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Friday, October 10, 2014

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - September 19, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Front Line Assembly Psychosomatic Civilization 5:35
Psy'aviah Deep Dark Desire Introspection/Extrospection 3:34
Nullgrad Regolith The Shepherds Satellite 3:47
Here Turco Brooklyn Bank 4:20
Cocksure Guilt, Speed, & Carbon (Sanford Parker Suckin' on Monoxide Remix) KKEP 5:08
Modulate Boombox Robots 3:35
Seeming Everything Could Change Madness & Extinction 4:42
Robotiko Rejekto Don't Let Go Corporate Power 4:53
Philipp Münch Roses, Red and Black Into the Absurd 6:17
KMFDM Bereit Adios 4:52
Nine Inch Nails Eraser (Reduction) Recoiled 8:49
Steroid Maximus Seventy Cops Ectopia 4:50
Hecq Elliot Calls (Interim) / With Angels Avenger 5:20
Disband Tourach Audiossuary 7:40
Crystal Castles Wrath of God (III) 3:06
Iszoloscope In the Face of Descent (MF08 Cut) Maschinenfest 2008 3:59
Skyla Vertex Zeitgeist Urwerk 4:20
Adrian H & The Wounds The Night My Mother Screamed Adrian H & The Wounds 3:48
Somatic Responses Panic Attack Reformation 3:09
Chemlab I Still Bleed Suture 3:56
Killing Joke The Fall of Because (Peel Session, 27.04.81) The Peel Sessions 1979-1981 4:15
Ghost & Writer Just the Same (Iris) Red Flags 4:18
Access To Arasaka Rhea / Ixion Geosynchron 7:02
Excessive Force Gentle Death Gentle Death 5:02
AmGod No Comment! (God Bless All Idiots) Dreamcatcher 4:55
Muslimgauze Return to Kuwait City Lazhareem ul Leper 4:24
29Died Height 611 Sworn 4:08
Pop. 1280 Coma Baby Imps of Perversion 3:03
Moving Units The World Is Ours Neurotic Exotic 3:47
Caustic My Crutch And You Will Know Me by the Trail of Vomit 2:23
Psychic TV Coucou / Mother Jack (A Children's Story) The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye - Music from the Motion Picture 5:18
The Twilight Garden Burning if We Stay Hope 4:51
Wage Class Slave To Perpetuate Cyberpuncture 4:32
Mechanical Cabaret Disbehave Selective Hearing - Best of 2002-2012 3:58
The Cure The Walk (Live at Bestival, September 10th, 2011) Bestival Live 2011 3:31
Fanny Skullfucking Marie Antoinette's Head Revelry and Decadence as the Right of Slaves 4:09
Bordel Militaire Tidal Gin Rip Bordel Militaire 5:48
Syntech Cure Rising from the Ashes 6:23
Controlled Bleeding Chunky Love Boy (Parts 1-2) Gibbering Canker-Opera Slaves (Studies in Meditation and Evisceration) 11:04
Current 93 The Death of the Corn (Live at the Union Chapel, London, May 3, 1997) Cats Drunk on Copper 5:47
Skinny Puppy Worlock (Live in Bildesheim, 2011) Bootlegged, Broke, and in Solvent Seas 5:46
Boduf Songs Fiery the Angels Fell Burnt Up on Re-Entry 4:21
Nightmare Noise Machine Gothic Doll K.I.F.T.H. 3:26
Thorofon Blacklight Exkarnation 3:33
Einstürzende Neubauten Robert Fuzzo The Jewels 2:39
Das Ich Unschuld Erde (Remixed by Funker Vogt) Re_Laborat 6:28
Death In June The November Men Take Care & Control 7:43
Your Bunny Rot Warship Error Injection 5:18
Scorn Enough to Hold Bottom Stealth 6:58
Cabaret Voltaire Sensoria (Live at the Toronto Concert Hall, 05.05.85) Archive #828285 Live 7:26
Front 242 Modern Angel 05:22:09:12 Off 4:12
FGFC820 Resolution 12 Homeland Insecurity 3:22
Cyclobe Brightness Falls from the Air The Visitors 4:00
Informatik Innocence and Blood Syntax 4:30
The Legendary Pink Dots Pendulum The Gethsemane Option 11:09
Psyche Dreamstreet As the Brain Collapses 5:18
Exocet Like Hot and Bad Dreams Grotesque Consumer 5:07
Δaimon LOW (Ritualz Remix) Δaimon 4:31
Dead Voices On Air Maine Y Para Ba 8:49
Vertigo Venus His Last Curse Run for Your Lives 4:04
Pride And Fall Sculptor of Lust and Desire Of Lust and Desire 3:51
Komor Kommando Atrapado Oil, Steel, & Rhythm 4:21
Slew52 Bedintruder (Wonky Touch) Catalog 7:34
Panic Lift Kill Me Faster Is This Goodbye? 4:54
Deathstars Asphalt Wings The Perfect Cult 4:48
Coil Aqua Regis Scatology 2:51
Soul Circuit Gone (Remixed by Babel-17) Stronger 5:48
Collide Utopia (Unraveling Breaths) Bent and Broken 7:34
Heimstatt Yipotash Vita Minima Urban Night Motifs 1:39
Ganymede You Look Like Someone I Know (Electro Mix) Neon Rain 4:42
Czar Whorchard No One Is Alone if No One Is Alive 5:25
Pigface vs. DJ Linux Gospel of Thomas Dub Dubhead 4:48
Blutengel Soultaker (Symphonic Version) Black Symphonies 6:08
Savage Republic Mapia Customs 4:50
Pennyliquid Machinery Robot Dreams 7:15
CTRLSTIC For Our Homies / Twenty Minutes of Motherfucker Twenty Minutes of Motherfucker 4:42
Integral ? The Past Is My Shadow 5:45
Soriah with Ashkelon Sain Ehecatl Eztica 3:51
Edward Ka-Spel Bye Bye Ghost Logik 0:52
Ministry Khyber Pass Rio Grande Blood 7:31

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