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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - December 19, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
KMFDM Genau Our Time Will Come 5:13
Android Lust Vereor Crater Vol. 1 3:01
P.A.L. Intro / Talking to a Stranger Release 1:49
Sabotage Do What You Do Acoustic Costumes 5:36
Neikka RPM Kingdom of Fire Chain Letters 3:30
Aphex Twin XMAS_EVET10 (Thanaton3 Mix) Syro 10:30
Dead When I Found Her Panic Matter Rag Doll Blues 5:13
Pankow Me and My Ding Dong (Rmx by Tying Tiffany) And Shun the Cure They Most Desire 3:38
Undermathic I Will Show You These Places Indistinct Face 5:08
Foetus Steal Your Life Away Gash 4:42
Nine Inch Nails Deep Deep 4:06
Hocico The Other Side of Reality El Último Minuto Antes de Que Tu Mundo Caiga 5:13
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand Get Back! The End of the Beginning 4:06
Front Line Assembly Transmitter (Come Together) Civilization 5:38
Informatik No One Playing with Fire 6:09
Killer Warhell Maschinenfest 2010 2:21
Front 242 Tragedy (For You - Punish Your Machine 12") Tragedy (For You) 5:05
The Causticles We're (Literally) Here for Your (Figurative) Pussy Eric Gottesman 4:23
Detritus Beautiful People Die (Remixed by Mothboy) Things Gone Wrong 5:23
Weep Shut Up and Drive Worn Thin 3:35
Swans Screen Shot To Be Kind 8:04
God Module Transcend (Cut.Rate.Box. Mix) Psychic Surgery - The Victims Among Friends & Perception EPs 5:03
Empusae Ritual for Saille Sphere from the Woods 8:09
Hanzel Und Gretyl Hammerzeit (KyzrWölf Remix) Für Immer 3:13
Leæther Strip Scablands Serenade for the Dead II 5:06
Allerseelen Herbstlied Rauhe Schale 4:57
Skold Devil Inside Skold 4:19
Wumpscut Nest Schädling 6:10
Non Back to Mono (Live) Back to Mono 3:16
Einstürzende Neubauten Jordache / Kein Bestandteil Sein (Alternative Ending) Strategies Against Architecture II 7:11
System Syn No Sky to Fall No Sky to Fall 3:53
The Threat High Cost of Living Strange Passion - Explorations in Irish Post-Punk DIY and Electronic Music, 1980-83 4:17
Hecq Bane Avenger 5:59
Sixth Comm Red Cloak Ontogeny I 6:46
Lust For Youth Barcelona Perfect View 3:24
Cut Hands Welcome to the Feast of Trumpets Cut Hands 2:02
Damon Edge Alliance of Hearts Alliance & The Wind Is Talking 2:44
Nitzer Ebb All Over Showtime 3:31
LS-TTL Orc (el-es-tee-tee-el) 6:17
The Cure Your God Is Fear alt.end 5:05
Death In June The Honour of Silence Nada Plus! 3:18
Metroland M-E-T-R-O Mind the Gap 5:31
The Legendary Pink Dots The Disaster Area Chemical Playschool 10 3:54
Horsey Forever Jorge White Diet of Worms 6:10
Surgyn Feed Me Fame Envy 3:37
Nightmare Noise Machine Sacred Among the Dead 3:46
Torul All Over Again Tonight We Dream Fiercely 5:31
Lingouf Accordrobion Terre de Pierres 8:11
Skinny Puppy Subskull Back and Forth 06Six 4:33
Killing Joke Democracy The Singles Collection 1979-2012 3:43
The Klinik Ring of Fire The Klinik 4:02
Pzychobitch Upside Down The Day After 3:55
Disharmony meets ISH Falling Stars Room 78 3:53
A Kiss Could Be Deadly Poison IV A Kiss Could Be Deadly 3:29
Trakktor Veil of Thorns Force Majeure 5:14
iVardensphere These Machines Keep Me Alive Bloodwater 3:55
Ministry Die in a Crash The Last Sucker 4:03
Sol Invictus Like a Sword (Live) Let Us Prey 4:07
