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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - August 28, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Einstürzende Neubauten Was Ist Ist Ende Neu 3:30
Mechanical Cabaret See Her Smile Selective Hearing - Best of 2002-2012 5:53
Displacer Dark Star Foundation 5:01
L'Âme Immortelle Behind the Light (Beautiful Light Remix) Durch Fremde Hand 4:10
A.E.C. The Strength of Steel Sex.Drug.Sequence 5:51
Pig vs. Primitive Race Long Live Death Long in the Tooth 3:39
Aesthetic Perfection The Dark Half 'Til Death 4:33
Hocico El Último Minuto El Último Minuto Antes de Que Tu Mundo Caiga 6:54
ABS6 The Kitsch Sin Maschinenfest 2010 3:51
Skinny Puppy Rash Reflection Too Dark Park 3:28
Lard The Power of Lard Power of Lard 7:29
Ghost & Writer Hurricane Red Flags 3:21
Roger Rotor Antidote Sightseeing Bizarre 5:19
The Dreamside Collide Absolute Grrrls Manifesto 5:01
Trakktor Blitzkrieg Galaxy (The Blister Exists Remix) Halo of Lies 6:11
Typhoid Vena Bassa Simulazione di Divinitá 5:01
Nine Inch Nails The Great Destroyer Year Zero 3:17
Obomatic Check the Plan Holy Uncontrollio!!! 3:05
Dryft Slow Jimmy The Blur Vent 4:27
Godflesh If I Could Only Be What You Want (2012 Remaster) Hymns 5:04
Ministry All Day (12" Version) Twelve Inch Singles 5:50
Mobthrow Be Water / Rainwolf Mobthrow 7:56
Pig vs. MC Lord Of The Flies The Doll Compound Eye Sessions 3:50
Kid606 D Minor Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1 - Bored of Excitement 4:19
Mr. Kitty Serenity Time 4:05
Nymphomatriarch Amaurophilia Nymphomatriarch 5:50
People Like Us vs. Ergo Phizmiz Soggy Style Perpetuum Mobile 2:58
Prude Sniper (at the Gates of Dawn) The Dark Age of Consent 4:57
Dead Voices On Air Last Night in Hallo Bay (Extract) Bundle 1995-2013 5:48
Psyche Stormtrooper Babylon Deluxe 4:53
Cop Shoot Cop It Only Hurts When I Breathe Release 3:39
Stray Surround Me to Passage D Letting Go 6:01
Mono-Amine Shut Down the Farm Human Farming 6:49
Rational Youth Dancing on the Berlin Wall (Live in Winnipeg, 1983) Live 1983 4:03
Front 242 Melt (Live) Re-Boot 3:27
Poordream Open Probability Ninetynine 3:45
Weep Stand Away Weep 3:33
Velvet Acid Christ Bend the Sky (Dead When I Found Her Mix) Dire Land - The Remix Album 4:32
Pharmakon Pitted Abandon 5:58
Moev Crossfire Suffer 6:56
Front Line Assembly Big Money (Remix) Monument 4:22
THYX Robots Don't Lie Super Vision 3:55
Sickboy Spiral Formation Into Oblivion 3:28
Cygnets Dark Romantic Dark Days 4:40
Tackhead King Bee (Wohlklang Mix) For the Love of Money 3:14
Muslimgauze Drugsherpa (Long) Drugsherpa 20:29
Epoch The Fall Sanctimonium 5:41
Combichrist Falling Apart No Redemption 2:44
Pig Heart Transplant Safe / Half / Edit / Rote / Mute / Sold / 1980 For Mass Consumption 5:20
The Cure 10:15 Saturday Night Join the Dots 3:42
Pigface Nutopia (Warzone Mix) Below the Belt 6:27
Schwarzblut Bis aufs Blut Sounds from the Matrix 15 4:17
iVardensphere Sentient Wave Form v3 Scatterface v3 5:02
Leæther Strip Coming Up for Air 2013 (Club Version) Yes I'm Limited VI 6:19
Laibach Eat Liver! Spectre 3:10
Karsten Pflum Sleepwald 6 Sleepwald 5:24
