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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Technical Difficulties Live Playlist - April 11, 2014

Artist Title Album Time
KMFDM Juke Joint Jezebel Nihil 5:39
Diverje with Cold Drive Burnt 02 / Bunker Soul Burnt 6:29
Klangstabil Vertraut (What Do You Want Remix) Vertraut 6:25
Front 242 Television Station Official Version 2:40
The Beauty Of Gemina Stairs Iscariot Blues 4:21
Pennyliquid Cyberspace Robot Dreams 7:16
Inertia Lies Universal Blood 5:29
Morbus M. D.Y.N.S. Forget the Past 5:02
X-RX Pervertiert Activate the Machinez 3:26
The Cure The Exploding Boy (Fitz/F2 Studios Demo 2/85) The Head on the Door 3:06
Pitchshifter Condescension Deviant 3:11
Dead When I Found Her Rain Machine Rag Doll Blues 5:16
Roger Rotor Hadron Collider Maschinenfest 2008 5:19
I, Parasite Child for Our Amusement On This Cold Floor 4:39
Razed In Black Black Share This Poison - Retrospective 4:43
Cdatakill God Will Cut You Down Battleworn 4:03
Ministry Side F/X Include Mikey's Middle Finger (TV4) From Beer to Eternity 5:14
Snog The Corporate Homoerotic Cyclists Babes in Consumerland 4:53
Somatic Responses Dubscare Reformation 4:53
Wumpscut Thorns (Bunkertor 7 Re-Sample Remix) DJ Dwarf Nine 6:32
Killing Joke Total Invasion Killing Joke 2003 5:28
Twitch The Ripper Strange Behavior Colorblind 4:21
Dirk Geiger Elf Morgen Elf Morgen 6:02
The Peridots No Water Strange Passion - Explorations in Irish Post Punk DIY and Electronic Music 1980-83 3:45
Prometheus Burning Tiny Death Kill It with Fire 2:06
Konstruktivists Tears Black December 6:30
Evil Mothers You Had Enough Crossdresser 2:40
Heimatærde Al Naharot Bavel Gottgleich 4:22
David Bowie Warszawa Control - Music from the Motion Picture 6:21
Armageddon Dildos Clean Re:Covered Vol. 2 - A Tribute to Depeche Mode 6:06
Clan Of Xymox Venus Kindred Spirits 3:26
Acumen Nation Parasite Mine (Acucrack Remix) Notes from thee Real Underground Volume 3 6:06
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor Genetic Manipulation Forms of Hands 09 5:38
Suicide Commando Die Motherfucker Die Die Motherfucker Die 6:09
Crystal Castles Affection (III) 2:37
Chant The Line That Which Divides 7:55
Caul Red Lightning The Long Dust 3:35
Autumn's Grey Solace Zenith Divinian 3:05
Varunna Stele Cantos 4:14
Coil Restless Day Scatology 4:45
The Legendary Pink Dots Arzhklahh Olgevezh! (Live in France, 1994) The French Collection 6:23
And Christ Wept Halcyon Elektro-Industrial Sounds of the Northwest 3:43
Lowness Rains Undertow 6:27
Dive Crosses Are Burning Dive 4:43
Einstürzende Neubauten Der Leere Raum Strategies Against Architecture III 1:59
Collide Head Spin (LgVela Dance Mix) Bent and Broken 4:14
The Foetus All Nude Revue Rattlesnake Insurance Sink 2:16
Trigger10d Puddlehopping (Alternate Mix) Electronic Saviors 2 - Recurrence 5:07
The Teknoist Closing Up VIP Like a Hurricane Made of Zombies 6:04
The Razor Skyline Dark Water Dark Water Oasis 4:04
iVardensphere These Machines Keep Me Alive (Alter Der Ruine Remix) I Dream in Noise - Remixes Vol. 2 4:24
I:Scintilla Sharia Under a Beauty Curse Dying & Falling 3:46
Detritus Dil Wyn Broken Nightlights 4:34
Δaimon Choke (Chrysalide Remix) Flatliner 3:42
Beequeen Howard Is Not at Home Port Out Starboard Home 5:55
Golgatha The End (v2) The Waste Land 3:05
Nullgrad Termination Shock The Shepherds Satellite 4:28
Skinny Puppy Glass Out Remission 3:24
Pneumatic Detach Moment Already Gone Ko-Mor-Bid 3:44
Peter Murphy Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem Deep 5:20
Assemblage 23 Crosstalk Bruise 4:41
Nightmare Noise Machine FTW K.I.F.T.H. 4:13
Frank Riggio Big Tunnel Recordist Psychexcess I - Presentism 3:26
Front Line Assembly Killing Grounds Echogenetic 5:58
Throbbing Gristle Zyklon B Zombie Greatest Hits - Entertainment Through Pain 3:53
Nine Inch Nails The Mark Has Been Made (Live) And All That Could Have Been 3:45
Muslimgauze Anti Mullah Iranian Enjinnear Beirut Transister 5:06
Schattenschlag Contaminated Psychosis 9:10
Kom-Intern UKUSA / Poliarnik Pluggin (Start/End) UKUSA 11:43
Pig Saved (Locust Remix) Genuine American Monster 4:59
Pigface Chickasaw (No Shit Pussy Mix) Feels Like Heaven 4:05
Rasputina Teenage Kicks (Live at the Knitting Factory, Williamsburg, September 13, 1909) The Pregnant Concert 3:21
Diaphane Nebula Samdhya 7:42
Das Ich Sehnsucht Lava Glut 6:38
Plateau Manali Cream Iceolator 2:18
Jill Tracy What Child Is This? Silver Smoke, Star of Night 3:53
Empusae Melkor Mortusae 5:38
Julia Kent Wake Low Green and Grey 4:52
Scorn 1.75 Tc Stealth 6:08
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Higgs Boson Blues (KCRW Session, April 18th 2013) Live from KCRW 8:46

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