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor Dirty Noise Meltdown 4:32
Chrysalide Another Brick in the Wall (Traumanoize Cover) Don't Be Scared, It's About Life 5:07
Cabaret Voltaire Just Fascination (7" Version) #7885 Electropunk to Technopop 3:34
Apparatus Come Alive Apparatus 4:00
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble Lead Squid Here Be Dragons 9:02
Psyche Psyche Theme The Influence 2:51
Ostara Garden of the Rain Paradise Down South 4:52
Involution Clairaudience Involution 4:51
Rein[Forced] Core Catcher X Amount of Stab Wounds in the Back 4:42
Funker Vogt Kapitulation Companion in Crime 3:55
Lowness 100,000 Undertow 4:28
Coil Windowpane (Minimal Mix) Windowpane 5:37
Martin Atkins & The Chicago Industrial League The Spirit of Christmas An Industrial Christmas Carol 9:01
Soriah with Ashkelon Sain Iix Eztica 9:46
My Bloody Valentine All I Need Isn't Anything 3:04
Millipede A Hole in the Shape of You A Mist and a Vapor 4:20
Bella Morte Black Seas Collide The Best of Bella Morte 3:36
Spiritual Front Dies Iræ / No Forgiveness Black Hearts in Black Suits 5:32
Nexus Kenosis Gestalt Elsewhen 2:42
Aurelio Voltaire Cathouse Tragedy Riding a Black Unicorn... 4:27
Reformed Faction Candle Radio Years of Lightning, Day of Drums 3:13
The Birthday Massacre Movie Walking with Strangers 5:03

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - December 12, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Front Line Assembly Neologic Spasm (Dislocated Mix) The Remix Wars Strike 2 - Front Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps 3:54
Covenant We Go Down Last Dance 4:03
Architect Neverending Mine 5:01
Einstürzende Neubauten Selbstportrait mit Kater Perpetuum Mobile 6:12
Geneva Jacuzzi The Sleep Room The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume Two 2:58
Essence Of Mind Scars Indifference 3:52
Mr. Kitty Dearlove Life 4:44
Encoder Illuminati Interbreeding V - Terrorland 4:23
Dirk Geiger Elf Morgen (Anklebiter Remix) Elf Morgen 6:39
KMFDM Tohuvabohu (Live 2013) We Are KMFDM 5:21
Der Blutharsch Live in Leiden I Live in Leiden 4:38
God Module As the Night Falls Empath 2.0 4:20
Rasputina Sweet Water Kill (The Ocean Song) Cabin Fever 3:33
Cycloon Celebrate Plasma Fusion 5:58
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra Bottomfeeder Theatre Is Evil 6:12
Tineidae Sky of Glass Lights 6:03
Dive Lies in Your Eyes Dive 4:10
Cocksure Assault on Cocksure 13 KKEP 6:30
Mika Goedrijk Clockwork Naked 5:11
Killing Joke Tabazan Night Time 4:33
Ministry Ghouldiggers (Live in Paris, 2012) Last Tangle in Paris - Live 2012 7:52
THYX The Endless Journey Below the City 6:00
Diverje Financial Breakdown Hate Stimulation 4:56
Last Days Of S.E.X. Apathy as Capitalism Great Irony and the Politically S.E.X.plosive 4:32
Front 242 Sick ofU Subout 5:36
Die Krupps Essenbeck The Machinists of Joy 4:08
Leæther Strip Black Gold 09 Hærværk 4:55
Controlled Bleeding Grinder's Song Odes to Bubbler 7:32
yelworC Dark Thorn (Version 2) Icolation 6:20
Coil All the Pretty Little Horses Black Antlers 4:45
Acumen Nation Punkass More Human Heart 2:26
Seeming Celestial Madness & Extinction 3:39
Download Duppy Lingam 4:02
Chrome SS Cygni Alien Soundtracks I & II 3:33
Death In June Heilige Leben Discriminate 2:22
