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Friday, October 10, 2014

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - October 3, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Front Line Assembly Resonance Echogenetic 2:46
And One You Without a Me S.T.O.P. 3:42
Anklebiter Homonymic Raintree 3:46
Iron Lung Corp. Don't Crash Body Snatchers 4:42
The Razor Skyline Andrea Journal of Trauma 4:47
Manufactura Muerto de Miedo Precognitive Dissonance 7:08
Weep Halved Heart Alate Ardor 4:08
Lick Guilt Acid Heap 2:08
Raoul Sinier Confusion Room Tremens Industry 3:53
Dismantled Whole Wide World (Instrumental) Whole Wide World 5:22
Ministry Deity The Land of Rape and Honey 3:23
Torul I'm Still Here Tonight We Dream Fiercely 3:00
16Pad Noise Terrorist Swamp of Death Utopia 5:17
Front 242 With Your Cries Geography 2:58
Dead When I Found Her Dry Bed Rag Doll Blues 6:56
Somatic Responses Magma Flow Concrete Glider 4:46
The Cage Do What You Wanna Do (Dub) Metal Dance - Industrial Post Punk EBM Classics & Rarities 80-88 4:46
Armageddon Dildos Bodyworker Untergrund 3:08
Jägerblut Hunting UMB - 10 Years of Transmission 4:27
Diverje Self Denied Existence / Program Remix 4:51
The Cure A Letter to Elise (Blue Mix) A Letter to Elise 6:35
Twitch The Ripper Foundations Colorblind 4:28
Der Blutharsch Der Blutharsch I & II Der Blutharsch 5:36
Unwoman The Bridge The Fires I Started 4:31
Venetian Snares Einstein-Rosen Bridge Chocolate Wheelchair 3:35
Trakktor Drag Me to Hell Halo of Lies 5:34
Dumb Machine Die20 H.P. Kittencraft 8:16
Kloq Step Up Begin Again 3:56
Proyecto Mirage Mind Gear Slaves of Capital 6:05
Meg Lee Chin Swallowing You Piece and Love 4:42
Unter Null Moving On Moving On 4:44
SMP Run Coda 4:50
Reformed Faction No More Enigmas! I Am the Source of Light, I Am Not a Mirror 3:08
Laibach Americana Spectre 4:28
Cubanate Come Alive Barbarossa 5:55
Muslimgauze Turkish Berlina 5 Turkish Berlina 4:23
Config.sys Hässlich Disco Loud 3:37
God Module Interference Psychic Surgery - The Victims Among Friends & Perception EPs 5:08
This Morn' Omina Tsidii Les Passages Jumeaux - 25° ~ 33° 7:53
Einstürzende Neubauten Adler Kommt Spaeter Fuenf auf der Nach Oben Offenen Richterskala 5:43
Mushroom's Patience Subconsciousness Thrill Jellyfish 5:10
Die Sektor Feeding Famine The Final Electro Solution 6:16
Killing Joke Exorcism (Vatican Ambient Dub) In Dub 7:13
Alter Der Ruine Gift Horse I Will Remember It All Differently 5:27
Voltaire The Straight Razor Cabaret Riding a Black Unicorn... 3:26
Wumpscut Ich Bin der Tod (Advent Resilience Remix) DJ Dwarf 13 4:59
Wilt Signe Correct Correspondent (Mark Solotroff) Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks 5:01
[:SITD:] Lebensborn Stronghold 5:31
Terrorfakt Hate Like This Cold Steel World 3:54
KMFDM Sex on the Flag (Jezebeelzebuttfunk Mix) Money 4:25
Δaimon Current Flatliner 4:51
The Tear Garden The Double Spades Effect Crystal Mass 5:13
Myrninerest Chaos in His ChoirBoy "Babylon," Uttered Jhonn 4:42
Grains Of Sound Lost in Translation Rays of Life Vol. 2 - Under 4:08
32Crash Kryptonically Yours Y2112Y 4:03
The Pain Machinery Shape Shifter Interbreeding II - Industrial Mutation 4:07
Geneviéve Pasquier Emotion II Le Cabaret Moi 2:13
The Legendary Pink Dots Spare Change Code Noir 6:00
Zoviet France A Moment of Film / Poured Out Slowly The Tables Are Turning 7:04
Informatik World of Wonder Playing with Fire 5:51
Nine Inch Nails Vessel Year Zero 4:52
Blume Alone Autumn Rust 3:53
Deflore Emilionero Human Indu[b]strial 4:11
Chrome Autobahn Brazil Half Machine from the Sun - The Lost Tracks from '79 - '80 6:24
Cynical Existence Face of God Sounds from the Matrix 13 3:38
Cdatakill I Swear Battleworn 4:05
Bella Morte Flatlined The Best of Bella Morte 1996-2012 4:01
The Frozen Autumn The Last Train Chirality 4:18
ADMX-71 Pulsar Wind Nebula Luminous Vapors 7:40
Pigface I'm Still Alive Fook 4:02
Diary Of Dreams Amok (Acoustic Version) The Anatomy of Silence 3:40
Coil The Sleeper How to Destroy Angels 2:01
Controlled Bleeding Faith Songs from the Ashes 4:39
The Deadfly Ensemble The Early Years of Dr. Lindsay An Instructional Guide for Aspiring Arsonists 7:03
Oureboros Devoid of All Time Dreaming in Earth, Dissolving in Light 6:32
Boxed Warning Venus (in Transition) Magnifier 2:21
Lycia The Wind Sings Quiet Moments 4:31 This Stillness of Hours At the End of It All 4:51
Skinny Puppy Amputate Rabies 3:15
Swans Some Things We Do To Be Kind 5:08

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