Diverje User Hate Stimulation 4:18
Atrium Carceri Realitatem The Untold 3:54
The Legendary Pink Dots Abracadabra Zzzz The Pre-Millennial Single 6:04
The Crüxshadows After All Ethernaut 5:45
Killing Joke Almost Red Chaos for Breakfast 3:46
Gofight Go Music for Military Torture 4:18
Cyclobe Setinels The Visitors 13:51
Nightmare Noise Machine Angry Among the Dead 3:49
Schachtanlage Gegenort / Denise Ritter Schachtwasser Aufgelassen 5:54
Chrome Slip It to the Android Alien Soundtracks I & II 3:47
Gnome & Spybey The Shadow and Ash of Your Sea Three 4:15
The Weathermen Fruits & Vegetables Embedded with the Weathermen 4:28
Sektor 304 Final Transmission Soul Cleansing 11:14
KMFDM Make Your Stand Our Time Will Come 6:21
Dark Star Eject! Travelogue II 7:08
Coil Red Birds Will Fly out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 1 12:40
Δaimon LOW (WMX Remix) Δaimon 4:32
Sonic Area Dead Muse / Inframonde Music for Ghosts 6:10
Mercury's Antennae Elendil / A Waking Ghost Inside A Waking Ghost Inside 8:21
Dirk Geiger Not the Last Meeting Connected Worlds 7:00
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Procedural Gone Girl - Soundtrack from the Motion Picture 4:30
Wormskull Corpsefucker Sound of Hell 4:08
Djoto Atatakai Slow Motion Burn 2:24
Covenant Leaving Babylon II Leaving Babylon 9:48

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - August 21, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Coil Backwards The New Backwards 5:22
Hate Dept. Already Over New Ghost 4:21
Matta Chaos Reigns Prototype 5:06
iVardensphere Sick Bloodwater 5:02
Sequential Access Grow Some Balls Sex Addicts Anonymous 3:40
Autoclav1.1 I.D.10.T Fault Ten.One.Point.One 3:44
Voicecoil Awakened Awakened 4:53
Project Pitchfork Equilibrium Io 5:22
100Blumen Klima 2 Distrust Authority 4:08
Foetus Interruptus ¡Chingada! Thaw 3:16
Nine Inch Nails Head Like a Hole (Slate) Head Like a Hole 4:18
Ego Likeness En Rouge When the Wolves Return 4:01
Mono No Aware Sora Pachinko to Hanbaagaa 5:57
Shellac Dude Incredible Dude Incredible 5:59
A.E.C. Echolalia Hate Life 6:41
Tonikom 29 Degrees (Angina P's 32 Degrees Remix) Found and Lost 4:50
Mesh It Scares Me The Point at Which It Falls Apart 4:47
Herzschlag Steh Auf! Fest der Liebe 5:41
Tineidae Lotus Feet Shadows 5:23
And One Your Pet Is a Ticking Bomb! Achtung 80 5:23
The Jesus & Mary Chain Kill Surf City Barbed Wire Kisses 3:12
Baal Brush Aside Your Way Shurado 3:04
Loss Cruciation I Am but the Sum of My Conditions 8:12
KMFDM Urban Monkey Warfare Attak 4:31
Laibach Final Countdown An Introduction to Laibach 5:39
Inverse Phase Land of Chipfusion Chiplust 4:40
Combichrist We Rule the World, Motherfuckers We Love You 4:54
Spiritual Front Franz Black Hearts in Black Suits 1:52
Cut Hands Madwoman (Festival Mix) Festival of the Dead 5:52
Front 242 Ethics Geography 2:30
Ministry Psalm 69 (Live 2012) Last Tangle in Paris - Live 2012 5:14
I:Scintilla I Want It All (Essence Of Mind 2011 Mix) Re:Covered Vol. 2 - A Tribute to Depeche Mode 5:43
Mlada Fronta F7,4-1/355 Every Thing 4:55
The Cure Meathook Three Imaginary Boys 2:17
Zelle 40 Dumb (with Broken Line Remix) Extreme Sündenfall 5 7:14