Brighter Death Now Happy Nation Innerwar 7:51
Nine Inch Nails Everything Hesitation Marks 3:19
London After Midnight Fear Violent Acts of Beauty 4:41
DJ Hidden Broken Seconds The Words Below 7:04
Joy Division The Only Mistake Still 4:16
The Cure Want Wild Mood Swings 5:06
Psyche Nocturnal Passenger (Exclusive Mix) As the Brain Collapses 4:07
Love Is Colder Than Death Veronensis Mental Traveller 3:35
Config.sys Cut the Midrange, Drop the Line Disco Loud 4:09
Paulina Cassidy Still a Ghost Sugar Wingshiver 1:35
Skinny Puppy Haunted Back & Forth Vol. 7 9:05
Vomito Negro Enemy of the State Fall of an Empire 6:41
Love Spirals Downwards City Moon (hEADaCHE Remix) Out of Phase - The hEADaCHE Remixes 5:11
Exocet No U Turn Consequence 2:59
Plague Bringer Burn Ward Whore (Live at the Empty Bottle, Chicago, March 19, 2005) Cold Waves II Sampler 3:22
Crystal Castles Plague (III) 4:55
Rein[Forced] 2xPain (4xMothership Remix) Pre-Existing Conditions 4:23
Doubting Thomas That Problem Child The Infidel 4:14
Sol Invictus Lonely Crawls the Night King & Queen 5:00
Der Plan Pausen-Sassa / Wenn der Sonne Ist Verblüht Normalette Surprise - 23 Elektronische Schlager 4:07
Esplendor Geométrico Noising in the Rain II Comisario de la Luz / Blanco de Fuerza 5:04
Tuxedomoon Waterfront Seat Pinheads on the Move 4:29
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 Hubris (Infinite) T.A.L.O.S. 5:09
16Pad Noise Terrorist Utopia 3 Utopia 2:00
Officers Petals On the Twelve Thrones 6:56
Glis My Machine (Databomb Remix) Cybonetix 2001 3:40
Ego Likeness I'm Not Mary Ann (Mokmi Remix) East 6:26
Gjöll Way Through Zero III Way Through Zero 9:07
Moving Units Girl Like U Neurotic Exotic 3:46
Mari Chrome Nie Wieder Georgy #11811 4:19
Wilt The Realm of Shattered Prisms Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks 10:25
BlakOpz Blakout (Die Sektor Remix) Blood, Sweat, & Fear 6:06
Clay People Palegod The Iron Icon 3:56
Dead Voices On Air Kursk Mawson's Will and Other Stories 12:35
Die Warzau UNS (Unnatural Selection - Unnatural Sex Mix) Borghild 10:00
Zola Jesus Fall Back (Version) Versions 4:27
Roth Mobot The Current Jellyfish Scare (Excerpt) Rotation - A Dark Ambient/Experimental Compilation 7:08
Pride And Fall The Void "Let Me Go First" On Lust and Desire 5:43
You've Got Foetus On Your Breath What Have You Been Doing? Deaf 5:32
Saltillo Veil Monocyte 5:15
Von Magnet Light Thread Ni Prédateur ni Proie 12:04
The Legendary Pink Dots Lisa Goes Surfing All the Kings Horses 3:09
Hecq Uneven Horror Vacui 3:43
All My Faith Lost Again, to Drift (For Veronika) Redefine My Pure Faith 3:37
Pigface Your Music Is Garbage Notes from thee Underground 3:03

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - December 5, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Skinny Puppy Glowbel Weapon 3:15
Front Line Assembly Contagion Echoes 5:18
Haujobb Crossfire New World March 3:53
Youth Code What Is the Answer An Overture 3:13
VNV Nation Primary Transnational 4:34
Heimstatt Yipotash Augmented Reality Urban Night Motifs 3:33
Snog Are You Normal Enough? Third Mall from the Sun 4:25
Seabound Domination (Die Form) When Black Beats Blue (Rarities) 4:50
Synapscape Snapcase Traits 4:00
Tyler Milchmann Alle Kinder Strange Days 5:21
