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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Oodles of Adds

The Technical Difficulties empire has continued to expand over the past couple of months.

First off, I was privileged to be amongst the audience witnessing the opening performance of Swans' "To Be Kind" tour, in Washington DC on Wednesday. It was a transcendent experience, and while I can't pipe that transcendence through the series of tubes between me and you, I can at least play songs from the latest album, which I made sure to procure. Jenny Hval, the opening performer, was impressive in her own right, and will also be gracing future playlists.

Some other recent acquisitions include recent Projekt releases, including the latest from Lovesliescrushing, Paulina Cassidy, and All My Faith Lost's tribute to Black Tape For A Blue Girl. While I was at it, I got a few recent Projekt-distributed releases from Lycia, Voltaire, Unwoman, Android Lust, Spiritual Front, and Mushroom's Patience. And Combichrist's "From My Cold Dead Hands" single too - what the heck.

Then I got up to date with ArtOfFact - Individual Totem, Agent Side Grinder, Volt 9000, Öhm, Δaimon, and Seeming. I filled in some of the holes in my Ant-Zen, Hymen, and Pflichtkauf collections. I swept up most of the Metropolis releases from last year that I was missing, including the latest Suicide Commando, Covenant, Funker Vogt, Download, and DUBcon. I randomly picked up something from Lust For Youth and some miscellaneous imports: Amduscia, Blutengel, Z'ev, new Cyclobe, old Cyclobe. And somehow, I also managed to pay the mortgage and all my bills.

As always, you can enjoy the fruits of my financial ruin at here.

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