Sol Invictus Mr. Cruel Once upon a Time 4:26
Clan Of Xymox I'll Let You Go Matters of Mind, Body, and Soul 5:15
Solemn Assembly Aftershock Aftershock 4:50
Worms Of The Earth Drawing the Twelve Sigils of Set-Heh Azal'ucel 7:05
The Legendary Pink Dots Harvest Babies Hallway of the Gods 5:41
Recoil Faith Healer Bloodline 6:00
Epoch The Corporate State Purity & Revolution 5:08
S.I.N.A. That's It (Down Under Remix) Forms of Hands 02 4:34
Pigface White Trash Reggae (Pigface in Your Area) / Alle Ist Mein (Live) Truth Will Out 7:51
Diary Of Dreams Immerdar (Acoustic Version) The Anatomy of Silence 4:42
Muslimgauze Turkish Berlina 6 & 7 Turkish Berlina 2:26
Azar Swan Bury the Sun And Blow Us a Kiss 4:51
Velvet Acid Christ Eye H8 U Subconscious Landscapes 3:41
Mika Goedrijk Stonewall Naked 4:16
Godflesh Decline & Fall Decline & Fall 4:17
Killing Joke Unspeakable (Live at Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, August 1982) Ha! 5:19
Diverje Unleashed Greatest Bong Hits 4:51
Donevinn-Gottfried Conflageration The 2014 Album 4:53
Einstürzende Neubauten 3 Thoughts Tabula Rasa 4:42
Dawn Of Ashes Anathema (Part II - Burned at the Stake) Anathema 2:54
Semiomime Moon / Parade From Memory 6:04
Chrome Anti-Fade Red Exposure 3:55
Ohm Brute Ohm 3:42
The Fortieth Day / Sshe Retina Stimulants / Terence Hannum Intermodal Advent 13:26
Mark Stewart The Half Control Data 6:31
Leæther Strip Serenade for the Dead II Serenade for the Dead II 5:15
The_Empath Trackology (Special Derivative) Emerging Organisms Vol. 5 5:54
Agonoize Deutsch Apokalypse 4:18
Scaremeister State of Neurosis / Chamber Therapy / Subject22 31 Spirits 5:32
Rome The River Eternal A Passage to Rhodesia 3:35
5F-X E.D.D.Y.-scope. 007 (Flight Recorder Remix) Flight Recorder 5.0 5:39
Steven Balmer Heart (hEADaCHE Remix) Out of Phase - The hEADaCHE Remixes 4:10
Skinny Puppy Amnesia The Process 4:20
Ultraviolence Hiroshima Life of Destructor 6:15
Pig Cry Baby Genuine American Monster 3:18
Ben Lukas Boysen Opening Titles Restive - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 4:24
Mentallo & The Fixer Sensory Illusion Destroyed (Equivica Mix) Music from the Eather 3:50
R.U.O.K.? Hurry Up & Wait R.U.O.K.? 7:05
Qntal By the Light of the Moon Qntal VII 4:19
Lycia Spring Trees Quiet Moments 4:35
Iron Fist Of The Sun Born of Snake (Excerpt) Treatment of the Dead - A Cold Spring Sampler 4:40
Apoptygma Berzerk Skyscraping (Schizofreniac) Soli Deo Gloria 7:13
Lust For Youth Image Perfect View 2:04
The [Law-Rah] Collective Underneath Field of View 7:55
Front Line Assembly Body Count (Live at Kuz, Mainz, 24.10.95) Live Wired 9:10

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist, August 14, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Snog Late Twentieth Century Boy Third Mall from the Sun 4:51
Roppongi Inc. Project Don't Kill Yourself Endzeit Bunkertracks Act VI 4:26
Wieloryb NWO Empty 4:10
Emergence Eschaton (Oblivion) Eschaton 4:58
Agent Side Grinder Die to Live (Container 90 Rmx) Hardware (Sftwr Included) 3:00
iVardensphere Observing Bartok (Stamping Dance) The Methuselah Tree 1:49
Slave Unit Lower Through with You 2:34
