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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - October 17, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Haujobb Consciousness Freeze Frame Reality 4:37
Front Line Assembly AirMech AirMech 4:00
Undermathic Three Different Worlds Indistinct Face 4:47
Diskonnekted Razor Sharpshooter Hotel Existence 3:36
The Causticles (I'm Not) Functional Eric Gottesman 3:50
Decree Fire of Judgement Moment of Silence 5:19
Individual Totem Mindworms Kyria 13 3:30
Cesium 137 Motion Science and Sound 4:59
Von Magnet Death Is a Gift Ni Prédateur ni Proie 2:07
Killing Joke The House That Pain Built Killing Joke 2003 6:16
Pigface Mind Your Own Business (Tweaker Remix) Head... 4:52
Shellac You Came in Me Dude Incredible 2:05
Ruby My Dear Hawa Remains of Shapes to Come 4:17
Qntal Introitus / Palästinalied Qntal II 6:59
iVardensphere Calibrating the God Machine (Re-Calibrated by Virtual Terrorist) Cycle of the Sun - Remixes Vol. 1 5:05
Orphx Axial Forms of Hands 10 5:25
Ende Shneafliet Animals from Outer Space The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume Two 3:00
Tyler Milchmann Devil Is an Old Man from Radio Strange Days 4:54
Nebulo Sinax / Icon Cardiac 7:24
Front 242 Gripped by Fear Tyranny (for You) 4:38
Meat Beat Manifesto Intermission / Supersoul RUOK? 6:43
Noir The Bells Darkly Near 4:58
Muslimgauze Hindu Gold Leaf / Maskara Souk Bou Saada 10:19
In Strict Confidence Another Night Holy 5:42
Electro Synthetic Rebellion Humanity Collapsing (Remix) Futronik Stuctures Vol. 5 4:47
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand Desire The Cosmic Trigger 5:38
Epoch Information Is Power (NSA Ultra Mix) Sanctimonium 4:35
Zola Jesus In Your Nature (Version) Versions 3:23
BlakOpz Injustice for All (Terrorkode Remix) Blood, Sweat, and Fear 5:46
Dead Voices On Air Sulphur (New Version) Bundle 1995-2013 6:04
The Cure Kyoto Song The Head on the Door 4:16
Black Tape For A Blue Girl The Perfect Pervert (Erik Wøllo Mix) Tenderotics 4:41
Nurse With Wound Two Shaves / Putrefaction and Infection (Live at the Van Luijk Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent, June 2007) Bar Maldoror 12:17
Blitzcraig Lost + Found First Wave 3:31
Hate Dept. Still Child New Ghost 5:02
Kid606 Party Gambas Happiness 8:20
Voltaire The Conqueror Worm Raised by Bats 4:18
Everything Goes Cold King of the Impossible The Tyrant Sun 6:10
Empusae Dirge Sphere from the Woods 6:55
Wumpscut Mother (Oral Staircase) The Remix Wars Strike 1 - Wumpscut vs. Haujobb 5:27
Einstürzende Neubauten Nagorny Karabach Alles Wieder Offen 4:25
End Misspent Youth The Dangerous Class 3:04
Coil Dark River Love's Secret Domain 6:29
Leæther Strip Out There (Tunguska Version) Mental Slavery 5:50
Enduser Reciprocal Even Weight 4:49
The Birthday Massacre Calling Hide and Seek 3:31
Brighter Death Now American Tale Innerwar 5:36
Skinny Puppy Burnt with Water Mind - The Perpetual Intercourse 7:41
Orbit Service Ghost A Calm Note from the West 5:27
Razed In Black Visions Share This Poison - Retrospective 5:51
Throbbing Gristle United The Second Annual Report 4:03
Rein[Forced] Embodiment of Hope (Mindless Faith Mix) Pre-Existing Conditions 5:25
Wrack Process DN/A Industro Synthesis 4:07
Chant Everything Strong Words for Strong People 4:39
Andro-Dioxin Forever (Mordacious Rmx) Suicidal 4:41
Death In June Luther's Army Discriminate 4:08
Ministry Test The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste 6:03
Suicide Commando Evacuate (Where's the Exit Remix) When Evil Speaks 4:47
Szkieve Le Lun Ekranoplanes 4:20
How To Destroy Angels Hallowed Ground Welcome Oblivion 7:18
Neikka RPM Warped Chain Letters 3:26
Laibach Take Me to Heaven Iron Sky - The Original Film Soundtrack 3:54
Contagious Orgasm Peek and Poke (Remixed by P.A.L.) Dessert Addicts Will Return to This 3:49
Hocico Polarity El Último Minuto Antes de Que Tu Mundo Caiga 3:35
Tineidae Monolight Lights 3:03
Agent Side Grinder Wolf Hour Hardware (Sftwr Included) 3:56
Ghost & Writer Demons Crawl Red Flags 3:39
Heimstatt Yipotash Well Oiled Crescent Urban Night Motifs 4:35
Meg Lee Chin Deeper Piece and Love 2:59
Machine That Flashes A Man Is Alive Luciferin 16:38
Nine Inch Nails Adrift and at Peace Still 2:52
Liquid Sex Decay Twin Peaks TV Terror - Felching a Dead Horse 3:58
Julia Kent Pleiades Green and Grey 5:07
Zoviet France Moss Balls on Moss The Tables Are Turning 2:55
The Legendary Pink Dots This One-Eyed Man Is King From Here You'll Watch the World Go By 5:11
Ben Lukas Boysen Pals Restive - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 4:48
Ericah Hagle Hanerot Halalu Ornamental 3:39
Lingouf Vocawuif Terre de Pierres 7:25
I ♥ Not KMFDM Kunst 4:32
Something You Didn't Ever Have Inverse Phase Pretty Eight Machine 5:54

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