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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - February 27, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Apoptygma Berzerk Major Tom (Coming Home) Major Tom 4:49
Mechanical Cabaret Careful, Careless Selective Hearing - Best of 2002-2012 3:56
Hansel Cypress Millwood Lorentzian Lineshaper 2:54
Voodou Days Like This The Haitian Hate God Show 5:27
THYX Don't Let Yourself Go Super Vision 3:28
Oyaarss Klusums, Tveice, Lietusgāze Smaida Greizi Nāakamība 5:42
Collide Haunted When the Minutes Drag Vortex 7:43
Panic Lift We Are the Illusion Is This Goodbye? 6:44
Synapscape Revolving Horse Traits 3:53
Combichrist You Amount to None From My Cold Dead Hands 4:51
Leæther Strip G.A.W.M. (Remix) Double or Nothing 6:15
Cold Cave Oceans with No End Full Cold Moon 4:33
Geneviéve Pasquier Nobody's Darling (Strict Drum Mix) UMB - 10 Years of Transmission 5:09
Weep Everything Falls from Trees Weep 4:03
Front 242 Skin (Live at MC Vredenburg, Utrecht, 25th October 1993) Live Code 5413356 424225 3:17
Normotone These Hearts Inward Structures 5:37
Kloq Bleed Begin Again 4:14
Unwoman Written in Red The Fires I Started 3:11
Front Line Assembly No Tomorrow State of Mind 4:47
Architect Hummingbird Mine 5:36
Everything Goes Cold SL.R1S / The Joke Black Out the Sun 5:18
Cygnets The Mask Isolator 2:24
Dubcon First Contact U.F.O. pon di Gullyside 5:03
KMFDM These Boots Are Made for Walkin' (Candy Remix) Boots 6:22
Will Triumph Word Flesh Stone 3:40
Geistform Post IBM Forms of Hands 10 5:13
Somegirl Morning I've Been Known to Be Completely Wrong 5:16
Solemn Assembly Oontz 4 Ur Boom Aftershock 4:06
Aphex Twin PAPAT4 (Pineal Mix) Syro 4:18
Cabaret Voltaire Just Fascination (12" Version) 83-85 12" As & Bs 8:14
Killing Joke Birds of a Feather The Singles Collection 1979-2012 3:46
Tying Tiffany Drownin' Absolute Grrrls Manifesto Chapter 1 3:25
Savak A Warning to All The Taliban Pistol 3:28
Aesthetic Perfection Death Rattle 'Til Death 4:15
Tony Wakeford World Turned Green (Live at CBGB) Let Us Prey 3:59
Näo Evol III 3:46
Ministry Deadguy Filth Pig 5:15
Δaimon EXU REI (Mr. Kitty Remix) Δaimon 4:07
Swanika Hotel C Maschinenfest 2010 4:37
Pigface Magazine / Think Notes from thee Real Underground 5:38
The Creatures Godzilla! Hai! 3:59
Lust For Youth I Found Love Perfect View 4:16
Hecq Rye Horror Vacui 4:27
Melotron Dein Meister Werkschau 4:13
Coph'antae Tryr Comprehended Tomb of Empires 4:27
Czar Writhe Vertical Mass Grave 3:47
Muslimgauze Salt Caravan Tandoor Dog 2:32
Vaniish Observatory Time Memory Work 3:56
Coil Wrim Wram Wrom Stolen and Contaminated Songs 3:13
Haujobb The Noise Institute Vertical Theory 3:43
The Cure Other Voices Faith 4:23
Tyler Milchmann In der Ukraine Strange Days 3:47
16Pad Noise Terrorist Symbolic Forms Utopia 3:57
Epoch Purity & Revolution Purity & Revolution 6:34
Traum'er Leben Schwingen des Lichts Steinklang Industries IV 4:09
Sewer Goddess We Ate Their Eyes (Live at the Red Light District, Far Rockaway, 07/25/09) Disciples of Shit - Live Waste 3:47
Army Of The Universe Break the Walls The Hipster Sacrifice 3:54
And One Everybody Lies at Night Magnet 3:38
Reformed Faction Stueck 8 The World Awake / 11 Stueck 9:35
Sphere Lazza Ultimate Abyss Ultimate Abyss 4:22
Nine Inch Nails The Collector With Teeth 3:07
Modern Cubism L'Importun Ravivé 3:43
Ugasanie Aurora Call of the North 7:11
Ohm 4AM Ohm 5:06
Mari Chrome Without You Georgy #11811 5:05
Skinny Puppy Ice Breaker Remission 2:46
Alter Der Ruine Will We Tear You Apart? I Will Remember It All Differently 4:09
SMP Megaton Terminal 4:01
This Morn' Omina Tawhid L'Unification des Forces Opposantes 12:07
Clan Of Xymox Heroes Kindred Spirits 3:27
Einstürzende Neubauten Was Ist Ist (Live at the Palast der Republik, Berlin, 4 November 2004) Palast der Republik 3:59
DE/Vision Life Is Suffering N00b 4:20
Niveau Zero Permafrost Jasmine 4:36
You've Got Foetus On Your Breath Wash It All Off Sink 4:02
Mick Harvey The Way Young Lovers Do Four (Acts of Love) 2:48
Access To Arasaka Polaris Geosynchron 3:14
Mirabilis Takeda no Komoriuta Here and the Hereafter 2:18
Wumpscut Grobian (Sinthetic Messiah Remix) DJ Dwarf 13 5:15
The Legendary Pink Dots Immaculate Conclusion Chemical Playschool 15 3:08
Swans Bring the Sun/Toussaint L'Ouverture To Be Kind 34:05

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