Funker Vogt The Firm Companion in Crime 3:38
Exocet Drugs and Balance Consequence 5:03
Front 242 Quite Unusual (Interception Version) Official Version 5:01
Skinny Puppy Hexonxonx Rabies 5:24
Ludovico Technique Dead Inside (DYM) We Came to Wreck Everything 4:43
Cdatakill Battleworn Battleworn 4:05
Cult Of Youth Dragon Rouge Final Days 4:42
Boxed Warning Lost Magnifier 5:26
Subheim The Veil No Land Called Home 4:50
Front Line Assembly Nine Times The Initial Command 6:30
Δaimon Dissolvte (Remix) Cold Waves III Compilation 4:51
Zeitkratzer Incest (Live at Musique Action, Nancy, 2013) Whitehouse 4:30
The Birthday Party Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow) Junkyard 5:33
Mind.In.A.Box Travel Guide Memories 4:47
The Cure Love Instant Karma - The Campaign to Save Darfur 3:15
Tangent Expanding Horizons Transience 6:00
Beauty Queen Autopsy Dorothy Parker Had Days Like This Lotharia 4:36
Emigrate Born on My Own Silent So Long 4:40
Panacea Anti-Funk Twisted Designz 7:53
Leæther Strip Adrenalin Rush 09 Hærværk 7:25
Robotiko Rejekto Crying (Ivo Draganac Remix) Corporate Power 9:46
Asche Dogday Sunrise (Rmx by Iszoloscope) Stonebrain 4:29
23 Skidoo Tearing Up the Plans Pt. 1 Seven Songs 7:30
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral (The Bottom) Further Down the Spiral 7:28
Swans Big Strong Boss Filth (Deluxe Edition) 3:02
Sol Invictus Angels Fall (Live at the Concert Artistes' Association, London, 4 April 1992) Let Us Prey 3:51
Klinik Power of Passion (Live at the Tegentonen Festival, Amsterdam, 09.05.86) The Klinik 4:27
Xorcist Insect Nomad 5:57
Muslimgauze Girl Who Lived Inside a Sitar Tandoor Dog 3:41
Unto Ashes The Cursing Song Ghosts Captured 2:09
Wumpscut Rattengift Blutspukertavern 4:33
Cut Hands Nine-Night Black Mamba 5:02
Ministry The Light Pours Out of Me Animositisomina 4:26
Diverje Human Condition The Grand Betrayal 4:22
Aïboforcen Shadows Dédale 5:26
Körperwelten The Forces of Chastity Are Massing Once Again Avatars of Rape and Rage 6:04
The Sisters of Mercy You Could Be the One More 3:58
Jarboe & Helen Money Hello Mr. Blue Jarboe & Helen Money 5:32
Philipp Münch & Loss Whatever Happened in the Dark Transcontinental Desperation 5:57
Chrome My Time to Live The Visitation 4:22
Caustic We Never Learn The Man Who Couldn't Stop 3:12
Pharmakon Bestial Burden Bestial Burden 7:05
Cabaret Voltaire A Touch of Evil (Reprise) Red Mecca 1:33
Lindemann Skills in Pills Skills in Pills 4:12
The Legendary Pink Dots Beautiful Machine Remember Me This Way 2:54
Hysteresis Hellish Gospels There Is No Self 5:34
Einstürzende Neubauten Ich Bin's (Live in Prague, 27 Sept. 1997) Alles War Irgendwie Nützt 3:29
Zoviet France Amber Rose Hand The Tables Are Turning 6:58
The Neon Judgement Leash Amphi Festival 2014 3:20
Idlefon Ikigami Intensive Collectivity Known as City 4:12
KMFDM Hau Ruck (Live 2013) We Are KMFDM 5:21
Elph vs. Coil The Halliwell Hammers (3) Worship the Glitch 3:36
And One Dead Love Magnet 4:46
Delerium Temptation Poem 8:06
Iris Don't Cry Radiant 4:29
Lingouf Rovo Dot Oftog Doème 7:58
State Of The Union Stupid Song My Time Away 5:13
Karsten Pflum Dansk Notebook Center No Noia My Love 7:36
