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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - November 11, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
Ministry Stigmata (Remix) Box 6:59
God Module Telekinetic Empath 2.0 5:10
Exocet Sleepless Walking Grotesque Consumer 5:15
Die Krupps Nazis auf Speed The Machinists of Joy 5:30
Perturbator She Is Young, She Is Beautiful, She Is Next Dangerous Days 5:04
Ah Cama-Sotz Lustt (Torment Mix) 2000 Hands 8:01
Klinik Bite Now Bite Eat Your Heart Out 4:15
Iiris Merman Magic Gift Box 3:13
Mothboy I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow Night Bunny 5:20
Nine Inch Nails Get Down Make Love Sin 4:19
Leæther Strip 88 Hærværk 6:40
Killing Joke Me or You? The Singles Collection 1979-2012 3:01
The Cutmen Horse Races Seconds Out 2:13
Pride And Fall Turn the Lights On Of Lust and Desire 5:09
Diatribe Land's End Diatribe 5:16
Architect Bencq Mine 3:35
Mari Chrome Come Closer Georgy #11811 4:05
Bauhaus Undone Go Away White 4:45
Mezire Trinity Maschinenfest 2013 6:13
Skinny Puppy Ode to Groovy In Defense of Animals 2:53
Dismantled Anthem Standard Issue 7:17
Trakktor Pandora's Box / Soothsayer Force Majeure 5:53
Defragmentation vs. Pigface Intro / Insect Insect Insect Insect (Insect) 8Bithead 4:57
Combichrist Gimme Deathrace No Redemption 3:54
Death In June Rose Clouds of Holocaust (Live in Wien, 27.X.11) Live in Wien 2:18
Scorn The Snow Hill Plan B 5:41
Hanzel Und Gretyl Holy Shiza (KyzrWölf Remix) Für Immer 4:52
Vomito Negro Hollow Heads Fall of an Empire 4:40
Normotone Milky Skin in a Fuzzy Yellow Light (Remixed by Polygon) Inward Structures 4:15
Psyche Goodbye Horses (Immortality Mix) The Influence 4:30
Einstürzende Neubauten Vanadium-I-Ching Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T./Drawings of O.T. 4:54
Soriah with Ashkelon Sain Ticochitlehua Eztica 3:50
Angina P Free Radical Sensitive Files 6:18
The Metronomes A Circuit Like Me Love and Other Numbers 1980-1984 3:53
13 Mg. Lie in State Trust and Obey 4:34
Frl. Linientreu Licht An! Lifelines 3:40
Chrysalide They Won't Get Us Don't Be Scared, It's About Life 1:59
Pankow No More Sleep And Shun the Cure They Most Desire 3:47
X-TG Gordian Knot Desertshore / The Final Report 3:50
Download Affirmed Effector 4:04
KMFDM Next Big Thing Kunst 4:41
Unwoman Open Your Heart Uncovered 4:31
Muslimgauze Obalisq Lazhareem ul Leper 3:40
Front 242 Junkdrome 05:22:09:12 Off 7:35
Alter Der Ruine Doom Patrol There's Always One More Son of a Bitch 5:58
Wolfskin / Last Industrial Estate Criogenic Stonegates of Silence 8:30
Big Black Bazooka Joe The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape 4:42
Sol Invictus Looking for Europe (Single Version) Trees in Winter 5:05
Controlled Bleeding XXX Tape Part 4 Gibbering Canker-Opera Slaves (Studies in Meditation and Evisceration) 12:00
Attrition Thin Red Line (Pankow Remix) Keepsakes and Reflections 5:33
The Echoing Green Fall Awake The Winter of Our Discontent 5:56
BlakOpz Brainwashed (Studio-X Remix) Blood, Sweat, and Fear 5:01
Nullgrad Earthbound Forms of Hands 10 6:06
Plastic Noise Experience Mechanical Beatz Square Matrix 001 3:53
Voicecoil Freefall Awakened 5:39
Roel Funcken Daze Flextone Vade 5:14
Ostara Silent Symphony Paradise Down South 3:35
System Syn Truth and Consequence No Sky to Fall 3:02
Coil Penetralia II Unnatural History 3:10
The Cure Jumping Someone Else's Train (Live at Bestival, 10th September 2011) Bestival Live 2011 3:11
Cydonia Veil Cydonia 6:14
Essence Of Mind Some Kind of Entertainment Indifference 4:06
Saltillo Proxy Monocyte 4:29
Sixth Comm Doubt to Death Nym Ontogeny I 5:02
Velvet Acid Christ Maldire Maldire 5:45
Philipp Münch Relentless Soul Into the Absurd 3:17
Haujobb Sect1S-W / Centuries in Me Polarity 4:51
Nightmare Noise Machine Dissention K.I.T.F.H. 4:15
Stendeck The Secret Behind the Third Door Emerging Organisms Vol. 4 4:05
Front Line Assembly Future Fail Artificial Soldier 6:11
The Legendary Pink Dots Silverture / Flowers for the Silverman The Lovers 9:10
Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud A Stolen Life Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud 4:50
Psychepoppet Ghosts - Warszawa (Apparition Mix) Ghosts 4:06
Seven Trees Velvet Dream Embracing the Unknown 4:20
Spitting At Pigeons Contemplating Suicide Spitting At Pigeons 5:58
Rein[Forced] Convalescence X Amount of Stab Wounds in the Back 4:45
Agalloch Where Shade Once Was Oak Folk 5:13
DE/Vision Running All Night Rockets & Swords 6:29
Millipede Pleiades A Mist and a Vapor 6:17
R.U.O.K. The Job Interview R.U.O.K. 5:54

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