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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - January 17, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Ministry Hail to His Majesty (Peasants) From Beer to Eternity 5:16
Out Out Finched (New Mix) 1989-1999: Hasten the Burning… with the Breath of Fools 5:52
13th Monkey Cedera Redefining the Paradigm of Bang 8:03
Aghast View Trendsetter Trendsetter 6:25
Haujobb Let's Drop Bombs (DuPont Remix) New World March 5:01
Ohama The Drum The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume Two 3:59
THYX Underdive The Way Home 4:49
ABS6 Douce Trépanation (Remixed by Mimetic) Audiomedikation 5:12
Absolute Body Control Into the Light Shattered Illusion 5:06
Skinny Puppy Shore Lined Poison Too Dark Park 4:49
Dead Musician Skull Martyrilty 4:02
Emilie Autumn Gaslight Fight Like a Girl 5:09
Throbbing Gristle Last Exit (Live at the Polytechnic, Brighton, 1977) Second Annual Report 6:12
Front Line Assembly Victim of a Criminal Millennium 6:32
Unwoman Sentiment Knowledge Scars 3:54
X Marks the Pedwalk The Sun, the Cold, My Underwater Fear The Sun, the Cold, and My Underwater Fear 4:44
Idiot Stare STFU Unknown to Millions 3:51
Mad EP vs. Puppetmastaz Clones (Remix) Bass.Hed 3:36
Dive Ritmo Montana Dive 3:36
Das Ich Krieg im Paradies Anti'Christ 5:34
KMFDM What Do You Know? What Do You Know, Deutschland? 5:36
Xorcist GoverNet (Web Edit) Resist the Command 5:41
Geneviéve Pasquier Emotion I / Rubberpop Le Cabaret Moi 6:15
Raggedy Angry Scream/Scream Dead Beats 3:43
Miss FD Lover of Fate Comfort for the Desolate 4:06
3 Bloody Monkeys What a Day In Formation - A Tribute to Throbbing Gristle 3:54
Seize Troubled Mind Constant Fight 4:26
Short To Ground Somebody to Save Electronic Saviors 2 - Recurrence 4:19
Dead Voices On Air The Tenant and His Cure (Pt. 2) Mawson's Will and Other Stories 2:46
ThouShaltNot The Haunted Phonograph A Dark Cabaret 2 3:46
Everything Goes Cold Solaris The Tyrant Sun 3:48
Death In June The Calling (Mk II) Nada Plus! 5:35
Canaan The Memory Traveller Of Prisoners, Wandering Souls, and Cruel Fears 5:03
Android Lust Suffer the Flesh (Musculus Infinitus) Evolution 5:34
Rammstein Mutter (Sono's Inkubator Mix) Made in Germany 1995-2011 7:21
Konstruktivists New York Glennascaul 5:11
Nitzer Ebb In Decline Big Hit 5:36
Qntal Indiscrete Qntal IV - Ozymandias 4:13
Axiome Brise-Glace Ten Hymns for Sorbetière or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Freezer 5:08
The Cure Fire in Cairo Three Imaginary Boys 3:23
Cat Rapes Dog Snuffbox Life Was Sweet 3:39
Television Overdose Arrival at Infinite Terrestrial Broadcast v2 5:50
Caustic All Your Heroes are Dildos I Can't Believe We're Re-Releasing This Crap 3:20
Pigface Think Notes from thee Underground 3:38
Nine Inch Nails Satellite Hesitation Marks 5:02
Angina P Regime in My Head Sensitive Files 4:51
Aurelio Voltaire "Damn You, George Lucas" / Docking Bay 94 BiTrekTual 6:46
Front 242 Melt (Again) 05:22:09:12 Off 5:06
Raoul Sinier Peephole Crisis Huge Samurai Radish 3:03
Morlocks Consecration The Outlaw of Fives 6:39
Panic Lift Temptress Is This Goodbye? 5:11
Numb Blood Meridian Blood Meridian 4:44
Von Magnet Kedma Ni Prédateur ni Proie 5:50
Leæther Strip Seasons Change - I Don't Dark Passages + Seasons Change - I Don't 4:58
Boxed Warning Sleep of Reason / Produces Monsters Magnifier 5:51
Allerseelen Dein Herz Schlägt Aufwärts Rauhe Schale 4:29
The Legendary Pink Dots Testing 1-2-3 Code Noir 6:13
Trakktor Halo of Lies (Remixed by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio) Halo of Lies 5:53
Muslimgauze Base Metal Trinkets, One Rupee Jaal ab Dullah 8:22
Killing Joke Are You Receiving? (Live) XXV Gathering - Let Us Prey 5:32
Noise Unit Illicit Dreams Voyeur 7:49
BlackOpz Hunted Blood, Sweat, and Fear 5:38
Reformed Faction Chaime Years of Lightning, Day of Drums 6:57
Faith & The Muse In the Amber Room The Burning Season 6:32
The Twilight Garden Fixation Hope 4:28
SMP Still Sick Death of the Format 4:04
Die Sektor Conquest and Liberty The Final Electro Solution 4:47
DarkDriveClinic Still Contagious Noise in My Head 3:33
Coil Mayhem Accelerator Part 1 Brain in the Wire 12:20
Snog Hooray!! (The Nude Acoustic Verandah Session) The Dissolving Satellite of Egoism Overturned 2:01
Einstürzende Neubauten Halber Mensch Halber Mensch 4:12
Klinik 7 Vidna Obmana Gluttony Seven Gluttony 10:32
M. Gira Eden Prison The Milk of M. Gira 3:49
ASCII.Disko Crayons Black Orchid - From Airlines to Lifelines 2:54
Integral Waiting The Past Is My Shadow 7:13
Soriah with Ashkelon Sain Omeyocan Eztica 8:52
Laibach The Moon Nazis Are Coming / 125' Later Ragtime / Good War Blues (Klaus and Vivian) / Die Flotte Ist Bereit / Der Führer's Last Waltz Iron Sky - The Original Film Soundtrack 6:50
Aythis Wounded Asylum The New Earth 6:11
The [Law-Rah] Collective 'T Luie End Inspiration 3:58
Cabaret Voltaire Sensoria (12" Mix) Micro-Phonies 7:52