Psyclon Nine Act I - Penance / The Saint and the Valentine Order of the Shadows - Act I 7:01
Meat Beat Manifesto Teargas Subliminal Sandwich 0:38
Blacksage New Gardens Basement Vows 3:47
Black Lung Sauteed Outre Members The Soul Consumer 5:06
New Order Doubts Even Here Movement 4:19
Pigface Auto Hag Pigface vs. The World 4:44
Cat Rapes Dog Through a Glass Darkly Life Was Sweet 4:36
Nimon Nautilus Drowning in Good Intentions 8:35
P45K Adrift Surge & Subside - Queensland Flood Appeal 3:14
Cocksure Silikon Suckaz TVMALSV 5:33
Alphaxone Aftermath Altered Dimensions 7:13
Killing Joke The Raven King (Never Grow Old, Forever Now Dub) In Dub 7:32
Oneiroid Psychosis Cloud of Unknowing Garden of Remembrance 3:35
Attrition Invocation VIII Invocation 10:47
Joy Division Atmosphere The Best of Joy Division 4:10

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - August 8, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Front Line Assembly The Blade Tactical Neural Implant 5:50
Mindless Faith Shit Show Eden to Abyss 5:12
Undermathic Simply Ask Indistinct Face 5:14
16 Volt Head of Stone Wisdom 5:11
Borghesia 194 And Man Created God 5:36
Jenny Hval Amphibious, Androgynous Innocence Is Kinky 4:36
The Nine Control Dreamland 4:01
System Syn Lost No Sky to Fall 3:56
Synapscape Commute Traits 4:37
And One New Wave Mother Propeller 4:13
Killing Joke The Beautiful Dead (Flexi-Disc Version) The Singles Collection 1979-2012 4:36
Shinjuku Filth Showered in Glass Junk 3:53
Larvae Vows & Promises Exit Strategy 4:24
Cyanotic Signs of Struggle Worst Case Scenario Vol. 01 4:09
Pigface Du Liebst Mich Nicht, Ich Lieb' Dich Nicht Easy Listening... 4:19
Hecq with Matta Suture Avenger 4:11
Δaimon Evil Eye Flatliner 4:48
Pride & Fall Fear Your Love Of Lust and Desire 4:46
Nullvektor I Walk Alone I Walk Alone 7:23
KMFDM Achtung Naïve 4:16
Coil Fire of the Mind The Ape of Naples 5:13
Megaherz Himmelsstürmer Zombieland 4:38
5F-X Monty Python's Area 55 5F_55 Is Reflected to 5F-X 4:19
Die Sektor Solder (-) Existence 7:32
Everything Goes Cold Serpent Crown Black Out the Sun 4:54
Näo Hardware III 5:10
Blacksage Powder Sixtape 3:42
Ministry Vex & Siolence Dark Side of the Spoon 5:24
Muslimgauze Palestina Cache 1 Martyr Shrapnel 3:46
Dive Baby Oh Baby Dive 3:43
Beautiful Assassins Bed's Too Big Without You Preamp 6:22
Leæther Strip Hold Me (Amnistia Modification) Æscapism 4:04
Cordell Klier Winter 4 Winter 4:34
Emilie Autumn Scavenger Fight Like a Girl 6:58
Neikka RPM Wish You Were Here Chain Letters 3:41
Sol Invictus All's Well in Hell King & Queen 7:22
iVardensphere Terra Sapian Fable 4:38
Godflesh Carrion A World Lit Only by Fire 6:05
Alphaxone Melancholy Living in the Grayland 7:14
Einstürzende Neubauten Youme & Meyou Perpetuum Mobile 4:39
Black Tape For A Blue Girl Glow / Tarnished Halo Star 4:35
Iron Lung Corp. Edge of No Control Pt. Two Body Snatchers 3:57
Igorrr Excessive Funeral Nostril 3:29
Zola Jesus Dust Taiga 3:32
Stoneburner The Dance of the Incense Bush The No Chamber 6:30
Mushroom's Patience History Causes Jellyfish 4:24
Solar Enemy Burn-Up Mindfield - A Third Mind Records Sampler 4:47
