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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - January 2, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Front Line Assembly Final Impact Tactical Neural Implant 6:02
Legend City Fearless 5:22
Hecq & Exillon Spheres of Fury (The Teknoist's Dreilide Thrace Redux) Trainwreck Magnetism 5:30
The Alpha Conspiracy Accelerating Aura 4:40
Caustic I to Id/Id to I (Idiot) And You Will Know Me by the Trail of Vomit 3:43
Covenant Ignorance & Bliss Leaving Babylon 6:34
KMFDM Pseudocide Kunst 3:36
Nachtmahr Feindbild Amphi Festival 2014 3:24
Cut Hands None of Your Bones Are Broken Festival of the Dead 2:39
Absurd Minds Let the Music Play Revived 3:32
Einstürzende Neubauten 12305(te Nacht) Tabula Rasa 4:33
Baal Dead Sector Shurado 4:29
Stendeck Hold My Hand High in the Sky Ready for the Deep Dive Scintilla 5:05
Czar Cun Vertical Mass Grave 4:32
Leæther Strip No Disco Re:Covered Vol. 2 - A Tribute to Depeche Mode 4:39
Nullgrad Buran (Energija Mix) The Shepherds Satellite 8:05
Neuropa There for You Born 3:45
Deathstars Bodies The Perfect Cult 4:36
Tonikom Insence (Redux) Found and Lost 4:59
Cranes Cloudless Forever 5:31
Weep It's So Late Alate 3:51
Voicecoil Above & Beyond Awakened 5:14
Dead Voices On Air Codex-Madrid-Splay (Re-Recorded) Bundle 1995-2013 8:14
Velvet Acid Christ Wasted Maldire 4:47
Antidote For Annie Depart All of This Time 4:56
Venetian Snares She Runs My Love Is a Bulldozer 7:05
Geneviéve Pasquier Warm Leatherette Le Cabaret Moi 3:34
Cyber-Tec Let Your Body Die (K-Nitrate Body-Tech Mix) Cyber-Tec 6:06
Big Tex Can of Nuts, Bag of Beans Authentic Songs of the Old West 0:50
Ministry Crumbs (Live at Congresscenter, Stuttgart, 1996) Sphinctour 3:53
Battery Meat Market (Radio Mix) Meat Market 5:45
Matmos Very Large Green Triangles The Marriage of True Minds 4:42
Raw Dog Raw Dog Rivet Head Culture 4:38
Front 242 Moldavia Tyranny (For You) 4:23
Death In June Fields of Rape (Live in Wien, 27.X.11) Live in Wien 2:46
Chrome Kinky Lover The Visitation 3:36
Interpol Breaker 1 El Pintor 4:13
Spitting At Pigeons Ego Death Spitting At Pigeons 2:34
Unwoman Exile Uncovered 5:56
iVardensphere A Message from Our Sponsors Scatterface v3 4:55
Skinny Puppy Solvent Remission 4:37
Technoir Human Shapes (Rough Mix) Electronic Body Matrix 1 4:09
Ah-Cama Sotz Babylon Blood Will Tell 7:09
Dessau Muscle Details Sketchy 4:05
Jenny Hval Give Me That Sound Innocence Is Kinky 2:08
Nimon A Coping Mechanism Fails Drowning in Good Intentions 7:13
Diverje War Within Me (Club Mix) Futronik Structures Vol. 6 5:30
CYLiX I Don't Exist Electronic Saviors 2 - Recurrence 4:13
Full Of Hell / Merzbow Ljudet av Gud Full Of Hell / Merzbow 5:43
Killing Joke Butcher (Live at the Forum, London, 3rd October 2008) The Gathering 2008 5:00
Pigface / Evil Mothers Sick/Asp/Fuck (Full Gimball #1 Club Mix) The Best of Pigface - Preaching to the Perverted 4:59
Miranda Sex Garden Are You the One? Carnival of Souls 4:28
Dumb Machine Friend H.P. Kittencraft 11:20
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds And No More Shall We Part (KCRW Session) Live from KCRW 3:50
Perturbator Hard Wired Dangerous Days 5:31
Iamthesun Regret (Enduser Version) Even Weight 4:26
Modern Cubism Spleen (Je Suis Comme le Roi - Live) Ravivé 4:17
Wumpscut Madman Szpital (Advent Resilience Remix) DJ Dwarf 13 7:49
Muslimgauze Injoy Your Bombay Duck Souk Bou Saada 11:42
The Cure Like Cockatoos Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 3:39
The Legendary Pink Dots Puppets Apocalypse (Live at the Ubu Club, Rennes, February 1988) It's Raining in Heaven 6:00
Mechanical Cabaret Blank Canvas Selective Hearing - Best of 2002-2012 3:35
CTRLSTIC Round Holes in Square Pegs Twenty Minutes of Motherfucker 2:28
Individual Totem Go to War Kyria 13 4:19
Oureboros Separation Dreaming in Earth, Dissolving in Light 3:03
Freakangel Porcelain Doll (Arise-X Remix) Sounds from the Matrix 14 5:04
Access To Arasaka n->m_pkhdr.len void(); 3:54
Ghost & Writer Just the Same Red Flags 4:35
Coil Free Base Chakra Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil 5:14
Subgenius Uneasy Genius Orange 5:15
Unto Ashes Burials Foretold / Pilzentanz Burials Foretold 4:44
Die Warzau Strike to the Body Disco Rigido 3:49
Scaremeister Personal Demons / His Return / Abaddon / She's Possessed / The Apparition 31 Spirits 8:14
Area Too Far Away (Drum 'n' Tabby Mix) A Cat-Shaped Hole in My Heart 3:43
Terminal11 Fury Self Exorcism 5:10
Iammynewt itHURTS Surge & Subside - Queensland Flood Appeal 3:54
Heimstatt Yipotash Vita Minima / Urban Night Motifs (Club 71) Urban Night Motifs 6:45
Amduscia Don't Laugh Freak Filofobia 4:17
Nurse With Wound Tickling That Great Pudarkus in the Sky (Live at Coasters Discotheque, Brighton, 1985) Bar Maldoror 16:22
Nine Inch Nails Hurt (Live) And All That Could Have Been 4:59

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