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Friday, October 10, 2014

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - September 5, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Skinny Puppy First Aid Cleanse Fold and Manipulate 4:29
How To Destroy Angels The Wake-Up / Keep It Together Welcome Oblivion 6:08
Keef Baker Cranesong Emerging Organisms Vol. 4 6:14
Filament 38 Conflict Fractured 5:06
Hate Dept. New Son Army New Ghost 4:44
iVardensphere Bonedance (Katastroslavia Remix) Cycle of the Sun - Remixes Vol. 1 6:34
Biopsy Aphluxxo Nominal Futronik Structures Vol. 6 4:46
Everything Goes Cold The Iron Fist of Just Destruction The Tyrant Sun 5:15
100Blumen The Anger Down with the System, Long Live the System! 4:35
Revolting Cocks Attack Ships on Fire (12" Version) Big Sexy Land 4:33
Noxious Emotion Taste: Your Skin Senses 4:25
Noir The Grifter Darkly Near 5:06
Mlada Fronta V 50.94 Every Thing 6:38
BlakOpz Blakout Blood, Sweat, and Fear 5:56
Killing Floor Wood Divide by Zero 2:46
Twilight Circus meets Edward Ka-Spel Church of Cheese '75 800 Saints in a Day 8:01
Helalyn Flowers Hybrid Moments Stitches of Eden 4:51
Front 242 Red Team Official Version 3:50
Ben Lukas Boysen Poison Restive - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 4:26
Spiritual Front Overkilled Heart Rotten Roma Casino 5:47
Battery Cage Ecstasy World Wide Wasteland 6:08
The Klinik In Your Room Eat Your Heart Out 4:14
Enduser Death Vest 09 1/3 4:36
KMFDM Quake Kunst 4:07
Weep Let Me Worn Thin 4:01
Gridlock Voiceless Trace 6:59
Cesium 137 Dead Letter Science and Sound 5:02
Inverse Phase The Lonely Byte Pretty Eight Machine 4:48
Synth-Etik Left Behind Waiting for the Rapture 6:58
The Cure A Foolish Arrangement Join the Dots - B-Side and Rarities 1978-2001 3:50
Haushetaere Personal Jesus Re:Covered Vol. 2 - A Tribute to Depeche Mode 3:20
Andro-Dioxin Suicidal (ED-X // Kaotyka Rmx) Suicidal 3:57
Electric Sewer Age Amber Corpuscle Bad White Corpuscle 5:12
The Dreamside Into a Frenzy (Hungry Lucy Remix) The 13th Chapter 4:50
Zola Jesus Sea Talk (Version) Versions 5:01
Ostara Vagrant Heart Paradise Down South 4:13
Front Line Assembly Stealth Mech AirMech 4:20
Gawk Chandelier Gawd 4:25
Von Magnet Mostar Angels Ni Prédateur ni Proie 3:38
Voltaire When You're Evil The Devil's Bris 4:34
The Legendary Pink Dots Cloud 6 Code Noir 6:58
The Birthday Massacre Down Hide and Seek 3:47
Millipede Recesses All My Best Intentions 6:17
Attrition The Head of Gabriel Dante's Kitchen 5:15
Delerium Light Your Light Music Box Opera 5:39
Deadlock Brutal Romance (Erode Rmx) Horizon 5:33
Index Reignfall Sky Laced Silver 6:03
The Crüxshadows Dark Matter As the Dark Against My Halo 6:06
Sixth Comm Blue Room Ontogeny I 5:26
Killing Joke Pleasures of the Flesh Pandemonium 5:42
Clan Of Xymox Alice Kindred Spirits 3:33
Cut Hands Witness the Spread of the Dream / Black Mamba Black Mamba 6:49
All My Faith Lost The Broken Glass Redefine My Pure Faith 3:41
Ministry The Horror From Beer to Eternity 3:33
The Durutti Column The Beggar Another Setting 4:57
Muslimgauze Find Yugoslav Butcher of Muslims Beirut Transister 2:56
Aenima Pale Sentient 7:17
The Causticles True Tales of Made-Up Adventure Eric Gottesman 3:54
Allerseelen Schlussbild Rauhe Schale 5:39
Bytet Anything (97 Mix) Futronik Structures Vol. 1 3:31
Suicide Commando My Blasphemy (Die Sektor Remix) When Evil Speaks 6:13
Agent Side Grinder Life in Advance (Jacques C Rmx) Hardware (Sftwr Included) 3:56
Mothboy Motion Control Bunny 4:34
Rein[Forced] Zen Manipulation X Amount of Stab Wounds in the Back 4:27
Coil I Don't Get It The Ape of Naples 5:35
Die Form Intense Blue Confessions 3:42
Lingouf L'Annee du Chat Terre de Pierres 7:48
Pigface Cutting Face (Gas Mask Mix) Washingmachine Mouth 8:19
Shorai Lithium Technik It Was Listening with Mechanical Precision 4:59
Tweaker Limerence And Then There's Nothing 3:01
Nine Inch Nails Eraser (Polite) Further Down the Spiral 1:15
Iiris Melyse The Magic Gift Box 3:15
Laibach Problems, Big Time/Schwarze Sonne / Classroom (Where Are We From?) /Spaceship Hangar / Kameraden, Wir Kehren Heim! / Ein Spion von der Erde / Sauerkraut / Washington's Escape Iron Sky - The Original Film Soundtrack 7:32
Nebulo Mu Cardiac 5:14
Pyrolator Inland 3 Inland 2:53
Dead Voices On Air Mer-Faran / Papa Papa Repe Wax Shap 4:38
Leæther Strip Violence Dark Passages + Seasons Change - I Don't 5:32
Spitting At Pigeons Every Second Is a Galaxy Spitting At Pigeons 4:03
Controlled Bleeding The Poisoner (Part 2, Excerpt) Rotation - A Dark Ambient / Experimental Compilation 11:25
Einstürzende Neubauten Headcleaner Tabula Rasa 15:08

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