Donnevinn-Gottfried Following (Must Wash Away) The 2014 Record 3:23
KatzKab Miracle Objet No. 1 3:56
X Marks The Pedwalk Electric Summer The Sun, the Cold, and My Underwater Fear 4:45
Geneviéve Pasquier Touch It Like a Dick Maschinenfest 2009 4:47
MDFMK Get Out of My Head MDFMK 4:52
Agonoize Koprolalie (Live) Apokalypse 4:54
Raoul Sinier List of Things Tremens Industry 2:58
The Ministry of Wolves Iron Hans Republik der Wölfe 3:49
X-TG My Only Child Desertshore / The Final Report 5:19
Testube Cure for Your Plagues (Caffeinated Drip Mix) Reconstructive Surgery 6:17
Krystal System Fiction Nuclear 4:10
Delerium Awakening Music Box Opera 6:45
Sonar What You Got Volt Control 4:30
Cylab Parting Fields Satellites 4:20
Panic Lift Footsteps Is This Goodbye? 4:37
Golgatha In the Crystal Cage / Shred Your Skin The Waste Land 6:49
iVardensphere Nuke the Site from Orbit (Chernobyl 2023 Mix) Cycle of the Sun - Remixes Vol. 1 5:47
Psychic TV / PTV3 The Thin Garden The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye - Music from the Motion Picture 1:33
Karsten Pflum Crazy Law Sleepwald 4:54
The Legendary Pink Dots All Sides Hallway of the Gods 4:43
Der Blutharsch Everything Is Alright I Everything Is Alright! 2:15
Mira Open in Silence Apart 6:14
Mono-Amine Democracy Is a Dying Giant Do Not Bend 5:27
Tweaker Areas of the Brain (KMFDM Mix) And Then There's Nothing 5:25
Gofight Girls Love Hard Music for Military Torture 4:55
Δaimon Anima (iVardensphere Remix) Δaimon 5:01
Reformed Faction The Epoch and the Bachelor, Stripped The World Awake / 11 Stueck 6:22
Pigface Kiss King (Saint James Mix) Below the Belt 6:23
Chant Going Home That Which Divides 3:35
Download Omniman (Remix) Microscopic 6:04
Nine Inch Nails Metal Things Falling Apart 7:05
IAMX Sorrow The Unified Field 4:44
Caul Relic The Long Dust 4:02
Chrome Jonestown Red Exposure 2:24
Your Bunny Rot Live Now (Scar Limit Remix) Error Injection 5:01
Sol Invictus Tooth and Claw Lex Talionis 6:52
THYX Awesome The Way Home 3:19
Nitzer Ebb Blood Money Belief 4:29
Worms Of The Earth Arupadhatu Anagami 6:13
Killing Joke Extremities Extremities, Dirt, and Various Repressed Emotions 5:19
Ministry Punch in the Face From Beer to Eternity 5:00
Mile High Club Walking Backwards Metal Dance 2 - Industrial New Wave EBM Classics & Rarities 79-88 6:32
AFX .0180871R Analogue Bubblebath 3 4:15
Transmisia Pure Impurity Dumbshow 2:14
Apoptygma Berzerk Lost in Translation (Live at the Live Music Hall, Cologne, 2010) Imagine There's No Lennon 5:15
Arditi The Measures of Our Age Spirit of Sacrifice 5:01
Blume It's Your Turn Autumn Ruins 4:10
Current 93 I Remember the Berlin Boys I Am the Last of All the Field That Fell 3:49
The PCP Principle End of the Line Electronic Violence Phenomena 6:20
God Module The Mark False Face 4:51
Front 242 Headhunter 2000 (Empirion Mix) Headhunter 2000 7:13
Lunascape Prophecy of Doubt Innerside 3:44
Broken Note War in the Making Terminal Static 6:10
Die Sektor Archetype The Final Electro Solution 4:41
Ohm Detroit Ohm 4:39
Einstürzende Neubauten Kollaps Kollaps 8:03
Solemn Assembly Retribution Aftershock 4:24
Iron Lung Corp. A Question of Time Body Snatchers 4:02
Kloq Zero 1 Begin Again 5:39
Coil Triple Sun (Live in Porto, 2003.21.06) Porto 12:56
Murder Inc. Uninvited Guest Locate Subvert Terminate - The Complete Murder Inc. 5:05
