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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - June 13, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Meat Beat Manifesto Sound Innovation / Nuclear Bomb Subliminal Sandwich 8:29
Covenant Last Dance (Version) Last Dance 7:20
Mika Goedrijk Quiet Plan Looking-Glass World 4:57
Iron Lung Corp. The Blood Body Snatchers 4:05
Velvet Acid Christ Cyber Communists Plotting Red Revolt Resist the Command 5:26
S.P.O.C.K. Klingon 2000 (Radio Mix) Another Piece of the Action 3:47
Reservé Destination pour l'Inconnu The Hidden Tapes 3:24
The PCP Principle Unholy Forms of Hands 10 4:50
Inure Cold The Offering 4:25
Front 242 Der Verfluchte Engel Angels Versus Animals 6:35
Cyberaktif Nothing Stays (Version) Nothing Stays 3:48
Throbbing Gristle Still Walking 20 Jazz Funk Greats 4:53
Snog Adolph's Library Babes in Consumerland 4:12
Pow[d]er Pussy Reactiv8theindustry Maschinenfest 2009 3:24
Weep This Stolen Moon Alate 5:55
Download Manmade III Steps Forward 4:02
Caustic Bring Out Your Dead The Coprophagia/Consummatia EP 4:39
Attrition The Mercy Machine The Hidden Agenda 5:14
Scorn The Palomar Stealth 5:55
Killing Joke Jana The Singles Collection 1979-2012 3:59
KMFDM vs. Pig Secret Skin Sin Sex & Salvation 3:38
iVardensphere Ancients Bloodwater 5:38
13th Monkey Mister 29 Redefining the Paradigm of Bang 11:12
The Cure Three Seventeen Seconds 2:35
Nine Inch Nails All Time Low (Todd Rundgren Remix) Hesitation Marks 5:49
Front Line Assembly System Anomaly AirMech 5:03
VNV Nation Secluded Spaces Judgement 5:54
Cocksure Klusterfuck Kulture (Acucrack Space Age Viking Remix) KKEP 7:22
Somatic Responses Repeated Human Error Neon 6:12
I:Scintilla Omen Dying & Falling 4:11
IAMX I Come with Knives The Unified Field 4:21
Prometheus Burning Miserchordia Kill It with Fire 3:57
Known Rebel Neigh Hollow 4:38
Day Behavior The Moments I Couldn't Save (Late Night in Athens Mix) Have You Ever Touched a Dream? 4:21
Death In June A Nausea (Totenpop Version) The Snow Bunker Tapes 4:12
Involution Licked On by Chicken Involution 4:08
Raggedy Angry Earthbound Dead Beats 4:09
Officers Another Long Year On the Twelve Thrones 7:38
Nin Kuji I Am the Myth Sayonara 5:44
Ministry Cold Life Dub Twelve Inch Singles 6:23
Suicide Commando Feeding My Inner Hate / Cut_Bleed_Eviscerate When Evil Speaks 7:38
Cabaret Voltaire Over and Over (Live at Sheffield Lyceum 27.08.82) Archive #828285 Live 5:08
It-Clings It-Clings Doesn't Give a Fuck (Oral Self-Dissection Mix) I'm the Biggest Fucking Thing in the Whole Fucking World 4:30
Aurelio Voltaire The Night (1988 Deathrock Version) Raised by Bats 4:54
Wire Trap In II Place Futronik Structures Vol. 6 5:29
Psychophysicist Biological Wavelength Psychophysicist 3:23
Bile Robots Ate My Baby Coldwaves II Sampler 4:16
The Legendary Pink Dots Day Zero Remember Me This Way 3:26
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor Breakdown Meltdown 3:34
The Birthday Massacre The Dream Nothing & Nowhere 3:54
Öhm When Robots Fuck Öhm 5:09
Leæther Strip Invade My Body (Kant Kino Remix) Mental Slavery 3:20
Oyaarss Septembris / Un Saule Ausīs Dienvidos Bads 8:03
Nightmare Noise Machine Heretical Cyber Thrashing Atheist K.I.F.T.H. 4:47
Bordel Militaire Bonjour Tristesse Bordel Militaire 2:34
7000 Dying Rats Open the Realm (I Left My Keys in There) Fanning the Flames of Fire 0:58
Angels Of Light My Sister Said The Angels of Light Sing "Other People" 4:11
Juno Reactor To Byculla The Golden Sun of the Great East 4:52
Slew52 Caramel Catalog 13:24
Curve Faît Accompli Doppelgänger 4:40
Psyche Eleanor The Influence 4:20
Collide Orgy Bent and Broken 3:36
ADMX-71 The Delay of Flight 33 Luminous Vapors 6:18
Acucrack The Swan The Mawn Reproduction 4:48
Sol Invictus Edward The Cruellest Month 5:36
HPP File Type: Unknown Hard Pounding Percussion 5:09
Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves Half Machine Lip Moves + Read Only Memory 5:20
Society Burning Waster (Stomp Mix) Entropy Lingua 3:54
Einstürzende Neubauten Der Tod Ist ein Dandy (Live in Kyoto, 23 May 1985) Alles Was Irgendwie Nützt 6:19
Skyla Vertex Urwerk: Der Funke / Das Feuer / Die Asche Urwerk 13:30
Pigface Blood and Sand (Live 1991) Welcome to Mexico… Asshole 3:05
Unto Ashes I Remember Happiness Burials Foretold 4:45
Von Magnet Bare Hands Ni Prédateur ni Proie 4:08
Stone Breath Page 43 upon the Wind The Night Birds Psalm 4:56
Coil Here to Here (Double Headed Secret) Unnatural History 4:51
Pyrolator Der Volksmund Wird Beatmet Inland 4:20
Nocturnal Emissions Kick in the Testes Duty Experiment 3:06
Mushroom's Patience Donkey from Mars Jellyfish 4:42 A Silent Sea At the End of It All 5:56
Skinny Puppy Shore Lined Poison (Live in Budapest, 2011) Bootlegged, Broke, and in Solvent Seas 7:11

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