Ghost & Writer Demons Crawl (Dead When I Found Her) Red Flags 5:18
Mobthrow Mirror Killer Maschinenfest 2011 5:09
The Cure Cut Here Greatest Hits 4:10
Individual Totem Croxxers Kyria 13 5:27
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult The Days of Swine and Roses Confessions of a Knife 6:02
Greyhound Scrapmetal Tactical Evolution 5:42
Davantage Texas Dealer Virus:Hate 6:35
Crystal Stilts Memory Room Nature Noir 3:37
Mentallo & The Fixer Introduction: To the Last Days of the System Rare, Unreleased, & Remastered 5:02
Mirabilis Permafrost Here and the Hereafter 4:23
Vaniish Loss of Sensation Memory Work 4:01
Sewer Goddess Chained to the Edge of Existence / A Lifeless Dreaming (Live at AS220, Providence, 02/26/10) Disciples of Shit - Live Waste 16:36
Sunshine Blind Lands End I Carry You 5:02
Rome The Colony (Lowveld) Hate Us and See if We Mind 20:40
Nine Inch Nails Heresy (Blind) Closer to God 5:32
Norman Westberg Jasper Sits Out (Cut) Atmospheric Undertakings 18:23
Allerseelen Gläserne Kugel Neuschwabenland 4:49
Stiff Valentine Get Back Empire of Illusion 3:30
Edward Ka-Spel The Voyeur Ghost Logik 9:41
Die Form Amnesia (Amnesium) Rayon X 4:23
Hanzel Und Gretyl IrönStar Outlaws (KyzrWölf Remix) Für Immer 1:54
Lingouf Metalisme Terre de Pierres 8:31
Zentriert Ins Antlitz Contact Prozium 9:14
Front 242 Headhunter 2000 (Apoptygma Berzerk Mix) Headhunter 2000 5:42
Chrome Sound and Light Half Machine from the Sun - The Lost Tracks from '79-'80 4:25
r.roo Otstulpenie Mgnovenie 5:59
Your Bunny Rot Error Injection (Cutoff Sky Remix) Error Injection 4:56
Die Krupps Nocebo The Machinists of Joy 4:13
Millipede Living with Ghosts A Mist and a Vapor 6:07
God Destruction Doomsday Novus Ordo Seclorum 5:36
Reformed Faction Stueck 11 The World Awake / 11 Stueck 2:40
The Legendary Pink Dots Saucers Over Chicago (Live at the Metro, Chicago, 11 November 1998) Live at the Metro 10:08
Skinny Puppy DaddyuWarbash The Greater Wrong of the Right 3:18

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - July 31, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Die Krupps The Last Flood (Blood Stream-Mix) The Remix Wars Strike 2 - Front Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps 5:35
Ministry We Believe Twitch 5:56
Oyaarss Smaida Greizi Nākamība Smaida Greizi Nākamība 7:44
Crystal Castles Kerosene (III) 3:12
Hartung & Schleinitz Home Introspection/Extrospection 5:45
Front Line Assembly Prototype (Hecq) Echoes 7:30
Mechanical Cabaret It Just Is Beyond Science and Superstition 4:48
Moving Units I Wanna Go Dancing Neurotic Exotic 4:10
Incite/ Dare to Dance Dare to Dance 4:37
Trigger10d Most People Don't Forget The Difference Is a Boy 4:28
Front 242 Special Forces Backcatalogue 5:26
Youth Code First & Last An Overture 3:29
ESA The Plot Sickens Themes of Carnal Empowerment Part 1 - Lust 4:31
Skinny Puppy Optimissed Underworld - Music from the Motion Picture 3:49
Unwoman The Fires I Started The Fires I Started 4:40
Hecq 243p Horror Vacui 3:47
Mindless Faith Indiscriminate Force Just Defy 2:03
Sophya Desert Heart The Age of Sophya 4:04
Anklebiter Golden Age of Terrible Photography Weight of a Pronoun 6:40