Jenny Hval Mephisto in the Water Innocence Is Kinky 4:03
End To Hell with Everyone The Sounds of Disaster 2:41
Die Form La 7ème Face du Dé Rayon X 5:09
Suicide Inside Homicide Homicide 4:52
Mimetic The Basis of Any Conflict Where We Will Never Go 4:42
Robotiko Rejekto High Fidelity (Tom Wax Remix) Corporate Power 8:58
Black Tape For A Blue Girl with Erik Wøllo Halo Star (2013) Tenderotics 3:34
Lingouf Toap-Sirop Doème 6:01
The Cure Bloodflowers Bloodflowers 7:28

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - November 28, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
The Cure Shake Dog Shake The Top 4:56
Seabound For Another Day Speak in Storms 4:12
Niveau Zero Rusty Jasmine 3:55
Leæther Strip Suicide Summer School Æscapism 3:52
Sister Machine Gun Brother Bomb The Torture Technique 3:27
Der Plan Commerce Extérieur Mondial Sentimentale Geri Reig 2:39
Diffuzion Pure Venom Winter Cities 5:31
Clan Of Xymox Creep Kindred Spirits 3:17
Empusae Entering Oblivion (Live at MFest 08) Mortusae 5:00
Swarf Supine Art Science Exploitation 5:06
Pigface Hips, Lips, Tits, Power! (Live at the Phoenix Theatre, Toronto, 11/29/94) Live Archive 91-05 Volume #3 12:44
iVardensphere Wormtongue Scatterface v3 5:08
100Blumen Dig That Shizzel Surveillance 5:17
Project Pitchfork Mute Spectators Quantum Mechanics 5:22
Idiot Stare Severity Unknown to Millions 4:47
Der Blutharsch Der Blutharsch XII Der Blutharsch 3:33
Die Sektor Corpus Accido (Detroit Diesel Remix) Applied Structure in a Void 4:45
Anklebiter Raintree Raintree 5:50
Jihad Looking Glass A Prayer in the Night 5:17
Violet Arcana Liquid Bleeding There Is No Time 6:36
Kevorkian Death Cycle Water / Man Made Collection for Injection 6:56
Pinworm Acetone Dora Blue - The Ras Dva Fanbase Compilation 4:19
Benestrophe Base of Brutality Auric Fires 3:29
Displacer Totality Foundation 2:32
Iiris Astronaut The Magic Gift Box 3:02
Heimatærde Bruder des Königs Kaltwærts 7:18
Raggedy Angry Superjet (Vince Clortho Remix) Dead Beats 4:23
Ah Cama-Sotz Frozen Land Blood Will Tell 3:39
Suicide Commando God Is in the Rain (First Black Pope Remix) When Evil Speaks 4:18
Chant Strong Words for Strong People Strong Words for Strong People 7:55
Mesh I Fall Over The Point at Which It Falls Apart 4:58
Cosmic Armchair Conversation (Club Mix) Songs from the Matrix 15 3:47
Worms Of The Earth Wandering Cadaverous Fields Toward the Citadel at Topheth Azal'ucel 8:32
Cesium 137 The Golden Age Science and Sound 5:20
Chrome Sun Control The Visitation 3:13
Myrninerest To Be Trapeze "Babylon," Uttered Jhonn 4:29
SPK Metal Dance Metal Dance - Industrial Post Punk EBM Classics & Rarities 80-88 7:21
Full Frequency Suffocate Momentum 3:45
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio The Future Is Today (Remixed by Spiral 69) Four 5:10
Nine Inch Nails The Hand That Feeds (Straight Mix) The Hand That Feeds 7:46
Autumn's Grey Solace Shadow, Light, Echo Divinian 4:28
Acucrack Violence The Mawn Reproduction 4:52
Hecate Primordial Dance Seven Veils of Silence 3:24
Random Access Memory Queenbee Random Access Memory 4:47
Shellac Riding Bikes Dude Incredible 5:28
Electric Sewer Age Rising Corpuscle Bad White Corpuscle 8:41
SMP Somebody Dissin' You Death of the Format 4:46
