaosbane Misfire 4:26
Nine Inch Nails Sanctified Pretty Hate Machine 5:54
Pop. 1280 Lights Out Imps of Perversion 2:45
Virgins O.R Pigeons Done with You Gotta Get Mad 4:39
Aphex Twin 4 Bit 9D API+E+6 Syro 4:28
Psyclon Nine Heartworm We the Fallen 5:10
Ohgr Feelin' Chicken Devils in My Details 3:48
Ostara Story of Lament Paradise Down South 5:06
Blutengel Der Regen Fällt... Omen 4:22
Membranes If You Enter the Arena You've Got to Be Prepared to Deal with the Lions Dark Matter/Dark Energy 3:35
100Blumen A Poem / I Gonna Stay Young Surveillance 9:56
Mastermind Mute Power 5:17
Einstürzende Neubauten Yü-Gung (Fütter Mein Ego) Halber Mensch 7:13
Killing Joke Drug The Singles Collection 1979-2012 4:32
Cabaret Voltaire Theme from Earthshaker (Sheffield Mix) Earthshaker 3:01
Config.sys Club der Freunde Disco Loud 3:07
Controlled Bleeding Now Is the Time Penetration 3:43
Displacer Firebug Foundation 3:46
iVardensphere Jigsaw (Speak Mix) Cycle of the Sun - Remixes Vol. 1 8:33
Amen 3:46
444Capsule Residual Ash Japanese Electro Punk Brutality 4:10
Pigface Empathy (Edit) The Best of Pigface - Preaching to the Perverted 3:55
Antidote For Annie Beneath All of This Time 5:36
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand Cool Down The End of the Beginning 3:05
Klangstabil Pay with Friendship Shadowboy 4:01
Cygnets Modern Youth Isolator 4:06
Apoptygma Berzerk Major Tom (Coming Home - Alon Cohen Remix) Major Tom EP 4:33
SKM-ETR Spreading the Disease New World Order 4:46
Death In June The Maverick Chamber The Snow Bunker Tapes 4:15
Seabound Nothing but Love Speak in Storms 5:31
Coil Dismal Orb How to Destroy Angels 7:32
The Cure At Night Seventeen Seconds 5:53
David Bowie The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Alt. Mix) The Hearts Filthy Lesson 5:22
Crisk. Meine Stadt (Jens Schipper Mix) Das Erste Mal 5:27
Igorrr Tartine de Contrebass Poisson Soluble / Moisissure 4:24
Whore Supercollider The Pale Blue Dot 4:16
Peter Murphy Silent Hedges (Live at the Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, July 27th, 2013) Lion 3:26
Disharmony Reactor Room 78 2:59
The Exploding Boy Shadows Four 4:20
Noir The Satin Box Darkly Near 4:28
Twilight Circus meets Edward Ka-Spel No Secrets 800 Saints in a Day 4:41
Front Line Assembly Circuitry (Alien Mix) Explosion 6:13
Current 93 The Invisible Church I Am the Last of All the Field That Fell 6:31
Deutsche Wertarbeit Deutscher Wald Deutsche Wertarbeit 4:05
Hilt Down on Mommy's Farm Call the Ambulance Before I Hurt Myself 3:19
God Module A Minute to Midnight The Magic in My Heart Is Dead 4:48
Nightmare Noise Machine Freaky Bitch K.I.T.F.H. 4:09
Geistform General Electric Transistor Music 5:10
Amduscia Check Mate (Love Game) Filofobia 4:27
Bella Morte A Quiet Place to Die Exorcisms 3:48
Negativland Wildlife Tonight It's All in Your Head 8:45
Diverje Mesmer Existence / Program Remix 3:29
KMFDM Stray Bullet Symbols 5:29
Delerium Heaven's Earth (Album Version Edit) Heaven's Earth 3:54
Damon Edge I'm a Gentleman Alliance & The Wind Is Talking 3:57
Perturbator Humans Are Such Easy Prey Dangerous Days 4:22
Junksista All You Can Eat Bad Case of Fabulous 3:22
Totakeke Digital Exorcism II (Death with a Face) Digital Exorcism 5:47
Paulina Cassidy The Trance Pool Sugar Wingsilver 2:20
Tweaker Wasted Time (Rob King / Adrian Terrazas-Gonzalez Mix) And Then There's Nothing 5:14
Reformed Faction Qtre Mikrocomposer Series 1 3:30
Funker Vogt Nothing to Include Maschine Zeit 6:28
Modern Cubism Spleen (Je Suis Comme le Roi...) Ravivé 4:21
Pro-Tech Thread Four Orbiting Cathedrals 8:45
Contagious Orgasm & Dirk Geiger Black Heart Fallen Empires 6:13
Opium Dissolving into You Twilight 6:27
Inertia Emeralds Existential 6:31
Karsten Pflum Bare Demon Sleepwald 4:24
Skinny Puppy Riverz End Last Rights 6:40
Wordclock And Then the Dawn Endless 2:58
The Legendary Pink Dots We Bring the Day Malachai - Shadow Weaver Part 2 18:59
VNV Nation Teleconnect 2 Transnational 8:12

Friday, September 4, 2015

A Severe Case of Spatial Displacement

Due to circumstances outside of our control... actually, due to circumstances completely within our control, there will be no live broadcast tonight or next Friday. We are suffering a severe case of spatial displacement, which is just a high-flown way of saying I'm on vacation. I will return to the live intertube-waves on Friday, September 18. Until then, for better or worse, the machines will be in charge...