Torul End of Story Tonight We Dream Fiercely 4:25
The Legendary Pink Dots Curious Guy The Lovers 5:35
Deutsche Wertarbeit Guten Abend, Leute Deutsche Wertarbeit 5:39
Wumpscut I Want You (:W: Harsh Mix) I Want You 3:24
Melotron Das Herz Werkschau 5:26
In The Nursery Sense Sense 4:13
The Birthday Massacre Oceania Superstition 4:11
Hypnoskull & Cyboresis Krengg Electronic Music Means War to Us 2 3:41
And One Low S.T.O.P. 4:43
Download Kundi Lingam 4:16
Δaimon Amen (Everything At Once Within) Amen 4:23
KMFDM From Here On Out WWIII 4:03
The Dreaming Painkillers Rise Again 3:46
Ahnst Anders After Dark Home 8:35
Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld Still Smiling Still Smiling 5:39
Peter Murphy Holy Clown Lion 4:13
Sol Invictus Kneel to the Cross Lex Talionis 4:47
Killing Joke SO36 (Spanish Session) Duende - The Spanish Sessions 5:56
Leæther Strip Listen to the Children Play (Bitch Slap Mix) Untold Stories - The Melancholic Sessions 4:58
Ugasanie Silence of the Rocks White Silence 4:08
The The DieselBreeze NakedSelf 2:52
Spahn Ranch The Warmth of Silence Beat Noir 4:37
Liaisons Dangereuses Etre Assis Ou Danser Liaisons Dangereuses 3:26
Spitting At Pigeons Rain Spitting At Pigeons 6:32
Diskonnekted Dark Place Hotel Existence 4:37
Nine Inch Nails Happiness in Slavery (Remixed by T. Reznor and C. Vrenna with PK) Fixed 6:08
Architect Set My World on Fire Mine 7:34
Pop. 1280 Human Probe Imps of Perversion 5:30
Peace Love & Pitbulls White, White, White 3 3:06
Mono No Aware Datum des Verfalls Tatemae Honne 3:47
Army Of The Universe Mine The Hipster Sacrifice 3:16
Vomito Negro Time Death Sun 6:07
Chrysalide Anger Is a Show Don't Be Scared, It's About Life 3:35
Curse Sinking Ships Curse 6:18
Carter Tutti Obsession Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey 5:14
Coil Clap Scatology 1:17
Nimon A Box of Old Photographs The King Is Dead 6:44
Stoneburner Eternal Ghafla Songs in the Key of Arrakis 4:57
Pigface Slut/Blood/Pain / Psalm Springs Eternal Notes from thee Underground 3:43
Xiphoid Dementia My Time Will Never Come Secular Hymns 10:26
The Cure Let's Go to Bed (Milk Mix) Never Enough 7:11
The Ministry of Wolves The Gold Key Republik der Wölfe 4:23
Reformed Faction Caucaususa Mikrocomposer Series 1 8:47
Einstürzende Neubauten Die Explosion im Festspielhaus Ende Neu 4:32
Dubcon Green Fire UFO pon di Gullyside 4:57
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble Caravan! Here Be Dragons 6:28
Paulina Cassidy Captured / Voodoo Lily Sugar Wingshiver 5:30
Interpol My Blue Supreme El Pintor 3:08
Heimatærde Einfach So Kaltwærts 4:01
Ginormous A Mountain People Can Always Climb The Endless Procession 5:56
White Trash Compactor Couch & the Serpent Cyberpuncture 3:51
Acucrack Honey The Mawn Reproduction 4:50
Rein[Forced] Malignancy (MMSML Mix) Pre-Existing Conditions 4:54
Tineidae Kasatka Lights 4:03
Calva Y Nada Abgesang Dias Felices 3:16
Kloq Jenny Begin Again 3:22
Whore An End to Ancient Beasts The Pale Blue Dot 5:32
Pail Poisoned Information (Hungarian Cut Remix) Towards Nowhere 4:43
Lustmord Sublimation Carbon/Core 12:02
VNV Nation Carry You Judgement 6:11
Needle Sharing My Kind My Kind Came First 8:48