THYX Our Only Home Super Vision 4:13
Syntech Energyfinder Rising from the Ashes 4:40
You've Got Foetus On Your Breath Kid Hate Kid Ache 5:23
Calva Y Nada Die Reise Dias Felizes 3:23
Boxed Warning Kiss of the Sun Magnifier 2:31
Mentallo & The Fixer Revelry Algorythum 5:49
Lycia Grand Rapids Quiet Moments 5:49
DUBcon Zion Cluster U.F.O. pon di Gullyside 4:36
Cat Rapes Dog Crystal Ball Life Was Sweet 4:48
Sewer Goddess Mother Agony (Live at Rm 212, Allston, MA, 09/09/09) Disciples of Shit - Live Waste 7:46
Legion Within Earth Sun Moon Aeons 5:03
Zoviet France The Fire of Revolution / Sandbox / The Fire of Revolution The Tables Are Turning 6:47
Einstürzende Neubauten NNNAAAMMM Ende Neu 10:59
KMFDM Go to Hell Naïve 4:58
The Crüxshadows Valkyrie As the Dark Against My Halo 6:02
Oyaarss Nazabeistī Smaida Greizi Nāī 6:40
Volt 9000 Speak and Spell / Echodrone Conopoly 8:18
Melotron Arroganz der Liebe Werkschau 3:29
Front Line Assembly Lose AirMech 6:19
32Crash Elegy for Himself Y2112Y 3:21
Ministry My Possession Twitch 5:04
Nebulo Arcadic Cardiac 2:19
Killing Joke Follow the Leaders (Original Lyrics) Chaos for Breakfast 4:01
Hate Dept. Disconnector New Ghost 4:31
Mick Harvey God Made the Hammer Four (Acts of Love) 2:39
Ahnst Anders Hate & Love Home 7:26
Laibach Renate's Surprise / Peace Lovin' Brother Rap Iron Sky - The Original Film Soundtrack 3:32
Lovespirals Happy Holidays Ornamental 4:09 ...At the End of It All ...At the End of It All 5:10
Front 242 Strobe Still & Raw 3:27
The Legendary Pink Dots Esher Everywhere The Gethsemane Option 7:31
Coil Corybantic Ennui / Her Friends the Wolves... Stolen & Contaminated Songs 11:40
Skinny Puppy Smothered Hope (Live at Zopo, Horst, 1986) Live in Horst 7:20

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - November 26, 2014

Special day-before-Thanksgiving edition. Call it "Black Wednesday".

Artist Title Album Time
Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart (7" Version, Edited) Let the Movie Begin 2:51
Aesthetic Perfection Lights Out (Ready to Go) 'Til Death 4:17
Throbbing Gristle Dead on Arrival Greatest Hits 6:09
Terminal Sect Sex, Dying, and Zero Gravity Bread and Wine for the Dirt 6:04
Client XXX Action Authority 4:42
The Birthday Massacre Cover My Eyes Hide and Seek 3:21
Decoded Feedback Birth of a Nation Technophoby 5:12
Philipp Münch Dragging Me Down Into the Absurd 6:15
Portion Control Chrono Form Pure Form 3:27
Czar She's So Heavy No One Is Alone if No One Is Alive 3:04
Killing Joke Black Moon Pandemonium 5:18
Deviant UK My Black Heart Very Bad Things 5:15
Whourkr Gastro-Equestre 4247 Snare Drums 3:30
Coil Tenderness of Wolves Scatology 4:25
Stray The Failure Epiphany (Strayed from Unter Null) Letting Go 4:22
Mlada Fronta Co 58.47 Every Thing 4:58
Noir When the Rains Came Darkly Near 4:47
FGFC820 Sound & Fury Homeland Insecurity 4:45
Angina P Tokyo 6PM (Rush Hour Mix) Sensitive Files 7:18
Society Burning Stand and Deliver '96 Tactiq 5:07
Ministry The Missing The Land of Rape and Honey 2:54
Haujobb More Than Us (Continues Remix) New World March 4:31
Asche Distorted Doom (Rmx by Theologian) Stonebrain 6:26
Death In June 13 Years of Carrion Sun Dogs 5:56
Modern Cubism Les Aveugles Ravivé 4:19
Dead Voices On Air Ralbagg (Re-Recorded) Bundle 1995-2013 5:07
