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Monday, February 9, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - February 6, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Psy'aviah OK Introspection/Extrospection 3:16
Psyclon Nine Suffer Well Order of the Shadows - Act I 5:25
Tonikom Across Its Glassy Surface Found and Lost 5:44
Dubok Check Please Shiver 5:56
Aurelio Voltaire The Mechanical Girl Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children 3:51
Trakktor Dancing with the Devil (Remixed by Anamadim) Force Majeure 5:06
God Lives Underwater Tortoise Empty 2:57
God Module Victims Among Friends 2013 Psychic Surgery - The Victims Among Friends & Perception EPs 5:29
Undermathic Colorize Indistinct Face 4:44
Eisbrecher Kuss Sünde 4:21
Bauhaus She's in Parties Burning from the Inside 5:33
Agonoize Toxin Apokalypse 3:55
Empusae Agony (Misère I) Mortusae 1:49
The Birthday Massacre Play with Fire Hide and Seek 3:47
Android Lust I Need to Know Crater Vol. 1 4:47
Proyecto Mirage Low Tech Droid Slaves of Capital 5:35
LiveSexAct Shto Mi e Milo (Rock Mix, Meddle Mix, Elton's John Mix) Segmented Purity - The Remixes 3:22
Portion Control Last of the Breed Pure Form 4:06
Der Blutharsch Der Blutharsch XIII Der Blutharsch 2:51
Skinny Puppy Brownstone Handover 3:28
Ostara Debt on Credit Paradise Down South 5:14
Leæther Strip In Fire On Fire (Monospore Remix) Æscapism 4:27
Monokrom The Carrots Sweep Tales of Rabbits and Hares 7:24
Deathline Int'l In den Staub Electronic Saviors 3 - Remission 4:12
IAMX The Unified Field The Unified Field 4:11
Detritus Entropy Things Gone Wrong 3:08
KMFDM Blood vs. Money Our Time Will Come 3:52
Dead When I Found Her Scissors Rag Doll Blues 6:58
Black Lung Fucking the Monstrous Music Profound and Sentimental Journey 8:39
Clock DVA 4 Hours Thirst 3:51
Pigface Electric Knives Club 6 5:26
Psyche Haunted The Influence 4:12
Cut Hands Nzambi ia Muini Black Mamba 2:33
Ministry Permawar From Beer to Eternity 4:56
How To Destroy Angels Fur-Lined How To Destroy Angels 4:02
100Blumen Driving Back to Hell Distrust Authority 4:01
Front Line Assembly Ghosts Echogenetic 4:43
Death In June Neutralize Decay (Totenpop Version) The Snow Bunker Tapes 3:26
Caustic Gossamer The Coprophagia/Consummatia EP 4:04
Einstürzende Neubauten Am I Only Jesus? The Jewels 3:32
Killing Joke Absolute Dissent Absolute Dissent 6:15
Pop. 1280 The Control Freak Imps of Perversion 3:52
Somatic Responses Caves of Steel Adverts 5:49
Republica Picture Me Republica 5:42
Brighter Death Now Innerwar Innerwar 6:29
Damon Edge Don't Ask Me Alliance & The Wind Is Talking 3:23
Mr. Kitty Years Life 3:33
Sol Invictus The Cruelest Month The Cruelest Month 5:47
Tineidae Paper Birds Lights 6:09
Velvet Acid Christ Mysteric Maldire 4:50
Javelynn Wannabe Absolute Grrrls Manifesto 1 4:22
Sixth Comm Sonfelte 2 Ontogeny I 6:46
Iszoloscope First Transcendental Component The Edge of Certainty 8:29
Lacuna Coil To Live Is to Hide Unleashed Memories 4:34
Die Warzau Mona Lisa Communista (Chastity Mix) Borghild 10:00
Morbus M. The Field Forget the Past 6:01
Black Tape For A Blue Girl Caught by a Stranger (Milly Mix) Tenderotics 4:55
Torul All In Tonight We Dream Fiercely 3:12
Coil Algerian Basses The New Backwards 5:01
Front 242 Welcome to Paradise (Live) Moments 1 4:37
Δaimon Current (▲ndrΛs Remix) Flatliner 3:40
Nurse With Wound Intravenous (Unrefined Component No. 1) An Awkward Pause 5:28
Klinik Surviving in Europe The Klinik 6:26
Lingouf La Marche du Vent de Glace Terre de Pierres 9:10
Die Sektor Feeding Famine The Final Electro Solution 6:16
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble Sharbat Gula Here Be Dragons 5:39
The Weakest Point The Bitter End 9:20
Wumpscut Gabi Grausam (Menok Remix) DJ Dwarf 13 7:28
Muslimgauze Systemwide Virus Abuse Parts 1-3 Izlamic Songs 10:05
Controlled Bleeding Aftermath Golgotha 3:20
Iris Phenom (Elevated Mix) Radiant Turbulence 4:46
Nightmare Noise Machine Slaying Demons Among the Dead 3:54
Nine Inch Nails 20 Ghosts III Ghosts I-IV 3:39
Visage Der Amboss (Instrumental) Metal Dance 2 - Industrial New Wave EBM Classics & Rarities 79-88 4:15
Cdatakill Dirty Up Your Mind Battleworn 6:01
Juno Reactor Shine The Golden Sun of the Great East 5:20
The Legendary Pink Dots Mailman Plutonium Blonde 2:20
Hall Of Mirrors Immaterial Bodies Altered Nights 8:08
Swans Oxygen To Be Kind 7:58
The Cure Inbetween Days (Shiver Mix) Mixed Up 6:24

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  1. Chris

    I've shot you an email, but all I've been getting on 365 these last few days is "This station is not available at this time. Please try later" followed by that irritating 'spoon on milk bottle' noise. I get LP art, but that's it - no tracks. You're worth my VIP membership on your own!

    I guess it's tempting fate calling yourself Technical Difficulties. Let me know what's going on. If you need a few bucks, please let me know. I'll start getting withdrawal, and I'll get cranky. Peace, Love and Bacon, SJ X❤️X💛X💚X