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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - January 1, 2015

A special New Year's Day broadcast!

Artist Title Album Time
KMFDM Ultra Nihil 4:33
Individual Industry Primer (Tripping Mix 97) The Box 6:17
Lapsed Funk Sickness (Version 2) Ad Noiseam 2001-2006 4:19
DE/Vision Beauty of Decay Rockets & Swords 5:18
Doubleplusten vs. Caustic Must Have Pills The Coprophagia/Consummatia EP 5:01
Geistform Particle Accelerator Maschinenfest 2012 4:33
Army Of The Universe The Weight of the World The Hipster Sacrifice 3:41
Implant Biodigital Nightmare Sounds from the Matrix 13 4:47
Exocet There and Back Again Grotesque Consumer 3:01
Δaimon Flatliner Flatliner 5:04
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand The Cosmic Trigger (Remixed by Geoffroy D.) The Cosmic Trigger 4:54
And One Killing the Mercy S.T.O.P. 5:19
Roel Funcken Ledge Vade 4:39
Nightmare Noise Machine Blunt Force Trauma K.I.T.F.H. 4:19
Wumpscut We Are Immortal Madman Szpital 3:41
Toroidh Wermlandsbrigadens Återtågsmarsch Segervittring 3:45
Klinik Therapy Eat Your Heart Out 2:34
Einstürzende Neubauten Insomnia Supporter Album #1 7:25
Cdatakill Battleworn (Nest Remix) Battleworn 3:36
Ministry What About Us? Greatest Fits 5:51
Front Line Assembly Blood Echogenetic 5:25
Peter Murphy I'm on Your Side Lion 5:29
Karjalan Sissit Elämän Kovat Koulut Karjalasta Kajahtaa 3:35
Leæther Strip Kiss My Deutschland (AD:Key Slowmix) Yes I'm Limited VI 4:25
Psyclon Nine Come and See / Afferte Mihi Mortem Order of the Shadow - Act I 5:48
Cut Hands El Palo Mayombe Black Mamba 2:24
Front 242 See the Future Geography 5:51
Adrian H & The Wounds Border Patrol Adrian H & The Wounds 5:39
Totakeke Man's Reach Exceeds His Grasp Digital Exorcism 7:38
Skinny Puppy Rivers Rabies 4:47
Pigface Insect/Suspect (Motel Kafka Mix) Head... 6:03
Prometheus Burning Kill It with Fire (Remixed by Portion Control) Kill It with Fire 3:54
Ergo Phizmiz Come to Debbie Ergo Phizmiz & His Orchestra Plays Aphex Twin 3:10
iVardensphere A Black Sun on the Horizon (An Invocation) The Methuselah Tree 3:51
Death In June Our Ghosts Gather (Totenpop Version) The Snow Bunker Tapes 4:16
Contagious Orgasm Normalization Escape 5:11
Aïboforcen Rhythm of Light Dédale 5:49
Pop. 1280 Do the Anglerfish Imps of Perversion 2:41
Negativland Time Can Do So Much It's All in Your Head 5:24
Faith & Disease Metallic Cat Beauty and Bitterness 2:21
Youth Code Consuming Guilt An Overture 3:02
Cabaret Voltaire Diskono (Live at the Liverpool Warehouse, 12.06.82) Archive #828285 Live 5:19
13th Monkey Modpitch Forms of Hands 10 6:18
Snog Bleak Is My Favourite Chic Babes in Consumerland 4:40
Killing Joke Corporate Elect (President's "Mustard in the Chalice" Manifesto Dub Mix) In Dub 5:07
Allerseelen Eiche aus Eisen Oak Folk 4:31
Mlada Fronta Virtual War Every Thing 4:41
The Legendary Pink Dots Skeltzer Spleltzer A Perfect Mystery 5:02
Bocksholm Pressbyrån 78 The Haunting Curse of Skogs-Sara 8:04
The Cure New Day Join the Dots - B-Sides & Rarities 1978-2001 4:10
Hilt Birdwatcher Journey to the Center of the Bowl 4:12
Alter Der Ruine vs. Premeditated Light Dawn Electronic Saviors - Industrial Music to Cure Cancer 6:09
Twilight Circus meets Edward Ka-Spel In the Heat of the Night 800 Saints in a Day 7:30
Lycia The Pier Quiet Moments 3:33
Diary Of Dreams Rumours About Angels (Acoustic Version) The Anatomy of Silence 3:45
Mothboy Version 2 (Ponteanna Stone) Bunny 6:17
Thealonian Music Useless Information Love and Other Numbers 1980-1984 6:27
The Twilight Garden Hope Hope 6:45
Dogpop Dogporn UMB - 10 Years of Transmission 3:19
Peter Ulrich Taqaharu's Leaving Projekt 200 6:23
Sol Invictus Raining in April The Cruellest Month 2:33
Juno Reactor Invisible The Golden Sun of the Great East 8:13
Inade Samadhi State Part I Heilige Feuer III 5:18
Bauhaus St. Vitus Dance In the Flat Field 3:31
Psychepoppet Ghosts (DE/Mute DE/Konstrukted Mix) Ghosts 5:10
Trakktor Orbital Strike Halo of Lies 2:52
Muslimgauze Analog Zikr 5 Martyr Shrapnel 5:09
Aurelio Voltaire Wake Up (from This Horrible Dream) Raised by Bats 4:53
Empusae Ritual Evil Mortusae 9:13
Nine Inch Nails March of the Fuckheads Closer to God 4:44
Collide Violet's Dance Beneath the Skin 3:16
Karsten Pflum Muntermacher No Noia My Love 7:11
Diskonnekted Sunblind Hotel Existence 4:01
Proyecto Mirage Flexitrack Slaves of Capital 4:55
Combichrist Gotta Go No Redemption 2:58
Lovesliescrushing Ghost Colored Ghost Colored Halo 4:58
Ludovico Technique Wired for Destruction (God Module) We Came to Wreck Everything 4:45
Worms Of The Earth Tome of Stones Anagami 5:09
Meat Beat Manifesto Marrs Needs Women Armed Audio Warfare 4:14
Coil Remote Viewing 2 The Remote Viewer 7:56

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