Emilie Autumn If I Burn Fight Like a Girl 5:31
KMFDM Strut Blitz 5:30
Thorofon Anonymous Exkarnation 3:07
Inertia Memory Blue Universal Blood 4:48
The Cure One Hundred Years (Rhino Studio Demo 12/81) Pornography 7:00
Agent Side Grinder Bring It Back (MF/MB/RMX) Hardware (Sftwr Included) 5:26
Terminal11 Start Over Self Exorcism 3:39
Inner Glory A Cup of Tears Remains of a Dream 4:24
Krystal System Rage (No Slayer Mix) Sounds from the Matrix 14 4:05
Drumcorps Pig Destroyer Destroyer Grist 4:26
Winter Light Always Unique (Kill Myself 2) Mutazione - Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988 7:35
Clan Of Xymox Kiss and Tell Matters of Mind, Body, and Soul 5:31
It-Clings An It-Clings Love Song (Receiver's Underlying Creepiness Mix) I'm the Biggest Fucking Thing in the Whole Fucking World 5:23
Radiana Something Like Penguins Radiana 2:43
Nine Inch Nails Guns by Computer Year Zero Remixed 1:42
Velvet Acid Christ Black Rainbows The Art of Breaking Apart 4:34
Known Rebel Herz Aeon (Mothboy Remix) Hollow 5:05
Combichrist From My Cold Dead Hands (Remixed by Nitro/Noize) From My Cold Dead Hands 3:43
Whore Extrinsic Behavior The Pale Blue Dot 4:25
Muslimgauze Miyazawa (Sun Mix) Drugsherpa 7:18
KGC Barely Cold Dirty Bomb 3:30
Army Of The Universe Coin Operated Girl The Hipster Sacrifice 3:32
Mushroom's Patience San Diego Jellyfish 4:49
Orbit Service As if It Were an Accident A Calm Note from the West 6:29
SMP Stay Sick (64K Mix) Coda 3:55
Canaan Prisoner #2 Of Prisoners, Wandering Souls, and Cruel Fears 4:11
Last Days of S.E.X. Kronstadt 1921, Don't Forget Them Great Irony and the Politically S.E.X.plosive 4:04
Front Line Assembly Synthetic Forms Implode 8:05
Interpol Everything Is Wrong El Pintor 3:32
This Morn' Omina (The) Sixth Order L'Unification des Forces Opposantes 7:03
Caustic Zen Castrato The Man Who Couldn't Stop 2:49
The Machine In The Garden Icarus Asphodel 3:30
The Legendary Pink Dots Sparks Fly / Museum Chemical Playschool 15 19:34
Pigface Jingle Bells / Suck Truth Will Out 10:58
Front 242 Skin 06:21:03:11 Up Evil 3:35
Psy'aviah Dream On Re:Covered Volume 2 - A Tribute to Depeche Mode 3:25
Cyclobe Sulphur Sulphur Tarot Garden 15:18
Epoch Cold Wave Cold War Sanctimonium 4:02
Leæther Strip True Glory - False Heroes Untold Stories - The Melancholic Sessions 5:31
Ruby My Dear Pannonica Remains of Shapes to Come 5:21
Wumpscut Ich Bin der Tod (Desmodus Remix) DJ Dwarf 13 4:08
Xiphoid Dementia What You Believe Secular Hymns 15:33
Skinny Puppy Use Less The Greater Wrong of the Right 4:47
Einstürzende Neubauten Thirsty Animal Kalte Sterne - Early Recordings 9:05
Spiritual Front Requiem Æternam Black Hearts in Black Suits 2:44
Zoviet France Haze Polder Digilogue 10:36
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Far from Me (KCRW Radio Session) Live from KCRW 5:27
Reformed Faction TroisMix MikroComposer Series 1 21:31
Juno Reactor Zombie The Golden Sun of the Great East 6:18
Mika Goedrijk L'Enfer Blanc Naked 5:35
The Deadfly Ensemble Commercial Success An Instructional Guide for Aspiring Arsonists 3:23
Ben Lukas Boysen Humble Restive - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 4:06
Delerium Sensorium Semantic Spaces 12:06
Impossible Recording Machine Dark Side of the Sun Komposi002 7:04