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - January 10, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
The Cure Fascination Street Disintegration 5:14
Acretongue Origin Strange Cargo 5:48
The_Empath At the Heart of It All Meanwhile 5:05
Inertia Idle Life Universal Blood 5:20
SMP Corporate Lunch Coda 4:28
Neon Lobotomy Metal Dance 2 - Industrial New Wave EBM Classics & Rarities 79-88 5:46
Armageddon Dildos Homicidal Maniac Homicidal Dolls 4:32
Krystal System Master and Servant (The Whip It Side) Voodoo Night Sessions 3:28
Sabes Time Diesel Charm 2:37
Killing Joke Dominator Fire Dances 4:28
Laibach Tanz mit Laibach WAT 4:18
The Break Up Fever Pitch Synthesis 4:25
X-TG Breach Desertshore / The Final Report 5:03
Ministry A Walk in the Park With Sympathy 5:08
Download Deepdark Modular Inception - The Subconscious Jams 1994-1995 3:44
Combichrist I Know What I Am Doing (Planet Treason) No Redemption 2:42
Lapsed + Non Non Mirthless Method The Death of Convenience 6:42
Unwoman Let the Music Play Uncovered 4:44
Incite/ Quantiverse Mindpiercing 3:35
Rammstein Stripped For the Masses - A Tribute to Depeche Mode 4:43
Diverje Bang You Too! Hate Stimulation 4:01
Chant This Secret That Which Divides 5:21
Scorn Guggled Part 2 Maschinenfest 2008 5:40
Acumen Nation Cancerine More Human Heart 3:11
End Over 9 Billion Dead Served Belio:CD:War 4:50
Pigface I Hate You in Real Life Too 6 4:17
How To Destroy Angels Ice Age Welcome Oblivion 6:52
Hanzel Und Gretyl Irönstar Outlaws Born to Be Heiled 5:35
Access To Arasaka Lysithea Geosynchron 5:46
Skinny Puppy Morpheus Laughing (Live in Warsaw) Bootlegged, Broke, and in Solvent Seas 4:08
Decoded Feedback Another Loss Dis|Konnekt 6:03
Portion Control Point Blank Pure Form 5:18
Konstruktivists In Kabal Black December 3:23
The Rorschach Garden In the Meantime A Place for the Lost 3:52
The Countdown Bad Penny Scratch & Sniff 3:09
Substanz-T Unique Tripped Experiences 7:55
Death In June Cathedral of Tears Discriminate 2:42
Die Sektor Infernal Applied Structure in a Void 6:11
Mira In the End (Early Version) The Echo Lingers On 8:30
Severed Heads Dead Eyes Opened (Extended Version) Bulkhead 6:30
Leæther Strip Turmoil (Fuel for Fascism) Mental Slavery 4:45
[:SITD:] Beacon of Hope Icon:Koru 6:53
Olen'k She's Dead Silently Noisy 3:50
Legend Violence Fearless 5:19
Philipp Münch Shifting People Mondo Obscura 4:07
Organic Cage Endgegner Brain Surgery Machine 3:38
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds We Real Cool Push the Sky Away 4:18
Neutral Jazz Interludes for Looney Tunes / Desire Of (P.A.L. Remix) Caller ID 6:03
Larrnakh Drift Now Will You Believe? 6:25
Front Line Assembly Laughing Pain Monument 5:46
X-RX Fear, Destruction, Machines (Intro) / Escalate Activate the Machinez 5:07
Swans In My Garden Children of God / World of Skin 5:35
Empusae vs. Converter Ceremony Mortusae 4:36
KMFDM Too Much 84-86 1:37
Trakktor Dancing with the Devil Force Majeure 6:04
The Legendary Pink Dots Lisa's Party (Live in France, 1994) The French Collection 4:49
M(i)lkrun Lard Ram Surge & Subside - Queensland Flood Appeal 3:48
Twitch The Ripper No Expression Colorblind 3:18
Dead Voices On Air Vaerglas Fast Falls the Eventide 10:54
Covenant Dead Stars (Live) In Transit 7:05
Hanin Elias Public Image Tribute - A Tribute to Public Image Limited 3:24
Δaimon Black Cross Flatliner 3:48
Coil Lowest Common Abominator Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil 5:00
Juno Reactor Masters of the Universe (Edit) Masters of the Universe 4:04
Clan Of Xymox Is Vic There? Kindred Spirits 3:46
Sutcliffe Jugend Lucky With Extreme Prejudice 6:56
Cryogen Second The Answer Anthem for the Great Self Destruct 6:22
Deviant UK Why So Serious Very Bad Things 6:04
Oyaarss Sejā Tumši Vaibsti (The Darkest Shades of a Face) Bads 4:07
iVardensphere Chasing the Dragon (Unit 187 Remix) I Dream in Noise - Remixes Vol. 2 5:37
Nine Inch Nails 28 Ghosts IV Ghosts I-IV 5:21
Einstürzende Neubauten Feder Vice Solo Bassfeder 10:12
VNDL Crunx Gahrena - Paysages Électriques 6:32
Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud Motionless Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud 5:20
Julia Kent Overlook Green and Grey 4:58
Reformed Faction Blaar Phase / Palast Musik I Am the Source of Light, I Am Not a Mirror 3:52
Crime & The City Solution Streets of West Memphis American Twilight 5:48
Tapage Repress Overgrown 4:48
Rasputina Rusty the Skatemaker / Bad Moon / Remnants of Percy Bass (Encore - Live at the Knitting Factory, Williamsburg, September 13, 1909) The Pregnant Concert 13:32
Front 242 This World Must Be Destroyed (DSMO 1-4) Mixed by Fear 12:09

