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Monday, February 9, 2015

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - January 23, 2015

Artist Title Album Time
Foetus Interruptus English Faggot/Nothin' Man Thaw 3:38
Robotiko Rejekto Meltdown Consequence Corporate Power 5:03
Synapscape Fate Decoders on Your Head Traits 4:27
The Crüxshadows Quicksilver As the Dark Against My Halo 5:26
Heimatærde Kaltwærts Kaltwærts 3:22
HIV+ BP Paradise Now 5:29
Calva Y Nada Inferno / Es Ist Vorbei Dias Felizes 4:03
X Marks The Pedwalk MKK.2 The Sun, the Cold, and My Underwater Fear 8:11
Mono No Aware Danke Forms of Hands 10 5:55
Angelspit Jugular Blood Death Ivory 4:39
God Module A Good Night to Die False Face 4:59
Raoul Sinier Overthoughts Tremens Industry 4:53
Wish54 Siamese Twins Pink Pig - The Whole Cure in the Mirror 5:00
Cold Cave Black Boots Full Cold Moon 3:35
Klangstabil Lauf, Lauf! Math & Emotion 5:20
The Legendary Pink Dots Window on the World Malachai (Shadow Weaver Part 2) 11:52
Mimetic Cyanure Where We Will Never Go 5:03
Killing Joke Four Stations of the Sun The Singles Collection 1979-2012 5:23
X-TG Emerge to Space Jazz Desertshores / The Final Report 6:08
Hate Dept. Subordinates New Ghost 4:26
Wumpscut Autophagy Day Fuckit 3:40
Solemn Assembly Violent Reaction Aftershock 5:22
R.Roo Oktrovenie Mgnovenie 8:18
Pride & Fall The Comforter Of Lust and Desire 4:51
The Deadfly Ensemble Marvelous Murderess An Instructional Guide for Aspiring Arsonists 6:31
Nin Kuji Tamashii Sayonara 3:48
Moving Units Modulator Neurotic Exotic 3:21
Nine Inch Nails The Line Begins to Blur With Teeth 3:44
Lambwool When I Was a Hero Fading Soundscapes 7:36
Δaimon APOSTATIC Δaimon 4:05
Death In June Hullo Angel Discriminate 1:32
Kant Kino My Game (Kant Kino Bunker Mix) Endzeit Bunkertracks Act VI 4:03
Control Pride Deadly Sins 7:03
KMFDM Blood (Evil Mix) Angst 5:19
Rasputina Black Hole.2 Great American Gingerbread 2:47
Chant Sate That Which Divides 5:01
Diverje Contradictions Hate Stimulation 4:04
Vomito Negro Fall of an Empire Fall of an Empire 10:55
This Morn' Omina Dragon-Flies / Samarrkand The Hegira Trilogy 7:07
Rose Chronicles Heaven Tide (Demo) Decadence 6:44
Skinny Puppy Testure (12" Mix) Testure 8:34
Mr. Kitty Rats Time 3:29
Syntech Soundwave Rising from the Ashes 6:42
Cabaret Voltaire Gut Level (Live at the Sheffield Lyceum, 27.08.82) Archive #828285 Live 9:36
Shellac The People's Microphone Dude Incredible 3:13
Dead Voices On Air Last Night in Hallo Bay Mawson's Will and Other Stories 11:34
The Cure The Baby Screams The Head on the Door 3:43
THYX Crack It The Way Home 4:25
Thorofon Exkarnation Exkarnation 4:24
Front 242 Religion (Lovelace á Go-Go Mix) Religion 5:25
Razed In Black Disintegration Share This Poison - Retrospective 4:41
Front Line Assembly Echogenetic (Youth Code) Echoes 3:33
Access To Arasaka Naos Geosynchron 4:49
Godflesh White Flag Hymns 6:27
Myrninerest FangBell, TwiLight "Babylon," Uttered Jhonn 2:29
Worms Of The Earth Fork-Tongued Priests at Black Gehanna Again Speak My Name Azal'ucel 7:01
Pigface King of Negativity Easy Listening... 3:36
Tyler Milchmann Rauch über der Elbe Strange Days 5:56
David Thrussell Ringtone The Fetid Fungi 9:49
Specimen Returning from a Journey (Live at the Batcave, London, 11th July 2008) Alive at the Batcave 5:18
Iron Lung Corp. Intruder Body Snatchers 5:03
Zola Jesus Fall Back (Version) Versions 4:27
Thelema Eldur og Is 3 Eldur og Is 2:14
Radiana After the Fall Radiana 3:17
Lingouf Osmei Doème 7:58
Die Krupps Robo Sapien The Machinists of Joy 5:13
Juno Reactor Tokyo Dub (Remixed by Broken Note) Terminal Static 5:06
Seeming Come Back Madness & Extinction 3:36
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz Oh No Not Another Cha Cha Cha Perpetuum Mobile 4:32
New Order Leave Me Alone Power, Corruption, & Lies 4:39
32Crash Aliens on Earth Y2112Y 3:26
Blume The Chosen Autumn Ruins 4:21
Coil His Body Was a Playground for the Nazi Elite Unnatural History 3:28
Die Form ReBirth/ReDeath (Ich Bin Tot) Rayon X 5:19
Download Yoni Lingam 4:09
Attrition Invocation VI Invocation 2:42
Hecq 0001 (Frank Riggio Remix) Horror Vacui 4:52
Xmal Deutschland Incubus/Succubus II Tocsin 4:44
Europaplan Mittelwerk Armes de Vengeans/Vergeltungswaffe 7:57
Ministry Enjoy the Quiet From Beer to Eternity 2:39

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