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - January 3, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Skinny Puppy Magnifishit Mythmaker 4:31
KMFDM Amnesia (Käptn' K. Remix) Amnesia 5:46
Balkansky / Loop Stepwalker Kora Adhesion 4:56
Your Bunny Rot New Born Error Injection 3:40
Diatribe Junkyard (Club Mix) Ultracide / Junkyard 5:23
Normotone The Unutterable Beauty Inward Structures 5:15
Dead When I Found Her Doll Parts Rag Doll Blues 6:00
The Birthday Massacre In This Moment Hide and Seek 4:33
Der Blutharsch The Pleasures Received in Pain VIII The Pleasures Received in Pain 2:43
Killing Joke Kings and Queens The Singles Collection 1979-2012 3:44
Nine Inch Nails Discipline The Slip 4:19
400 Blows Pressure (Club Pressure) Metal Dance - Industrial Post Punk EBM Classics & Rarities 80-88 6:32
Last Days of S.E.X. Productivism, Economism, Consumerism, and Other Fancy Stuff for Destroying the Planet Great Irony and the Politically S.E.X.plosive 5:34
Leæther Strip I Am Your Conscience '10 Retention No. 3 5:01
Chant Need Strong Words for Strong People 5:31
End Pills to Make You Fun The Dangerous Class 2:17
Rammstein Keine Lust Reise, Reise 3:42
Mentallo & The Fixer Mother of Harlots (Tempo Crusher) False Prophets 8:19
Sonar Never Too Late Cut Us Up 3:18
Heimatærde God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen Gottgleich 4:41
Babyland Gehry 2002 4:33
Front Line Assembly Pulse Charge AirMech 6:01
Institut Make Way, Make Way A Great Day to Get Even 4:10
Hocico Mundo Imposible El Último Minuto Antes de Que Tu Mundo Caiga 3:27
Matmos Ross Transcript The Marriage of True Minds 2:36
Pennyliquid Cowboy Gear Robot Dreams 9:25
Ipecac Loop Backbreaker Forced Cranial Removal 6:35
Assemblage 23 The Other Side of the Wall Bruise 4:23
Architect Wachsmuth Consume Adapt Create 6:30
Zola Jesus Vessel (Version) Versions 4:51
Razed In Black There Goes My Head Share This Poison - Retrospective 5:36
Project Pitchfork Run for Cover Quantum Mechanics 6:19
Controlled Bleeding Live at Tonic, NYC (Parts 1 & 2) Gibbering Canker-Opera Slaves (Studies in Meditation and Evisceration) 3:18
Front 242 Serial Killers Don't Kill Their Dog Either Angels Versus Animals 5:06
Weep The Time I Thought That Worn Thin 3:45
Death In June She Said Destroy (Lounge Corps Version) Peaceful Snow 3:00
Absolute Body Control I'm Leaving Wind[Re]Wind 5:42
Winterkälte Incinerator 1996 Forms of Hands 09 5:45
Ego Likeness The Map Is Not the Territory Dragonfly 6:59
Psyche Love Is a Winter Legacy 3:32
Imperative Reaction Severed Ruined 5:04
Whore Hell Is Other Planets The Pale Blue Dot 4:29
The Teknoist Dead Unicorn Trainwreck Magnetism 6:39
Psychic TV / PTV3 Milk Baba The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye - Music from the Motion Picture 5:54
Collide In the Frequency (Pure Oxygen) Bent and Broken 6:38
Einstürzende Neubauten Kollaps Kollaps 8:03
Ministry Every Day Is Halloween (Razed In Black Remix) The Very Best of Fixes and Remixes 4:55
Cesium 137 Run Science and Sound 4:34
Nurse With Wound The Standard of Table Daddy Who Can I Turn to Stereo Etc. 7:19
Neither/Neither World Don't Slip Away She Whispers 4:08
Cyber-Tec Let Your Body Die Cyber-Tec 4:51
Trent Reznor with Atticus Ross She Reminds Me of You The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 4:25
Aesthetic Perfection One and Only All Beauty Destroyed 5:09
X-Act Dirty Little Things Industrial Confusion 4:01
The Legendary Pink Dots Divine Resignation Taos Hum 5:39
Erode Disengage Horizon 7:12
Eldar The Insurgents Shot Amesha Spentas 4:20
Armageddon Dildos Babysnake Untergrund 3:47
Frank Riggio VIS L A R M Psychexcess I - Presentism 7:37
Lamia O Domine Jesu Christe Dark Angel 4:32
Mechanical Cabaret Nothing Special Selective Hearing - Best of 2002-2012 4:25
Neutral Blue Paper (A Neutral Rmx) Masonic 6:41
Antythesys Bleak Antythesys 4:50
Morbus M. Simple Play Forget the Past 5:05
Chrysalide Give Me Something Stronger Don't Be Scared, It's About Life 5:38
T.Raumschmiere R.Rorizm / Leichtes Kratzen Anti 5:51
Toxic Coma Digital Gravy Satan Rising 5:36
Inure So Far Away The Offering 4:00
Sutcliffe Jugend The Death of Pornography Blue Rabbit 9:59
Foetus In Excelsis Corruptus Deluxe Hot Horse (Live at CBGB, November 3, 1990) Male 5:08
Coil Glowworms/Waveforms Moon's Milk (in Four Phases) 5:53
The [Law-Rah] Collective From Inside an Empty Room Solitaire 7:45
Faith & The Muse Dead Leaf Echo Evidence of Heaven 5:41
The Razor Skyline Control Dark Water Oasis 3:18
Autumn's Grey Solace Holocene Eifelian 3:54
Der Plan Film Noir 1979 Normalette Surprise - 23 Elektronische Schlager 2:48
Rasputina Children's Reform Center Great American Gingerbread 5:18
Control The Solution The Resistance 6:39
Swans The Seer The Seer 32:14
Pigface Warzone / You Know/You Know/You Know A New High in Low 8:07

Friday, January 3, 2014

Testing 1-2-3...

Greetings and felicitations!

You have stumbled across the blog for Technical Difficulties Radio, an internet radio station on specializing in industrial music in all its many variants, as well as related strains of post-punk, dark rock, electronic, experimental, noise, and whatever else seems to make sense at the time. Watch this space for playlists, reviews, and announcements. The station is still in its embryonic stages at the moment, but there are big things ahead - I'm building up a massive library of songs, planning specialty shows, and plotting WORLD DOMINATION... eventually. For now, though, enjoy some good music:

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